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102 Earth Titan!

 Dave led his party of undead deeper into the valley area, leaving it after few battles with more shadow tigers.

Dave received a good amount of loot and drops from the shadow tigers that he encountered, and had more than enough to make two sets of the Shadow-Set from the blue-print he dropped from the first Shadow-Tiger he killed.

'Now, I only need Shadow-Worm's blood to have everything I need, the rest can be bought from the auction-house.'

But no matter how far Dave searched with his undead, he didn't find any Shadow-Worms, not even regular monsters.

The rocky area he was in had an obvious lack of monsters. Dave found it strange.

'You guys should scout ahead' said Dave to the Dunlords.

The ten Dunlords dove underground and each going to a different direction.

Dave stood still waiting for information from the Dunlords. But even after ten minutes of search, the Dunlords came back with nothing.

'We should probably head north, to the Burning Heights. The abyssal Knight Samael went there, there should be some demons there."

Dave ordered his battalion to march north.

The group of undead looked too conspicuous walking alone in a desert of rocks and stone. However, there was nothing in sight to alert their attention or cause them any disturbance.

The lack of monsters made Dave a bit edgy, looking around every now and then, fearful of an ambush.

He still sent two Dunlords to scout ahead of him in case they met with any unexpected monsters.

After an hour-long walk, Dave felt bored out of his mind.

The scenery never changed, a huge empty land of rocks without a single strand of grass growing anywhere.

Dave's gaze wandered until he saw a burning pillar standing in the distance.

'We should be close to the Burning Highest," said Dave with a sigh of relief, as the boredom was making him more and more pesky.

Right when his hopes were up, the earth trembled and a monstrosity appeared form under the earth.

Rocks and dust falling with it, two of Dave's Dunlords fell from the sky, taking massive Fall Damage.

A creature the same size of Drahma stood gazing at them.

It was a colossal being of stone, while it had a cuff under its neck with a chain dangling from it.

'An earth golem?'

Earth Titan

Level 750

Tier (Unique-Ancient)

Alignment [Chaotic]

Danger Level: ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠




Skills ???

The Earth titans were peacful creatures, and would only attack if disturbed or harassed.

However, this is the last of its kin, and the loss of his race made it unreasonable.

Having been forced into slavery under the Ash-King, the earth titans have lost their passionat and care for life and became rampaging beasts of destruction and carnage.

"Ah shit. Everyone Retreat!" ordered Dave with a sunken face.

There was no way for them to take down this creature, not even the highest level Undead under Dave's retinue could make a dent in its body due to the level difference. And now with it cutting their way to the Burning Highest, Dave needed to take a detour.

However, the Earth Titan had a different idea.

It roared as it punched its arms into the ground pulling up a huge bolder and tossed it at Dave's party.

Dave didn't think twice before activating [Bastion] receiving 0 damage when the boulder hit.

Some of Dave's party were not that lucky, getting one-shotted as they took the damage from the golem's rock-throw.

The Dunlords were the first to escape unharmed from the attack as they Dove underground, while one of Dave's Death knights was already in critical HP Levels even if he only received the splash Damage from the rock throw once it broke.

"Spread Out! And run!" shouted Dave as he picked up his pace and ran as far away from the Earth titan as possible.

After stressful moments, Dave and the remaining of his party stood far away from the Titan's Aggro range.

The Titan calmed down and went back to the earth, waiting for another unlucky prey to come his way.

"God, that was close,' said Dave as he did a head-count of his retinue.

"Damn, lost ten undead just like that, I need to be more careful,' said Dave as his eyes wandered looking for a way to the Burning Heights.

But wat caught his vision was a troop of undead walking with confident steps toward them. Hundreds, thousands...even more undead, most of them had staffs with the exception of the first party leading the front, that was composed of Death-Knights with tower-shields and long curved swords.

The undead army walking toward them was imposing, and had a mighty aura surrounding it.

'This must be the army that Delvina said would be attacking the Second Raid-Zone...led by the Abyssal Knight Lord [Dagla]'

But once Dave noticed their direction, his heart almost stopped.

