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104 Strategist!

 Dave held a pendant in his hand and showed it to the Titan.

"I already slew one of his Sworn Stalwarts!" said Dave as he showed the pendant to the giant.

The giant got his face closer to Dave to look at the tiny pendant.

When Titan's face closed on Dave, he unconsciously took a step back. The mere size of the titan's head was like a tilting building that was about to fall.

"You lie not...this is one of the Ash-King's Servants pendant, they become like that once they wear it...but I can see that you are too weak to be able to face the wrath of his Sworn did you do it?"

"I blew a cliff over him using Frozen Souls..." said Dave as he didn't intend to lie to the titan.

The Titan smiled hearing that, fissures and cracks appeared on his face once he heard Dave's explanation.

"Serves them right! Those creatures were too savage! They all deserve to die!" said the Titan with hostility in its eyes.

The red tag over the titan changed color and became yellow. Indicating that the hostility level toward Dave decreased.

"Then why you come here, disturbing my peace!"

Dave took a long breath 'thankfully, now it can be reasoned with.'

"I serve the Undead-King, and he plans to rule over the Underworld!" bluntly said, Dave

The tag over the Titan started flickering between red and yellow.

"But! I promise you one thing," said Dave " I will make sure to avenge your fallen kin against the tyrant Ash-king, our army plans on taking over the burning heights further increasing his influence. Our undead King is merciful and will not bother you, and will make sure to bring justice to your brethren." Said, Dave

All what Dave just said was a bunch of nonsense, but that was the only way to make the Titan cooperative.

"Another king! Another tyrant!" said the titan

"If you don't believe in the King, then believe in me! I won't go back on my word! All I need is for you to let us pass, no one will bother your sleep."

"You better make sure you follow your promise...I was enslaved when I was weak, now with my current power, not even the ash-king can stop my rampage, not to mention an undead-king, if your race dares to play tricks, then I will make my way to your Palace and bring it down upon your king!" said the Titan.

"Thank you for your understanding, you have my word that nothing shall happen to you," said Dave

The Titan ignored Dave and walked a few hundred meters quacking the earth with every step, then burrowed into the ground back to sleep.

Dave's expression eased as he walked back toward the undead army with confident steps.

The Death Knights all looked at Dave with amazement, though they didn't hear his conversation. The simple fact that he was able to 'reason' with the Ancient Earth Titan and make it step aside was enough to amaze them.

The army split and let Dave walk inside where he noticed the stupified gaze of the Abyssal Knight and the awkward smile on Du'Razha's face.

"It is done, my lord... the army can now move without hindrance." Said, Dave

"How did you convince it?!" asked the abyssal Knight, not believing his eyes.

"I just promised the Titan that no one shall bother its sleep, at least no one from our undead legion."

"You promise him something you have no power over?" asked the Abyssal Knight.

"Weather the Undead legion respects this promise or not does not change a thing, after all my task was to let the giant make way for us, you can still disregard what I promised him, but I recommend to not do so, he said that he was able to shake the control of the Ash-King, though I don't know who this Ash-king is, all I know that the titan inferred that it might be stronger than our undead king."

Lord Dagla didn't refute Dave's stating that the Ash-king could be stronger than the undead King, and so Dave thought that it was true.

"The Ash-king is the ruler of all demonic kin, he stands at the top of the chain of command. Though he is powerful, his underlings are undisciplined. Therefore we do not fear them." Said the lich Du'Razha.

"You have completed your task," said the Abyssal Knight. "And I believe a reward is due, but not now, we must make our way to the Burning Heights. The Demons must think that this place is 'protected' by the Earth Titan thus it should have low surveillance, if we attack swiftly we can conquer the region without much trouble. Undead!' said Dagla as he gazed at Dave.

"Follow us to the Burning Heights, I think your brain has still not rotten and can be made of use in the following seig,"

Hidden Quest completed!


Level Up

Level Up

You have obtained a new title!


+50 Intelligence

Passively increase the troops's morals under your command.

Your troops gain +10% Damage from all abilities.

New Quest!

Tier S

Assist the Undead Legion in capturing the Second Raid-Zone

The Burning Heights.

Fleeing or abandoning the army will result in you being branded as a traitor losing all bonuses from the undead Legion.

Your Legacy quest will fail if you die or abandon your post while invading the second Raid Zone!

This quest cannot be declined!

Dave cursed under his breath! He was playing for a long time today and was feeling hungry, and now with this quest, it would seem that lunchtime will have to wait...