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113 Its her...

 "Why are you here?" asked Warlord.

"You seem to be misunderstanding something. I don't have any obligation to explain why I am here to you, after all I am not your underling."

Warlord's brows furrowed as his mouth opened to say something the pink armored knight interrupted saying

"Wait wait! We are not here to see who got the biggest dick. Can we have a private chat somewhere?"

"Valentine, I know you, a great guardian and strategist, but still I don't see why I should have a private chat with you if you have something to say just spell it out."

Valentine inspected the two Doom-knights behind Dave and he gasped when he saw their level. Then said.

"It looks like we started off on the wrong foot. We want to do a partnership with you. Grant us access to the Underworld and we can give you a high position at our guild and will only be under Warlord and I. You will also get dibs on any quest and items the Devastators find there and a percentage of all resources and gross loot we find."

Valentine believed that Dave would immediately accept his offer. Any player would die to get a fixed percentage of the gross income and loot that a superguild generates as it will accumulate massively and become a huge wealth in no time.

"You seem to be mistaken something, why should I share with you what I can do alone? At the moment I have 100% of all the loot I find in the underworld. Control over raid zones, and solo EXP and farming. Why would I give up all that to share with you all?"

"You are just one man!" said Warlord.

"One man? Did you hear that guy?" Dave said to Orn and Gale.

The both of them answered at once with a bellowing and heart-shaking voice


Everyone in the auction house was shaken from the power behind the two Doom-Knights' howl.

"I have an army at my command, and what your guild can do, they can do it too and better. They don't lie, don't steal, don't betray. They need no food, no rest and have no fear facing odds beyond their reach or power." said Dave though it was not entirely true, no one knew if he was lying.

After hearing Dave's words, the Two Doom-Knights spoke again.


This surprised Dave as he didn't think the two Doom Knights would speak the legion's catchphrase but he feigned calmness and his cool.

"Wow, the undead legion is so cool! I wonder how we can join!" a noob player spoke his mind and many agreed on it.

The guild member who informed Warlord and Valentine about Dave's location spoke "You are hogging the game's areas alone. How is that fair!"

Before Dave could answer Lone Arrow said, "You think it was easy being an undead? If it was why is he the only one? If you want to be the sole player in a Conquest Area then why not do it yourself?"

"Obviously he was just lucky to get there! Otherwise, I would have done the same and shared it with all. He is being selfish."

"Bullshit!" said Lone Arrow as she came to Dave's defense.

"If it was luck, how do you explain him beating the crap out of your Guildmaster while being more than 300levels below him!"

The player's expressions froze for a moment.

Yet before he could retort, Valentine once again interrupted.

"Calm down now, we are not in kindergarten. Everyone has their own opportunities in game and Kis'Steinbrah here got his in the form of an undead. That was due to his ability. Even if there was some luck, luck is also part of one's strength. We are not denying that fact. We only wish to share the benefits of the underworld, and I am sure that we can find a mutual agreement.

"Even if you make me the Devastator's Guildmaster I will not share," Resolutely said, Dave. "At least, not for now."

After saying this Valentine breath a sigh of relief, he knew that Dave must have had a reason for not sharing and he will not cut them off the underworld forever.

"Alright, then can I ask you for something?" said Valentin.

"What is it?"

"When you are willing to share, we want first right access. All the terms I stated before are still applicable, and we can even add more. Financial support and IRL support. VIP treatment at any of our firms and workstations owned by the Devastator's corporate."

"That is the life of kings!" said a player who heard their discussion.

"Alright, I will have to think about it. But like I said, only when I am willing."

"That is your right," said Valentine.

Warlord Sent Valentine a PM asking him why was he doing all this.

'This way, at least we have a chance to get the Underworld expansion. Even if it takes some time. We can still reap benefits that the other super-guilds can't get. It is much better to have him promise us the expansion than being denied access and him giving it to the others.'

"Then can we get your private info to further discuss this?" asked Valentine.

Dave's brows furrowed and when Valentine noticed that he quickly added.

"Ha ha, You can't blame me for trying." He said with a smile

Valentine PMd Warlord saying 'this guy is not so simple'


'If he had agreed to give us the private info he would have exposed his real self beyond Conquest. And we have many ways to make him give us what we want. But now we need to step carefully when dealing with him.' Valentine Replied

'Alright, we should make it so that no Devastators harms him.'

'Yea, as long as these two Doom-Knights are near him, I don't think that any player can be of threat to him. Also even if they are not with him we cannot kill him. Hell, we must even protect him!' said Valentine.

'The Conquest Mods said that killing this draugr will immediately open the Dead-Realm expansion to everyone. We should kill him if he is not accompanied by those two.'

'Nah, if he dies at the hand of some pleb, the expansion will no longer be private and we will have to fight for everything there. We gotta make it so that he hands it to us Devastators alone.'

"You two have been awfully quiet, discussing things in private messages is rude in the presence of others you know," Dave spoke impatiently.

"Apologies, We were just agreeing on some terms. From now on, the Devastators will no longer chase after you, and we are guaranteeing your safety whenever you leave the Underworld. As long as there is a Devastator guild member present, if you are met with trouble, you will be protected by them." Said Valentine.

Just as Valentine finished speaking.

The two Doom Knight's brows furrowed at the same time and a shadow appeared behind Dave.


Dave's HP plummeted down instantly to 1%

"Huh?" the person that appeared behind Dave was startled.

Gale instantly struck with his sword at the assassin and sent him flying. Taking more than two-thirds of the assailant's HP with one hit.

Dave turned around to look at the assailant and saw that it was a young woman wearing white robes.


Level 422

Guild [It's Just Buisness]

Class Shadow-Assassin


Shadow Kindred

Dave felt that the person's face was a bit familiar. Like he had seen her before.

"That is the Shadow Assassin legacy holder, Mercy!" said a player as he was surprised seeing her in person.

'The S class legacy?' Dave thought.

Orn remained by Dave's side and was on full alert while Gale struck decisively at the assassin.

The Assassin went into hiding using [Fade].

Dave's mind was in turmoil. He never thought that the strongest assassin in the game would be after him. Even with the presence of the Two Doom Knight, Dave was not certain of his ability to survive the next attack.

Thanks to the passive skill he gained when the first Raid Zone was conquered. Unyielding he could never be one-shotted, but it only grants him immunity for 5 seconds and the seconds were already up.

Valentine and Warlord became alert and Valentine said.

"Everyone! Protect him! Mercy! We are withdrawing our head-hunt on the draugr! You should stop!" said Valentine.

A feminine voice reverberated in the hall saying.

"It's not just you who issued the bounty. I am afraid I cannot."

Valentine clicked his tongue before saying

"We can double your pay! Just leave!"

"It's not about's just business," she said.

Dave couldn't locate the Assassin from her voice alone as it reverberated through the whole hall.

But his nerves were tight and on high alert. A daring idea came to his mind.

The two Doom Knights were circling Dave before Dave took a teleportation scroll and attempted to tear it.

Only Lone Arrow was in front of him and noticed the curling of his draugr lips.

A shadow instantly appeared in front of Dave and right before it made contact with him.



Orn took the opportunity when the Assassin revealed herself and struck at her with his sword.

He had baited the assassin into attacking him when he showed the teleportation scroll and prepared to use [Bastion] gaining 100% immunity to negate the burst damage.

The Assassin fell at Dave's hands when her Hp went down to 0.

And before she could be sent to respawn Dave had a good look on her face and his mouth couldn't help but say

"It's you!"