Dave went toward the army with haste. His remaining undead following in toe.

Once Dave closed on the Army The thousands of undead all stopped in their places.

The Death Knights looked at Dave with vigilance, some casters even started preparing spells for the incoming group.

"HALT!" roared a Death Knight at Dave.

"What business do you have coming here," said the Death Knight in the lead.

"You must be the army under Lord [Dagla] right?" said Dave.

The Death Knight didn't confirm or deny Dave's statement, so Dave became a bit warry.

'could I be wrong? And this is another section of the Undead Legion?'

"You must take a detour, you should not continue onward," said Dave.

"Who do you think you are, ordering an army to take a detour! State your name and rank!" shouted the Death Knight at Dave.

Dave's brow furrowed as he answered.

"I am Da- Kis'Stingbrah, Undead Captain, and leader of Battalion 2705!"

"An Undead Captain ordering an army to take a detour, aren't you too full of yourself!"

"I am not ordering anything! There is an ancient beast laying in wait there! If you move too closely, the entire army will be destroyed!"

The Death Knight's brow furrowed as he looked at Dave, then his gaze landed on the Death Knights following Dave.

"Is that true?" the Death Knight belonging to the army asked the Death Knights under Dave.

But the Death Knights under Dave didn't answer. They were under Dave's command, and unless another commander of higher rank asks them, they will not answer.

Dave' mouth opened as he wanted to speak but a person appeared near them.

"Oh, if it isn't you!" said the person that literally popped out of thin air.

Dave recognized that voice as he turned to see a Lich smiling at him.

Lich Du'Razha

Level 520

Rank -Lich-(Doom Knight)

Tier (Mythic)





Skills (???)

One of the most powerful of units under the Arch-lich (Dagla) lord over the magus ranks of the Undead Legion.

Du'Razha was captured after having failed to eliminate the Ice Queen. His power has been supressed and he was forced to imprisonement in the ice palace.

Now after obtaining freedom, he is back under Lord Dagla's services further spreading the name of the Undead-King.

"Oh, if it isn't you Du'Razha!" said Dave with a smile

"INSOLENT!" roared the Death Knight that was adressing Dave earlier.

Dave's heart jerked from the surprizing shout as the Death Knigth added

"How dare you speak the name of our lord without title!"

"Calm down," Said the Lich, "This is the one that relaesed me from under the prison of that dispicable Ice Queen, I owe him my freedom. And he is free to use my name as he wishes." Said the Lich.

Thought the lich looked calm, it still made the Death Knight bow its head in apology saying

"I have been rash, and I apologisze for being offensive."

"Its alright," said Dave

"So, young undead, what brings you all the way here?" asked the Lich.

"I was under a mission with lord Samael, I am afraid I cannot speak of its details, but after we parted I wandered around looking for oportunities. However, I was met with a dangerous beast, and when I saw you headed toward it, I wanted to warn you."

"Hmm, you were with Lord Samael, that is interesting. But you must remember, I am still willing to include you under my unit once you reach the rank of a doom kngith, I don't want any other to poach you from me,' said the Doom Knight with a smile.

"But, you just mentioned a beast, what was it like?"

"It is an Earth Titan, it is sleeping in that clearing right over there."

The Death kngiths when they heard Dave mentioning the Erath Titan all gasped.

"An Earth Titan? They still exist in this world?" asked the lich with a bit of skeptisizm

"Yes, I saw it with my own eyes."

"Hmmm. Alright, we will be taking a detour, I need to speak to lord Dagla first... hey, do you wish to meet him?" said the Lich

Dave's eyes shone for a moment and said

"Why not."

Whenever he met with an abyssal Knigth there was always a quest to take. And so far, they were all of the best quest that Dave has done and all had the best rewards.

"Then follow me," said the Lich as the Undead army opened a path to the duo, walking straight toward the center.

Author's Notes.

I have some news to share boyz. Webnovel contacted me for a contract with them, Rise of the Undead Legion will be premium once we reach 200k word count, it is still in the future but once there, we will rise in rank like crazy!

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