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108 Chaos Entity.

 Dave was still dazed from the sudden jerking motion when he noticed the remaining 9 Dunlords diving underground and making way for Dave to go straight forward.

The undead that were under Dave offered their lives for Dave to rush forward.

And it pained his heart greatly!

More and more Demon Knights appeared in the distance as they were all converging toward the fortress.

But every time one of the Demon-Knights got close to Dave's path, one of the Dunlords that took the lead before Dave would rush from underground and attack it. Surprising the demon and at the same time flipping the demon head over heels with the sudden rise from underground.

Many Demons appeared before Dave. Seeing the low-level undead riding on the back of the Dunlord they rushed at him.

He was an easy prey for them. But the Dunlords escorting Dave would interrupt them.

"My lord! Brace yourself!" said the Dunlord that Dave was riding atop.

Dave crouched and found a grip hold on the back of the Scorpion-Man to which he held for dear life.

The Dunlord plunged underground, bypassing the demons that were rushing toward them.

The only four Dunlords accompanied Dave including the one he was riding atop.

Dave's vision turned Dark when the Dunlord started navigating through dirt stone and rocks. But Dave didn't feel the slightest discomfort from the pressure of the earth.

'The Dunlord's ability is amazing!' Dave thought to himself.

I should definitely get me one of these guys as a ride! Dave made a note to himself.

The earth that the Dunlord navigated in didn't hamper its speed, as it moved swiftly and without disturbance.

The earth would simply disperse whenever the Dunlord moved and it continued like this for a while.

After thirty minutes the Dunlord emerged from underground, and when Dave looked behind him he noticed that the battle was far away from them and they made great distance from the fortress and were now at the foot of the active Volcano.

Three other Dunlords followed Dave and they all climbed the volcano in a swift and rapid motion.

The six legs of the Dunlords moved so fast they blurred.

"There!" pointed Dave at the highest part of the volcano where the magma was flowing.

"Can you get us there?"

"The terrain is too tough for us to dive there, and the climb is too steep for us my lord!" said the Dunlord in a vexed manner.

"Alright, just wait here I will climb there!" said Dave and he jumped from atop the dunlord.

The Dunlord had a huge body, but climbing the steep mountain would be too tough for them. Their members were not fit for the climb.

Dave rushed up the mountain, climbing it with ease.

The jagged rocks made a firm grip for him to pull himself up.

The climb became harder and harder for Dave as he found less and less foothold for him to use.

At one point, he used Immortal Apparition to teleport himself from a point halfway into the mountain to reach the other end of a rift that held him from reaching the top.

The infinite Stamina of an undead helped Dave not feeling tired from climbing and he continued on with a rapid pace.

Once Dave reached the top of the volcano, heat assaulted his face. It was so hot he felt his face would melt.


You are currently in an area with abnormal heat levels, your body will slowly lose Hp until you leave the area.



Dave's face sank when his HP started dropping.

I need to do this fast said Dave as his gaze wandered around

The volcano's lava flow was directed by Samael the first time when Dave asked him to use the Frozen souls to help the Undead make way to the Fortress without disturbance. And now Dave wanted to do the opposite and revitalize the moat surrounding the Fortress.

This way, when the Undead hears the explosion they would all stand at the fortress's perimeter while the lava would act as a barrier against the Demon-knights and reduce a lot of burden from the fight on the undead.

Dave looked around and saw a huge boulder that rose near the current Lava flow.

Placing a couple of frozen souls under it, Dave received a notification.

Frozen souls have been activated.

Detonation in 10 seconds.

Dave smiled and backed away.

And after ten seconds, a powerful explosion issued and the bottom of the boulder blew up and it fell cutting the Lava flow and redirecting it toward the old path.

The new rushing lava ignited the crusted magma. And it all burnt and rushed down the bottom of the mountain.

Dave looked toward the fortress and noticed that the undead, though they looked like ants from the far away distance rapidly retreated toward the hill.

"Thank god, though I am not strong enough to help them in battle, this should give them a good breather."

Yet before Dave could finish rejoicing, the volcano erupted with a loud explosion.

Smoke rose from the mouth of the volcano and shaped like a mushroom. Where an enormous magmatic hand emerged from inside it.

Dave's eyes opened wide when the upper body of a massive creature emerged from the volcano's mouth.

The creature tore the mountain open, forcing more of the lava to flow outward. While it gazed at Dave and hollered


Chaos Entity

Level 890

Tier (Unique-Ancient)

Alignment [Chaotic]

Danger Level: ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠




Skills ???

Chaos and fire share a similarity, which is destruction, and also creation. A special pygmy of fire can create untold destruction, yet when it matures enough it transforms into an entity of chaos.

This Entity is one of its kind and is supporting the flames spreading in the underworld.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!" Dave's face turned white when he turned and rushed down the mountain.

The giant creature howled to the skies and flows of magma poured from the volcano covering it with a burning luster.

Dave jumped down the rocks on the mountain, rolling every time he lands decreasing the fall damage.

Fear gripped his heart when he noticed the magma giant holding his hand high up where a fireball the size of a small sun appeared in its hand.

"Ah, this is going to hurt!" Said Dave hen he noticed that the fireball was headed toward him.