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 And just as if the system knew Dave's thoughts.

Conquest Server Announcement!

The Undead Legion has successfully captured the Burning Heights Raid Area!

If the Undead Legion maintains their dominance in the area for 3 hours, the area will be in control of the Undead.

Due to the sole presence of Player Kis'Shteinbrah

All rewards of the conquest will be awarded to him.

May they name forever be remembered in the archives of legends!

Your contribution to the conquest has helped the undead greatly in conquering the area.

You have unlocked a new stat. Prestige!

Prestige can affect the relationship between players and NPC allowing the player to obtain more Quests.

Low prestige levels can even create hostility so make sure to be honorable, in victory or defeat.

Your CP award will be obtained after the Undead-Legion maintains control of the Burning Heights for the next 3 hours.

You have been awarded 1,000,000XP for the cunning abilities you have shown in helping the undead Capturing the Burning Heights.

You have obtained the following title

Grand Strategist.

You passivly obtain +100Intelligence.

The faith of the troops under you is unshakable!

The moral of the troops under you will never falter until the last man falls!

When the title Grand Strategist is displayed Your troops receive:

+20% Damage from all abilities!

As an undead, the troops under you with unfaltering beliefe have a chance of 1% of instantly resurrecting after falling in combat!

Your troops Max Level Cap against higher level monsters have increased by 20 levels!

The table screens made Dave's eyes water! This was an amazing group buff skill!

The exp was more than enough to raise Dave's level by twenty levels reaching level 150 in one go.

Before Dave could fully explore the abilities and rewards he received a shadow appeared in front of Dave.

"Samael!" said Dave as he didn't hide his joy.

"Ha!" laughed Samael.

"Our Undead Legion is honored to have someone like you in our ranks! Here!" said Samael as he threw an item at Dave.

Broken Undead king's gauntlets.

Quest item

Dave smiled wildly when he received the item.

"I know you were looking for this, the area ruler had it on his body."

"Thank you Samael!" said Dave as he now had obtained two of the five items in the Undead king's armor.

The gauntlets and the helmet, the only remaining items were the breastplate, the greaves, and the cape.

"Come with me!" Said Samel.

Dave climbed down from the back of Stinger and followed Samel.

With a single motion, Samael grabbed Dave's hand and flew all the way across the lava pond.

When they arrived, every single Undead looked at Dave with unfaltering reverence and gratitude.

They all knew that it was Dave's plan to revert the Magma flow to help them conquer the fortress, and he took it as his own duty to go back and revitalize the moat, helping them ward off the Demons that were pincer-attacking them.

They all noticed the massive entity that appeared in the Volcano and many of them broke in a cold sweat. But seeing Dave alive- well Undead and kicking, they were all relaxed. Losing a young hero of the Undead like this would be a terrible loss to them.

If Dave wasn't here, they all knew that this mission will undoubtedly have a terrible outcome.

If not for him helping them pass through the Earth Titan in the first place, their numbers would never be enough to even dare attack the fortress.

Everything Dave did, was for the benefit of the undead, and they all respected him for that.

"KIS. SHTIN. BRAH!" it was unknown who said it first.



But every undead shouted in unison. Weapons raised to the sky, glorifying the young undead.

Dave's heart shook and he couldn't help a drop of tear from falling.

Dave smiled as he no knew, even if it was virtual, this was a place he belonged to, a family.