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96 Abyssal Knight Samael

 Level UP

Another Shadow-Tiger fell at one of the two Death Knights' feet.

"What a great Grinding spot!" Dave said as he scurried gathering the drops from the fallen foe.

He was already Level 122 as he slew his tenth Shadow-Tiger.

"The drops decreased in quantity a lot, still it's a good XP area, Alright Boyz, let's move on," said Dave as he tasked the remaining troops to follow the Dunlords.

Dave decided to recall all the Dunlords that were scouting the way for him and use them as aid, in taking down the lonesome Shadow-Tigers that are prowling in hidings in the Cliff area.

After having lost a good number of his low-level Undead, Dave deemed it inefficient to continue like this. So he used the Dunlords to tank for his low-level group, while he let the two death knights take the damage dealing role.

Thought the Dunlords were level 350, the level difference decreased their damage to the Tigers significantly, but the scorpion-men had a huge HP bar, so they could still tank the tigers easily and let the Heavy Hitters damage do their job.

After slaying this last tiger, Dave managed to complete a full Rune-Set of the Shadow-Tiger. An agility school type of runes.

But sadly, the corpses of the Tigers no longer had an effect on his Ghouls so they went to waste.

Dave checked his marker, following it, he should find the Abyssal Knight Samael. And it was close.

Once the party moved a few hundred meters in the gloomy cliff, they saw a strange scene.

Hundreds of bodies and remains of carcasses littered the place. They were bodies of shadow-Tigers, gargoyles and a strange type of monsters that Dave never saw before.

In the middle of the small mountain made of corpses, a man sat atop, munching on a piece of meat.

The moment Dave noticed the man the person disappeared.

Dave felt a cold edge under his neck, it was a cold and long black curved Dagger.

"What are you doing here? Too far from home. A spy?" said the man with a cold an emotionless voice.

Dave took a long breath and answered calmly.

"No, I am here on orders to look for Lord Samael."

"For what reason?"

"I am afraid I cannot tell you unless you reveal your identity," said Dave as the person was behind him and he never got the chance to inspect him.

"What if I refuse?" said the person

"Then Death is a much better option than speaking further," said Dave as he used [Vertical Slash] to get away from the person and prepare for a fight.

Dave had a hunch that the person that held the dagger was actually Lord Samael, but he needed to play his role as a soldier, never expose his mission's details to anyone if they do not reveal their identity.

"Everyone! Ready up!" said Dave, but his retinue didn't move a muscle.

"Ho? Your subordinates know better than to fight me," said the stranger.

The stranger had an amazing body build. He wore a long coat and long shorts, as he wore nothing under the coat, his chest showed a perfectly shredded body. With muscles in the right places, not too buffed and not too skinny, he had an unhealthy gray looking skin color.

Dave inspected the man.

Cannot Inspect!


"Bud! Spark!" shouted Dave to his closest undead.

The two undead began staggering as they moved, almost as if they held the world's weight behind their back, but they still got closer to Dave.

"Interesting, such loyalty, to be able to disregard my Authority, and still come to your aid...I am the one you seek, young Draugr, what is it that you need?"

Dave sighed, and a new window appeared before him

You have been given permission to Inspect your target

Samael The Voracious

Tier (Ethereal)

Rank: Abyssal Knight

Danger Level: Friendly





A being representing the top evolution of a ghoul, voracious and forever hungry, a creature of madness and greed. However, Samael overcame the mindlessness of such horrid behaviors and overcame his nature, a pure ghoul of the highest ranks.

He was granted a special ability due to his nature

For that I feast not only on flesh, but also on your inner fears.

[Passive] Massive increase to Fear inducing effects facing hostile enemies

'So you are Abyssal Knight Samael, forgive me for my behavior," Said Dave, trying to sound sincere.

"Off with the pretenses," scuffed the Abyssal Knight "I wouldn't be that polite if I had a blade under my throat, now speak your say."

Dave grabbed the plate that Delvina gave him and handed it to the Abyssal Knight.

Samael inspected it, and his brows furrowed. He gave Dave an inspecting look and said

"That vixen, she is giving you a lot of face, are you up to the task?" said the Knight.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Dave said with a shrug.

"Follow me," The Abyssal Knight said and headed to the nearest cliff-wall.

Dave followed behind and his retinue remained in place

"Can I have control back on my troops?" asked Dave.

"No, we need to do this quietly, let them guard our escape route,' Said the Abyssal Knight as he struck the cliff with a swift kick destroying a huge portion of it and uncovering a most amazing sight.

The cliff hid an underground area, a magmatic workstation of sorts. As enormous carts filled to the brim with mining materials, rocks and shiny objects. There were hundreds of creatures pulling the carts and others mining the caves.

Once the rocks destroyed by Samael made an impact to the ground, the creatures that were working turned to look at the source of the clamor.

Dave thought to himself, 'and he said he wanted to do this quietly!'

However, against his expectations, no one minded their presence, not even caring about the huge hole created by Samael's kick.

"Don't fret, they can't see us, Now jump," he said and jumped a twenty meters drop and landed near a gathering of minerals hidden from the workers.