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 "This won't do, we will end up crushed between the fortress and the newly revived troops," Dave muttered.

Lord Dagla had an ugly expression on his face. The revived troops are much more numerous than the portion of the undead army that remained with him.

The majority of Lord Dagla's army was sieging the fortress and though they could take it down eventually, it will still take a lot of time. Time which they didn't have.

If Dagla tried to reduce the numbers attacking the fortress to supply the backline, they will risk losing the fortress as the capturing will be much more difficult.

Lord Dagla held the skull-staff up high and chanted.

"Join the chorus of death, and let the darkness envelopes you! The rhythm of your life slows as I sing the song of DEATH!"

The sky tore open and dark smoke poured from the rift, it fell on the army of the undead surrounding lord Dagla empowering them.

At the same time, the same smoke washed over the land like a rushing tide. Whenever it touched an enemy, their Hp slowly decreases. Their movement speed started slowing down too.

You have been afflicted with Song of Death.

As an undead, you temporarily gain

200% basic Hp regen.

+10% physical and magical damage.

-5% damage received.

+20% movement speed when rushing toward enemies.

10% Increased damage against enemies afflicted with Song of Death.

+10% chance to resurrect immediately after death.

Duration 180sec

"Wow, so many buffs!"

The undead that were surrounding Dagla and serving as a deterrent against the incoming demons all howled in unison, shaking Dave to the core.

Dave noticed that Samael was still locked in combat with the Field Boss.

"That Boss must be at least level 600. An Ethereal boss guarding the second Raid Zone."

The level of every creature in this battle was much higher than Dave's, with the sole exception of the remaining members of his battalion.

Dave took in all the details of the battle as he looked all over the place, trying to figure out how to aid the undead in their conquest.

Then an idea popped into Dave's mind.

"Du'Rhaza! Dave shouted at the hovering Lich that was calling upon hail and ice to attack the Demons Knights."

Du'Rhaza glanced at Dave but didn't answer, he was fully focused on the fight.

"Do you have any frozen souls?" asked Dave.

Du'Rhaza didn't answer Dave but waved his hand and a small bag fell at Dave's feet.

It was filled with Frozen souls.

"Good, Du Rhaza, once you hear the signal tell lord Dagla to retreat toward the fortress as soon as possible! Even if the fortress is not captured in time make sure every undead is standing on the fortress's hill!" Dave shouted.

Du'Rhaza's brow furrowed but didn't say anything he nodded at Dave and continued shooting spears of ice at the incoming Armored Demons.

The Demons made contact with the front row of the Undead and a great fight issued.

The sound of swords clashing, bones and flesh broke and torn, yet not the demons nor the undead would falter or slow down. The two armies were on par with each other, fighting to the grimmest of ends without hesitation.

"Guys follow me!" Dave ordered his battalion and rushed toward the mountain splitting from the safety of the army of the undead and rushing to the open lands.

"Deserter?" said one of the Death Knights that noticed Dave rushing away from battle.

"No! he is on a mission!" said Du'Rhaza as he asserted the Knight's worries to make him focus on the battle.

Dave rushed with all his might as his Battalion followed behind him without faltering.

Two Demon-Knights intercepted Dave's party and his face turned grim.

He could fight these level 450 monsters with the aid of the Dunlords with him, but it would take a lot of time. Time he needs the most.

Amazingly before Dave could even issue the command to bypass them, two undead rushed toward the Demon-Knights engaging them in battle.

Dave was stunned for a moment before Bud said.

"You go...we hold them back!"

Before Dave could voice his mind. A Dunlord grabbed Dave by the arm and hurled him on his back...