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109 Close Shave!

 Dave used [Immortal Apparition] and teleported himself ten meters ahead, dodging the center of the explosion. Yet the sun-sized Fireball exploded with splash-damage.

If the splash even touched Dave it would turn him to cinders. So he used [Bastion] gaining immunity for 3 seconds and withstanding the fire splash-damage.

The area surrounding Dave melted to hot magma. Dave used [Death's Descent] right after the effects of [Bastion] ended. And jumped down with the explosive effects of the skill away from the hot ground.

You have left the Overheated Area.

Your HP no longer decreases.

Dave took a deep breath when he looked at the colossus of fire that emerged from the volcano.

Having left its aggro range, Dave was thankful for his many escape skills and continued the descent.

"What the hell was that thing!" Dave muttered to himself.

The flavor text on that Chaos Entity said that It supports the fire in the underworld, killing It would halt the flow of magma and fire, and perhaps be a great hindrance to the Ash-King. But its power is too great for even the Undead Legion to take on.

Dave thought of the Sworn Stalwart that he defeated that day, and remembered that there were many others like it under the Ash-King's Service. They all lived in magma. And if the support of fire is cut down from them, they might lose power or at least be a great hindrance to them.

Yet Dave didn't dare have the thought of taking on the Chaos Entity, it was too strong. And his assumptions were baseless and only speculations. So he disregarded that train of thought and headed toward the foot of the Volcano.

When Dave finished his descent, he met the four Dunlords that he left.

"My lord, I presume your task was a success," said The dunlord that carried Dave all the way here.

"Yes, Let's go." Said, Dave, as he jumped on the back of the Dunlord.

The Dunlord didn't say anything and headed back to the Fortress where the fight between the Undead and the Demons was still unfolding.

"My lord, what was that creature?" asked the Dunlord as it rushed rapidly through the open terrain.

"That was a chaos entity, its strength is unfathomable, nothing we can take on right now. We can just leave it alone."

The Dunlord nodded and kept heading forward.

After thirty or so minute, Dave saw several corpses littering the place.

"Hmm?" Dave's gaze wandered and noticed that there were only corpses of the Demon-Knights.

"So many died..."

"They all deserve Death for challenging the might of the Undead Legion." Said the Dunlord Carrying Dave.

"What is your name?" asked Dave.

"Hmm, I go without a name." replied the Dunlord.

"Oh, What about I give you a name?" asked Dave.

"That would be an honor," said the Dunlord.

Dave searched through his mind for a suitable name. But knowing his own terrible naming ability he bluntly said


Dave didn't notice the slight twitch of the Dunlord's mouth. And said

"T-Thank you for the honor," said Stinger.

The other Dunlords all suppressed a smile and continued following Dave.

The lava flow already returned to normal, and the moat was revitalized with lava.

Corpses of Demon-Knights littered the place. And they all converged at a point near the moat. This is where the Undead and the Demon Knights had their last stand.

With the resurrection Spell of the Ash-king ending, the Demon Knights all fell on the ground.

Sadly, they were not lootable, otherwise, Dave would have taken everything in sight.

The fight at the gate of the fortress was still raging on.

Dave spotted Samael fighting several Demonic existences at the gate.

"The field boss is already dead?" Dave asked himself as he didn't notice the presence of the powerful demon boss.

The fight should end soon.

Gazing at the undead, he saw that they were unfaltering and unrestrained fighting the Demons at the gate.

The undead didn't fear Death and gave them all fighting. The numbers on the Undead's side played a huge factor deciding the victory of the legion over the Demons.

Dave noticed two suspicious looking Doom Knights fighting several demons at once.

"Oh, its Gale the Broken Blade and Orn the Knight slayer..."

These two undead would swirl, twirl and attack the demons that were much more numerous than them.

At once Orn grabbed the hand of Gale and threw him like a bolt, whereas Gale pointed his broken greatsword forward piercing the head of a Taurus demon on a rampage and pinning him to the wall, dead!

Jumping from the Demon's head while pulling the blade, the demon's skull gushed out a fountain of blood and gore.

Gale then started smashing, breaking and slashing at the demons near him.

The fight turned to an open field massacre as the Demons' numbers started decreasing at a fast rate.

"The fight should end soon," said Dave