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106 The Demons retaliate!

 The undead walked over the crust that formed over the lava, it was still hot but it did not hamper the advance of the Legion much.

Once the undead reached the gates, demons above the walls of the fortress started shooting fireballs and arrows at them, but the undead didn't flinch or hesitate, directly attacking the raised bridge.

Some Deth Knights had great-Hammers that they swung wit full force at the raised bridge. The echo of the attacks sounded from far away like the steady beating of a drum.

Sorcerers cast magic at the wooden bridge, splintering it with each attack.

Dave stood far behind the range of the spell cast of the demons.

"We should be able to take down the gate in mere moments," Said Du'Raza.

Dave could clearly see the 'HP' bar of the raised bridge rapidly decreasing with the constant barrage of attacks from the Undead.

Loud bang issues and the wooden bridge crumbled to pieces, yet before the undead charged forward, two hulking giants emerged from the gates roaring and swatting away the Death Knights that surrounded the gates.

They were two big hairy minotaurs like creatures, they had fire-red orbs for eyes, and their horns were pitch-black and sharp as swords.

Taurus Demon (Variant)

Level 550

Tier (Mythic)

Danger Level ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠

HP 800,000

Damage 120,000- 140,000

MA 40,000

DN 40,000

Skills [Wilde Swing] Wildly swings the Taurus Club in a crescent, applying Knock-Back Effect and dealing 200% Damage

[Unbrideled Strenght] WhenThe Taurus Demon's Hp drops below 50% it infuses itself with the power of Chaos and increases its attack speed and damage by 10% for every 10% Hp lost.

The Taurus demons are a mutated form of Taurus Beasts. They are created after being exposed to the power of Chaos for a long period of time.

"That thing is strong..." said Dave

"Don't worry, we came prepared for worse," said Du'Raza

"Orn! Gale! Take care of those!" said the Abyssal Knight Dagla.

"At your orders!" replied two Undead knights that were beside the Abyssal Knight.

These two were two draugrs that looked quite similar to dave with the exception of the beared. Their armor had a golden luster to it, like if they were some sort of royal guards.

Orn The Knight Slayer

Tier (Mythic)

Danger Level Friendly

Level 550







Orn, a famous butcher of the Undead Legion, had made his name known for having slain a thousand Knight in battle alone.

I slew a thousand Knight, what's one more?

Gale the Broken Blade

Tier (Mythic)

Danger Level Friendly

Level 550







Gale was a powerful warrior when he was alive, and became even more ferocious when he turned to an undead. He is famed for wielding a broken great sword that never left his side.

Even with a broken blade, I can still kill you!

These two Doom knights dashed toward the rampaging Taurus Demons.

Almost at the same time, the two Doom Knights reached the demons, They each grabbed one of the Taurus demons' horns and threw them to the far distance.

The scene looked cominc to Dave as the human-sized Doom-Knights were able to hurl the two Taurus Demons like if they were made from plastic foam.

The Taurus demons were respectively sent tumbling to the left and right of the army where the two Doom Knights each took them on in a single battle.

Dave's complexions were strange, he couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of the scene that just unfolded.

The Death-Knights shouted in unison as they charged the gates where hundreds of demons met them in battle.

The Undead were held at bay for some time, but the numbers were with the Undead, and the tide of battle swiftly changed to their favor. The Demons, mostly gargoyles and other types of humanoid demons that Dave was too far to inspect fell in battle.

The Death toll of the demon-kin increased significantly and the Undead gained a firm foothold at the fallen gate.

Dave heard a loud shout as an armored demon came out from the gate. He stood two feet taller than most Death-Knights and wielded a mace in his right hand.

The armored Demon had a big skull symbol appearing above his head.

'The field boss is already out.'

"Samael, I entrust this to you," the abyssal Knight Dagla asked Samael who appeared again from thin air.

"I need a good stretch," said the Abyssal Knight Samael as he charged the armored demon.

Dave sighed in his heart, he knew that he no longer had a role to play in this fight. The undead were clearly winning the fight here.

Just when his gaze wandered away from the battle he noticed that the Pillars surrounding them had their fire blaze for a moment.

Dave's brow furrowed as he noticed this subtle change.

"Something is not right," muttered Dave.

Du'Raza was the closest to Dave and turned to look where Dave was inspecting.

"What is it?" asked Du'Raza as he failed to notice the change that happened to the pillars.

"Don't you think this went too easy?" asked Dave.

The fight had yet to end, this was certain, but Dave couldn't help but think that something was off.

The strength of the demons was far from what he believed it to be, even if the main army that should be in the fortress was away invading the Undead Frontier. The defense of the fortress of the Burning Heights was too low.

There were no scouts that they met before, no enemies in the distance, just these eerie blazing pillars.

"Du'Raza, I think we should take the fortress as soon as possible. I have a bad feeling about this battle,'

The longer it took for the Undead to take down the fortress the more uneasy Dave felt.

Almost at the same moment, Every pillar in the burning heights exploded, and a blaze of fire erupted from their base.

Hands emerged from underneath as thousands of creatures rose from the ground.

"DEMONS!" Shouted Dave as he looked at the scene from hell.

These Demons all shared the same appearance, they wore armor that looked similar to the Field Boss and had bat wings on their backs.

They also had horns protruding from their foreheads. The tip of their horns had a small fire that burnt like a torch.

These demons all wielded great swords and tower shields and they were surrounding the undead army.

Dagla's face sank.

"The Ash-King turned to using necromancy!" said the Arch-Lich Dagla.

"Didn't you say that the fallen warriors of the Ash-King can't be revived with necromancy?" Dave asked Du'Raza.

"Yes, they can't, not our necromancy, this is probably something the Ash-King composed, a type of temporary resurrection, I can see their life-force, it is strong, but it is slowly fading, they should not remain alive for long, but until then...we need to survive them!"

The Lich Du'Raza slowly levitated himself as he began summoning a storm.

The sky turned darker and hail started falling.

The temperature sharply fell, and the hail began increasing in speed and size.

The Arch-Lich had several thousand undead by his side, mostly casters, but a good portion of them were meleed fighters.

"Take formation!" said Lord Dagla.

The undead Death Knights regrouped in a line acting as a dam, protecting the casters behind them.

Their held their tower shield next to each other and stood still like an iron wall. Their spears protruded form small holes positioned on the side of their shields.

The casters behind the Death-Knights started preparing spells of attack.

When the armored demons got closer Dave took the chance to inspect one of them.

Demon-Knight (Reanimated)

Tier Epic

Danger Level ☠ ☠ ☠

Level 450

Hp 400,000

MA 20,000

DN 20,000

Damage 60, 000- 80, 000

These fallen Demon Knights were once the strongest force of the Ash-King. After they fell the Ash-king used a grand spell on them to bless them with life when the need arises for them once more.

Now they are temporarily back to the land of the living, they will not stop fighting for their King. Not until their last breath.

Reanimation Timer left: 59 minutes.

Dave's face sank. More than half the forces of the Undead were charging the gates of the fortress. And if the Demon Knights join the fray, the outcome of the fight will be devastating.

Not only will capturing the fortress will be much more difficult, but Dave could also easily lose his life if he were caught in the cross-fire.