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98 Infernal Threa

 The imp charged at Dave with his shining spear, a sign he was using a skill.

Dave used [Block] and followed with [Counter].


Dave used [Destructive Smash] stunning the Imp for a second and followed with [Stampede] crashing into the imp sending him reeling.



Dave then followed with [Immortal Apparition] as his body disappeared in shadows and appeared in front of the Imp.

You successfully applied Fear Effect to your target.

The imp squawked and ran for his life only to abruptly lose it as he fell in the magmatic pond behind him.

"Oh...I didn't think that would work." Dave mused and went toward the pillar, finding a 'specially' allotted slot to place the Frozen Soul, Lord Samael gave him.

Placing it Dave looked at the next Pillar that was a few dozen meters away, there were two imps there.

"I guess the difficulty increases with every pillar..." Dave headed toward the next pillar.

Dave engaged in combat as soon as his cooldown were down.

Starting the fight again with [Immortal Apparition], he applied Fear Effect to the two Imps. One of them luckily fell right behind the pillar and into the lava pond, while the other was close enough. Dave used Stampede and smashed into him sending him flying over and with a plop, another enemy fell.

"This is fun," said Dave, but turning to see Samael, he was surprised with the number of corpses littering the place.

The Abyssal Knight was a monster in his own rights, hundreds of bodies littered the place as he swung his dagger around cutting limbs and heads with astonishing speed.

The abyssal Knight Danced a dance of death, with every swing monsters will be dismembered, or instantly killed if they were too low level.

A gargoyle attacked from Samael's blind spot, but the Abyssal Knight didn't bother turning to face it, as he shoved his weaponless hand into the body of a Blood-Worm and smacked the gargoyle along with dozen other monsters sending them tumbling across the ground.

Some unlucky ones fell into the magma pond and burnt to ash in seconds.

"Well, he is doing alright." Said Dave and looked at the next pillar. Three imps...

"This is going to be more and more difficult,"

Waiting a moment for the cooldown to reset, Dave went to face the three imps, but they have spread too far away for him to use the same strategy.

'Kite them!' Dave thought

"Hey scrubs," said Dave, to which the three imps squawked in an awful voice and rushed to meet Dave.

Dave used [Sword Lung] penetrating all three Imps




The Skill deals less subsequent damage to every enemy it hits but that didn't bother Dave. This way the three imps were close enough for him to use [Immortal Apparition] and fearing two imps into the pond while another Imp somehow ran to the opposite direction even further away from the pond.

"Ah this is going to suck..." said Dave as he followed the imp trying to leech him back into the pond.

After another try, Dave managed to push the Imp with a stampede into the pond.

'Thankfully, the pond Insta-kills them, if I slowly wither them down they will certainly use [Call for help] and god knows how many monsters will come my way then.'

Dave continued on with his tactic, Waiting for cooldown and using the fear effect from [Immortal Apparition] to push the imps into the pond.

Some of the times it became tricky to get all the imps aligned, and this almost cost Dave his life as the groups of enemies became too man to handle.

"12 pillars down, eight more to go," Dave found his situation to be grimmer and grimmer as enemies became more after every pillar.

Looking once again back at Samael, he was doing alright, defeating foes left and right without breaking a sweat.

'Damn, he is strong enough to handle that many enemies, he could have done this himself' grunted Dave.

Then an earth-shaking roar issued and the pond of magma opened up revealing a monstrosity beyond description

A creature made of stone emerged from underneath the magma-bed. It crashed both its arms on the platform where Samael was fighting and roared quacking the cave and making some stone stalactites fall in the pond and on some unlucky Demons.

The creature had a wide jaw, but no eyes or ears, and at the front, there was a twitching nose, he sniffed around, it 'found' Samael, and rushed out of the pond toward him.

Sworn Stalwarter

Level 620

Tier (Ethereal)

Alignment [Demonic]

Danger Level ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠




Skills ???

A creature of the depth, bound to serve the Ash-King as a slave and protector.

These creatures feed on magma and are immune to fire, in their presence, heat in the area increases to an alarming rate inducing DOT of 500HP/second

"Holy shit! This thing is way too op!"