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111 Commander!

 Dave had his phone linked to his capsule and he received a phone call from a familiar number.


The high pitched squeal of Lone Arrow threatened to burst his eardrums.

"God damn, woman! Would it be too much to not shout in my ears everytime you call?"

"Ayy! Davey, you went on and did a conquest without me! That is unfair!"

Dave's mouth couldn't help but twitch slightly.

Lone must have seen the Server Announcement.

"You see, it's not like I hid it from you, but it all came too abruptly. And I just went with the flow."

"At least you will be sending me the footage of the conquest, Right?"

Dave could even imagine the pleading look on Lone's face.

"The thing is, I already spoke to a Media owning company. They want exclusive rights for the video feed I have." Dave bluntly said.

Lone Arrow was silent for a moment before she said, "You need to be careful, signing a contract and whatnot, you need a good lawyer."

"I don't have a lawyer at hand, but I will think about it," said Dave.

"I can ask our family lawyer to help you with that, it shouldn't be a problem," Lone Said.

Dave was silent for a moment before Lone added

"You don't need to worry about your identity to be exposed, the lawyer can also help with that. It shouldn't be tough to add it to your contract's terms."

"Then I will have to rely on you then. By the way, you must have made some progress in your Legacy Quest."

"Nah, its really hard, I am still looking for Information about the Ice Queen, nothing of substance came out so far."

"Good luck with that then, I need to stay logged in for the next three hours,"

"I wish I could go to the underworld, you seem to be having a lot of fun there," dejectedly said Lone Arrow.

"Well, that shouldn't be impossible, I can make you a teleportation scroll to the Undead Frontier, but I need to leave the underworld to hand it to you."

"Then can't you do that?" Lone's Hopes were up.

Dave remembered that for him to leave the underworld he needed to either accept a Dead-Realm mission to patrol random areas or become a temporary dungeon boss, both scenarios are risky at the moment.

With Dave's Undead name being known, it won't be hard for players to identify him if he were to leave for an undead mission. Also if he chooses to become a boss he might meet high-level players that could kill him.

"Not right now, but whenever I have the chance I will hand them to you,"

"Alright, thanks, Davy." Lone Arrow hung up.

Dave looked at the horizon when the phone call ended and saw several rows of Demons approaching in the distance.

Samael's Lips curled into an evil smile when he said

"The army that went to invade the Undead Frontier is back."

The Undead at the Red Fortress's gate made tight rows and stood in attention.

The demons had no way to access the fortress as of now. The undead had already destroyed the drawbridge and the Demons needed to first bypass the Magma moat.

"They will not be able to pass the moat, the takeover of the Red Fortress can be considered successful for the Undead," Dave said

"Yes, but this doesn't mean we will let them do as they please in our land." Samael snorted.

Dave couldn't help but laugh when hearing Samael. The Burning Heights was the Demone's territory just a few moments ago, and now Samael is acting as if the land was their own from ages ago.

Casters channeled spells and showered the Demons with hails of spells. Some brave undead threw their brethren all the way across the moat and engaged in glorious battle against the demons.

The demons also tried the same and for a moment Dave was stunned as he saw several demons and undead being thrown like sacs of potato from one end of the moat's bank to the other.

The Undead didn't feel the slightest pressure facing the low numbers of the Demons facing them.

Dave occasionally threw a spectral bomb at the Demons.

At one point, Dave blew a spectral skull at the face of a Demon that was thrown by his brethren. The explosion reduced a lot of the power of the throw and the demon fell in the magma giving Dave a decent amount of EXP.

The fight didn't last for long before the Undead claimed the lives of all the demons.

With the end of the fight, Dave reached Level 155.

Conquest Server Announcement!

The Undead Legion has confirmed their capture of the Burning Heights Raid Zone.

A teleportation Gate is now available for all the Undead Legion's members' use.

Due to the sole presence of player Kis'Steinbrah, all subsequent awards will be handed to them.

+10 levels!

100 000Gold!


Skill Book Call of Chaos (Legendary)

New Title, Commander!

The Burning Heights's fortress is now officially owned by commander:


"Wait, what?!" Dave's eyes went wide open when he saw the extravagant rewards.