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101 LOOTZ!!

 Skill-Book: Infernal Aura (Legendary)

Skill Book: Ray of Flames (Legendary)

Ash-King's Pendant (Quest Item)

Sworn Stalwarter's Core

Sworn Stalwarter's Gauntlets (Weapon- Bound)

20 000GOLD

"Wow! Thanks a lot, old man, but no recourses?"

"Aren't you grateful? This monster does not drop any recourses, in the later stages of the game players should meet them, and the first kill was supposed to give these items to them."

"Oh, thanks anyway, by the way, why did you freeze the abyssal knight?" asked Dave

"NPC's in this game have their own AI, if I were to interact with them, it might change their mindset. I wish to remain unknown. Once I leave this place, the Abyssal Knight shall continue as if nothing happened." The butler then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The black and white scenery changed back to its colorful one, and Lord Samael spoke to Dave saying "We should be going now, now that the cave is brought down, there is no need for us to stay here. No reinforcements should reach the Undead Frontier, so Delvina should have an easier time handling things back there."

Quest Completed!

+ 750 000XP

Level Up

Level Up

Level Up

"Wow sweet! Level 130!" said Dave.

"I still have some matter to take care of," said the Abyssal Knight

"Where will you be going now?" asked Dave

"I will be heading to the Burning Heights, there exist the closest fortress of the Demonic faction. I need to gather information." Said the Abyssal knight

"Can't you send your underlings? You are a general in the army, you must have many capable men under your command."

"I do have many under me, but I like doing things my way, at least I can guarantee success."

The abyssal knight jumped up the remaining rocks of the valley and headed to the north.

"The Burning Heights... sounds interesting. Alright boyz," said Dave as he turned to look at the undead accompanying him

"Let's do some grinding," said Dave

The party of sixty or so undead started wandering the area looking for prey.

In the meantime, Dave inspected the loot from the Sworn Stalwarter, he checked the pendant of the Ash King first, but it didn't respond, it didn't even give him a notification window, so he ignored it for now. but after checking the other items Dave's mouth opened wide after reading through the descriptions.

Infernal Aura

100 Mana/second

Deals a damage of 0.5 % of user's own HP in a radius of 10X10meters (Ignores Magic absorption and Bonus Immunity from armors and items)

Immunity skills can still cancel the damage of the skill for their duration.

No cooldown

Ray of Flames

Shoot a concentrated ray of fire in a straight direction.

Damage 2000-3000 Magic damage

If the Ray of Flames lands on a terrain, it can melt it down creating a magmatic substance that cools off after 10 seconds.

Damage dealt by the magmatic substance tics for 500 magic dmg/second.

Cooldown 1 Hour

Category: Gauntlets Sworn Stalwarter's Gauntlets

A weapon made from the hands of the vicious Sworn Stalwarter

Basic Damage 2,000-3,000





Requirements 300 STR. 300 AGI 300 INT

Level (1)

Bound to (Death Stroke)

Attributes/Skills Weapon Level (1)

When Worn, increases the Area of the skill Infernal Aura by 5x5Meter radius and damage by 0.5%

[Ramp UP] Increases the Damage of Stalwarter's Gantlets after each successful hit by 2% capped at 5 times

[Burning Fist] If Ramp UP is activated, imbues a the weapon with fire damage increasing basic weapon's damage by 20%

Special Skill unlocked at weapon level 2

Special Skill unlocked at weapon level 3

Scaling/Class Scaling Weapon

[Scaling Sealed]

Class. legendary

"I think Alfred Likes me, after all, he just said that I was ruining the game and he ended up giving me a brokenly op weapon! Sweet! I gotta try this!" said Dave as he equipped the gauntlets.

Conditons Not met!

Insuffisant INT Value

Insuffisant DEX Value

Insuffisant STR Value

Dave opened his status window and looked at the missing requirements.

Level 130

Class Death's Apostle

Name Death Stroke Race

Human (Undead)

Health 30 000+(1500)

Mana 3000 +(150)

Stamina Unlimited

Rage/Focus 100

Intelligence 260 +(13)

Wisdom 310+(15.5)

Dexterity 260 (+13)

Agility 260 +(13)

Vitality 3000

Strength 260 +(13)

Magic Absorption 1000

Damage Nullification 2000

Immunity 20% +(1)%

- -

HP Regen 0.1/sec +(0)

Mana Regen 1.1/sec +(0)

Stamina Regen

+∞ Rage/Focus

Regen 1/sec

Title I know it all!

Unallocated attribute points 120

Dave looked at his unallocated points and smiled, he thankfully only used 40 points of his total attribute points previously and now he had more than enough to complete the necessary points for wearing the gauntlets.

Adding 25 points in each of the three stats, enabled Dave to wear the gauntlets. Thanks to his title {I Know it All} it added the remaining points to meet the bare minimum.

Wearing the gauntlets Dave was amazed at their eccentric looks. They looked like scaly hands made of rock and had an exquisite and comfortable feel to them.

The only down part was that Dave is no longer able to use his shield now. And no longer has access to [Block] and [Counter]

While Dave admired gauntlets, he heard the low growl of a Shadow-Tiger.

Dave smirked wildly.

The tiger pounced on a death-knight who blocked it and struck back at the Tiger's frontal paw causing a Cripple Debuff on it, slowing the tiger down noticeably.

Dave waited until the two Death Knights with him secured aggro so he doesn't OT.

Then he went mad with glee as he struck the beast. Though no damage value appeared on the Tiger due to the high level of the Shadow-Tiger, he was elated with the visual effects of the gauntlet. They flashed with sparks light fireworks every time they landed a hit.

After the fifth hit landed, they became inflamed.

Dave grinned and threw a rising uppercut, right down the tiger's jugular. As it burst with flame.


"Damn, I wonder what the damage value would be if I used it in PVP or on equally leveled monsters."

Dave was elated with the new weapons and like a child on charismas morning, he couldn't have enough of playing with the new toys, hunting several other tigers and grinding more levels...