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103 Negotiations

 Dave followed Du'Razha all the way to the center of the army of undead. Hundreds of pairs of eyes eyed him walking next to Du'Razha, but no one spoke a word. After all, one that walks with their superior must be an important figure.

Dave looked up and four Death Knights holding a litter throne, and sitting on it was an emaciated drawer with a crown over his head.

The draugr wore exquisite looking purple velvet robe of a had a lazy expression on his face.

In his right hand was a cane with a human's skull as the handle. The skull had two red jewels that had a vivid luster to them.

"Du'Razha, why have you stopped the march?" asked the draugr on the throne.

"Lord Dagla, this is the young undead I told you about that time. And he has some important information to tell you," said Du'Razha.

The emaciated draugr gave Dave a questioning gaze then said: "Speak..."

"Lord Dagla," said Dave "There is an Ancient Earth Titan sleeping nearby. If the army continues in its current path, it will encounter it and I believe that there will be needless casualties. I recommend you take a detour to the Burning Heights if your lordship wishes to conquer it without trouble form the Ancient-Titan."

"Hmm... An ancient still lives... it's no wonder we didn't encounter any demonic creatures on our way, but we cannot make a detour," said the Abyssal knight.

Dave squinted his brow. 'Does this guy think he can take on the level 750 Ancient? He must be mad...'

"Sir, I advise you to think otherwise, it is a powerful enemy..." yet before Dave could continue on

"Silence." Said the Abyssal Knight, "Do you think I don't know how powerful Ancient beasts are? But we cannot make a detour, it will take us months of travel to reach the burning hights this way. Look at your surrounding." Said the Abyssal knight as he pointed at the nearby cliffs.

Apparently, Dave didn't notice that the only empty path toward the Burning Heights was where the Titan lay asleep. And everywhere were rocks and cliffs too steep for the army to walk around.

If the army was to take a detour, they will need to go back all the way from where they came and take another path. Not to mention that if they are too slow on attacking the Second Raid-Zone, the enemy army that is currently headed toward the Undead-Frontier will be notified and will come back to reinforce the Burning Heights making it much more difficult to takeover by the Undead.

This attack was supposed to be a sneaky invasion, taking the chance when the enemy's army attacked the Undead Frontier to attack their base. Having already cut the supply route with Lord Samael, it is already a huge blow to the Demonic army and now if they took a detour it would all be pointless. They need to strike while the iron is still hot.

Dave was now lost. If the army didn't want to take a detour, they will be destroyed by the Ancient Titan, or at least lose a good amount of troops making the invasion much harder.

"I heard that you came up with wonderous methods to help the Undead legion before," said Lord Dagla

Dave's brow furrowed' what is this guy planning?'

"Saving Drahma, and Du'Razha, also providing immense help capturing the Undead Frontier..."

Dave didn't like where this conversation was headed as Lord Dagla continued speaking

"What do you mean, Sir," asked Dave

The Abyssal Knight smiled as he said

"Your task is to take care of that nuisance, no matter how it takes, gets it off our backs until our army passes through."

Hidden Quest!

Tier S

Lord Dagla tasked you with taking 'care' of the Ancient Titan. Find a way to help the Undead Army to reach the Burning Heights without suffering casualties.

This quest cannot be refused!

Abandoning your task will result in you being branded as a traitor to the undead race!

Dave's heart sank 'this is absurd! I wanted a quest, not a suicide mission!"

Du'Razha looked with a questioning Gaze at Lord Dagla but still didn't voice his thoughts and said to Dave

"May the Undead King's blessing be with you lad."

The Death knights and casters surrounding Dave had eyes with high expectation toward Dave.

Dave looked back at the Ancient Titan's Location and took a deep breath.

'There has to be a way out of this mess, no matter how ridiculous a quest is, there is always a way to solve it.'

Dave walked toward where the Ancient Titan slept and stood a few meters before the aggro range of the Titan.

The gaze of thousands undead all looked at him.

"I go...I attack and let you chance...chance to pass by..." said the gruff voice of an undead that was behind Dave.

Dave knew it was his favorite ghoul speaking

"Thanks, Bud, but you don't need to risk yourself, I think I have a way. It's risky, but its worth the shot." Dave comforted the brave ghoul.

Pulling the Titan's aggro could be an available option, but it is not enough. He could leech it with undead but it is too risky, as it could simply shower them with rock throws decimating them, and Dave had very few skills that could save him from the Titan's assault.

Not to mention, that the army needed to take the chance to pass by when Dave is actually leeching the titan. The whole army passing would require at least 10 minutes, which is impossible for Dave to hold the Titan's aggro even with his whole party leeching it.

"Everyone, go back a bit." Said Dave then looked at his skills.

Everything was off cooldown, even Bastion was up again, so if worse comes to worse and his plan fail, he could still save his skin.

Dave walked a few steps into the Titan's aggro range, but nothing happened.

"So far so good," said Dave, then he shouted at the top of his lungs

"EARTH TITAN!" hollered Dave

Nothing happened

"I know you hate the Ash king!" said Dave

Right at this moment, the earth trembled and the titan rose from underground.

"YOU!!!" boomed the titan as it looked at Dave with hostility.


Dave's body shuddered from the voice of the titan as it looked at him menacingly.

'well, it's do or die now," thought Dave.