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112 Behind enemy lines!

 Skill Book Call of Chaos (Legendary)

Call upon the power of chaos to summon a meteorite crashing down in an area of 50X50 meters.

Dealing 50 000 Flat AOE damage

Cooldown 72 hours

Damage increases with INT at a ratio of 10% for every 100 INT

"Isn't this a bit too broken? Three million cp? A legendary skill and commander of the fortress?"

Samel heard Dave's words and smiled saying, "You deserve it and more, The Undead recognize the worth of their own and you showed great intelligence and ability. Lord Dagla's purpose in capturing this area was only to affirm the hold of the Undead in the Underworld. And seeing that you helped them immensely, he decided to relinquish the commanding rights of the fortress to you."

"But I am just an Undead Captain, and my strength isn't much, wouldn't the fortress be in better hands if it was given to an abyssal knight?"

Du'Raza who heard Dave's question came over and said to Dave, "This is your reward young Undead. Even if you are not strong enough, lord Dagla has tasked Gale and Orn to be your right hands, they will help you in taking care of the logistics and military command of the Fortress. And they will supply you with their subordinates. The undead legion will also send a portion of their army to help the fortress if the Demons try to take over again. So there should not be a problem with you commandeering the fortress."

Dave then nodded as he remembered the strength of the two powerful Doom Knights. And under each of them is more than 100 000 undead.

The fortress will be more than assured now.

A vertical rift opened in the sky above the red fortress and huge hands grabbed at the rift and tore it wide open letting an enormous creature emerge from within it.

"Drahma!" shouted Dave pleasantly as he saw the big guy appearing in the midst of the Undead Army.

"Young undead we meet again!"

Samel looked up at the giant creature and said with a questioning gaze.

"What brings you here Drahma?"

"My king asked me to take care of our little hero. So I will be staying here for some time,"

Du'Raza smiled when he said

"The king looks highly upon you Kis'Steinbrah. Alright, this should be where we leave, Lord Dagla has returned to the Dead-Realm. And I will follow soon, Gale and Orn will protect you against the living humans if they seek trouble with you, but will not lend a hand when you try and temper yourself against monsters or purposefully seek conflict with other humans."


Dave smiled when a daring idea came to his mind.

"Gale, Orn I have somethings I need your assistance with." Said, Dave

"At your service," said Orn as he followed behind Dave while Gale silently followed.

Dave used the phone call option and called Lone Arrow.

"Hey Lone, where are you right now?"

"Hey Davy, am at an auction house right now, I need to upgrade my armor."

"Which city, and which kingdom?" Dave asked

"The Western Kingdom, at the capital."

The Devastators capital, Dave smirked.

"Alright, stay there, and wait there for me. I have something for you."

Lone Arrow was surprised then said,

"Players will attack you at sight if you come here!"

"I Don't think they will have the power to do so, " said Dave.

"Whatever you say, man," said Lone as she hung up.

"Alright guys let's move out," Dave said as he opened the Teleportation Gate.

Dave chose the destination and appeared in the middle of a bustling city.

Brick and stone built houses and shops were all over the place where Dave emerged.

Players and NPC's walked everywhere mostly taking care of their business.

But when they noticed the conspicuous look of the three Undead appearing in the middle of the square many players gasped in surprise.

"Is this an event?" a player asked

"I don't think so, look at their names!" said another as they inspected the trio that just appeared.

"That is Kis'Steinbrah! Didn't he just capture a Raid Zone just recently!"

A lot of discussions issued at the appearance of the three undead, but Dave paid them no mind as he moved toward the auction house that was near the teleportation gate.

Some players even wanted to attack Dave as they remembered the bounty and award on killing him, opening the Dead Realm and also being awarded the 1,000,000$ by the three super-guilds.

The first unlucky player was a level 200 swordmaster and before he could even land a hit, he was blasted flying with a swing of Orn's sword sending him instantly to respawn.

Players can't attack players in towns and cities, but Dave and his companions are monsters, so there is no penalty. Yet with the help of the two doom-knights, there was utterly no chance for any player to threaten Dave's life.

When the rest of the players saw the scene no one dared to attack him and many of them followed him to see what he was up to.

One player that belonged to the Devastator's scene called him guild and informed them that Kis'Steinbrah was in the auction house!

When Dave entered the Auctionhouse, the NPC guards at the entrance's face turned white as ash and they didn't dare stand in the way.

Dave didn't mind them and entered the luxurious auction house. It had a wooden floor and several organized booths where NPCs were working diligently helping players with their requests.

"Da- I mean Mr.Skeletal," Lone arrow almost spelled Dave's real name. Then corrected herself.

"You really came! Who are these?" asked Lone when she inspected the two Doom-Knights following Dave.

"They are with me, so you said earlier you wanted a teleport scroll to the Underworld. Here you go," said Dave as he handed a teleportation scroll to Lone, it was destined to take whoever tore it to the red fortress at the Burning Heights raid zone.

"Thankis!" Said, Lone, as she pocketed the scroll "So you came all the way just to give me this?"

"I also need to buy some stuff from the auction house..." yet before Dave finished his words

"You sure have some balls showing up here!" said a familiar voice.

Dave turned to see a black armored Knight man behind him where a pink armored Guardian was next to him.

"You got here fast...Warlord" Dave said with a smile.