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99 That was...Unexpected.

 Dave didn't even want to get near it. Forget about fighting it, even approaching it would be enough to send Dave to Respawn.

Thankfully, Samael didn't look perturbed by the appearance of such a creature, but still looked at Dave's direction and said.

"Boy, you gotta hurry up, I can't hold this thing for long, not in its domain," Said the Abyssal Knight as he brandished his dagger and went to face against the more than ten times its size monster.

'I hope he didn't notify every fregging monster to my existence with those words.'

Dave thought about doing a monster rush, ignoring the monsters and placing the Frozen Souls all over the pillars and somehow try and get away.

But he thought against it, there was too much at risk, and he could end up making a blunder and die for it.

Even if the Damage from the Imps was negligible, an army of ants can still kill an elephant, and theye were no ants and Dave was no elephant.

Dave's eyes darted around and stumbled upon a cart filled with stones. The cart had a railway under it, and it was on a slope. The railway crossed the entire area to ease the mining for the imps.

The pillars acted as stops for the cart for them to fill it with minerals.

Dave thought about his next steps and sighed.

'This is going to be a bad idea.'

Dave used [Spectral Skull] and sent it toward the furthest pillar, exploding in the face of an unaware Imp. The Imp howled and rushed toward Dave pulling every other monster's agro with him.

And from then on a chain reaction, every pillar that had imps excavating near it followed the enraged imp and all rushed toward Dave.

'Alright, time to use all my non-existent physique skills,'

Once the hundred or so Imps were close enough, Dave's back broke in a cold sweat.

'This might not have been a good idea!

Dave pressed the lever on the overloaded cart, and it rushed down the slope toward the incoming imps.

Dave didn't tally and followed closely behind it in a jog.

The cart was increasing in speed with every second and the imps, unaware of their impending doom didn't bother to change course. The road was tight enough to only let several of the small imps pass at once, but the cart was large enough to cover the entire path.

The Imps were struck with the devastating force of inertia behind the cart and were sent all over the place. More than half was sent to the magma and the rest sprawled around in different positions.

Dave didn't wait to admire the view, he rushed toward the nearest pillar and placed the frozen soul and rushed back to the next pillar.

The cart was running on the rails so fast it sometimes jumped up and down on it, until it met the safety block at the end of the rail and broke through it spilling its content on the magmatic floor.

A single stone somehow managed to fly all the way to hit the Sworn Stalwarter.

Due to Samael having not even started combat with it, this very act increased Dave's threat level to be a primary target.

The Sworn Stalwarter moved its face toward Dave's location and its nose twitched, a howl soon followed and the monster dove through the magma and rushed toward Dave's location.

Dave looked at the monster charging toward him, and with abject terror Dave increased his speed, placing stones on the pillars he passed by.

The Sworn Stalwarter reached the end of the Pond and climbed the rift, barely making space for himself in the process as he chased Dave through the tight passage made for the carts.

Dave didn't bother wasting time looking back as he kept on placing the Frozen souls on the pillars.

Level UP!

The notification startled Dave, but he dismissed it.

Once he reached the final pillar. Dave turned to see the monster not even 30 meters away from him. Its feet were crushing a helpless Imp to a pulp. This was the reason why Dave was gaining exp as he already secured his Supporter's exp having damaged the imps using the cart.

The Sworn Stalwarter opened its maw wide, revealing sharp rows of obsidian teeth and an infernal ball in the process of being created.

"FUCK ME!" Dave ran with all his speed...toward the face of the monster.

[Immortal Apparition!] Dave used and appeared behind the monster that shot the ball of fire toward Dave's earlier location.

Dave appeared behind the monster and ran forward.

Another notification popped up.

You are experiencing Overheating.




Fear Effect failed to apply due to Level difference

Ah, shit shit shit!

Dave's HP was plummeting at a rapid rate, but he didn't bother looking at the monster that was now trying to 'turn' its oversized body to chase after Dave.

There were several imps blocking Dave's way, these were the survivors that the cart didn't kill and was too far away from the Sworn Stalwarter to kill with its deadly stomps that were closing on Dave right now.

"Jump into the pond!" Shouted Samael

"Ah fuck if I die from this am gonna sue the game makers!" Dave hollered and took a leap of faith.

Samael punched his fist in the floor and grabbed an oversized chunk of stone and threw it near Dave.

Immediately he disappeared from where he stood appearing on the still flying rock, and grabbing Dave by his hand. a second after that, he jumped from the flying rock and into the opening he made entering this cavern.

"FUCKING HELL THAT WAS INTENSE!" Dave cursed loudly.

"I am surprised you managed to survive that, so did you plant them all?"

"Yes, all twenty of them. Now what?" said Dave as he looked at the pit under them

The Sworn Stalwarter crashed its claws into the wall and started climbing toward them.


Samael then did a gesture with his hand and explosions erupted throughout the Cavern.

The whole cliff started shaking when Samael said

"You should go back a bit,"

Dave rushed away from the falling stones and boulders into safety where everything came crashing down.

Giant stalactites fell on the creatures trapped underneath the cavern.

Like a yawning pit, the whole side of the cliff opened up consuming everything in a deadly grave.

[Conquest Server Announcement!

Kis'Shteingbrah managed to slay the first Ethereal Monster in the game.

May his name stands for all those who valor honor and courage for all eternity.]

"Huh, Say what now?"