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97 The Mines

 Dave cursed under his breath as he didn't like heights and followed Samael.

The Abyssal knight made the jump look easy, but the moment Dave dropped, he felt his heart at his throat and with a sickening snap of bones Dave landed and both his legs broke.

You received 10 000 Fall Damage

Crippled! 20 seconds

Holding thousands of profanities, Dave looked at the strange shape of his legs. He thanked the system for lowering the pain he was currently feeling, but the numbing sensation in his legs made it feel uncomfortable.

"Huh, your agility is too low, you should work on your speed and dexterity to manage jumps from heights like these without suffering much damage. If you roll right after you fall you can be able to lessen the fall damage too"

Passive Skill learned, Fall reduction.

Your character will passively roll whenever you do a drop jump of more than 10 meters, reducing the damage taken by the fall-damage by 50%

Sweet, that is a free skill.

Dave corrected his twisted legs and they healed at an observable rate.

Once Dave's legs were functioning again, he walked up and hid near the Abyssal knight.

"You see those pillars there," said the lord.

Dave looked and saw that about twenty giant pillars held the cave they were in. There were several workers excavating minerals near the pillars.


Level 80

Damage 1000-1200

HP 40 000

DN 200

MA 1500

Skills [Rock Toss] the imp hurls a rock at a target dealing 200% attack damage on impact.

[Impale] the Imp jumps with their spears dealing 150% damage to a target and bleeding them for 50% of the damage dealt

[Call for Help] Once the imp's HP reaches critical level they will shout to their allies for help. Increasing the target's Aggro by 500%

Mindless Slaves of the Demonic faction, the lowest ranks of demons and the most numerous

Dave went back inspecting the pillars and said to Samael

"Yes, what about them," said Dave.

"This cave is a mining area for the demonic faction. And it also acts as a funnel for the demons and they can gather their troops easily near our borders. If we take down this cave, we can cut the route to their advance and halt their supplies, while Delvina can take down the attackers that are trying to siege the Undead Frontier," The Abyssal Knight explained

"So a Sabotage mission?"

"Indeed, I will be creating a commotion, and I need you to take down the pillars as fast as you can, use this," said lord Samael as he handed Dave twenty black orbs.

Destroyer's Frozen Soul

A soul of the ancient Destroyer race, an explosive material that can destroy terrain.

"Plant these at the base of the pillars, once your task is completed, get back here as fast as you can, you must not uncover yourself, otherwise the enemy might send someone to take you down." The abyssal Knight said and walked out to meet the enemy.

"COME FORTH AND MEET YOUR MAKER FILTHY DEMONS!" roared the Abyssal Knight, his voice loud enough that it vibrated throughout the cave quacking it.

Dave ran toward the closest Pillar, while hundreds of demons rushed from all over the place to fight the Abyssal Knight. Imps and gargoyles even a strange worm that erupted from underground to attack the Abyssal Knight.

Dave was tempted to use [Spectral-Skull] to secure some supporter's EXP but decided otherwise. There was no need for him to increase his agro, lest some of the Demons take him as a threat.

Once Dave got the first pillar, there was a single Imp still mining near it, not caring for all the commotion happening.

The imp turned around and saw Dave staring at him indecisively.

With a squeak, the imp rushed toward Dave pulling his spear and charging at the Draugr.

"Alright then!" said Dave as he readied himself for a fight...