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93 Demonic Shadow Tiger.

 Dave left the Undead Frontier area and headed to the north.

The mountain where Dave was at had a huge lake surrounding it. the Guildies needed to use boats to reach the mountain shore. On the other side of the mountain, however, a huge stone bridge linked the mountain foot to the far distant shore, crossing the lake.

Dave and his 122 followers made their way through the stone bridge. Carefully striding their way to the other side.

Dave was on high alert, the monsters in the lake were too high level for him alone, even with the two death knights, it would not be easy if they get surrounded by the two-headed snakes that dwell in the dirtied lake waters.

The Dunlords were a huge comfort to his mind. There were ten of them, and they looked like emotionless killing machines, their faces hidden in a cowl and their claws snapping occasionally.

These monstrosities, thought large, walked in utter silence, as their foot didn't make a sound even if they were walking on the stone bridge.

They had a huge body build that dwarfed Dave who walked right behind them.

It took the party almost 30 minutes for them to reach the shore and head to where Delvina marked Dave's map.

In the far distance, Dave saw a formation of rocks and large hills creating a valley of stone.

"We need to cross from here," Dave muttered.

"Dunlords, scout ahead," ordered Dave, and the party of ten scorpion men instantly dove underground.

Even if the earth was a mix of dirt and rocks, they dove in like if it was made of water, not leaving a trace behind them.

The scorpion men rushed forward like small hills dispersing in the distance.

"Let's go," said Dave as he slowly made his way after two Scorpion men who got into the valley of rocks.

The battalion followed Dave in silence.

"This...does not smell right...boss" the hoarse voice of Dave's favorite ghoul spoke.

"What is it, Bud?" Dave asked

"It those Demons... only more wretched...Boss, this place is dangerous" he said yet at the same time he walked before Dave. Acting as a bodyguard.

"Thanks, Bud, if it's too dangerous we will have to think of another way to get in."

Dave didn't worry much about it. after all, he had two level 400 Death Knights for company and they could help him block off any monsters, as long as they didn't reach the Mythic Tier, he could still survive. Also, he had the new Skill Unyielding, obtained after surviving the assault at the Undead Frontier.

The skill enabled him to survive for 5 seconds after his HP reaches below 1%. This means he can never be One-Shotted.

5 seconds is enough for Dave to think of a way to get out of any mess.

Once they entered the stone valley, Dave looked up to see some aged veins and roots growing on the rocks. However, something like a shadow crossed his vision and disappeared instantly without Dave having a chance at inspecting it.

The two Dunlords that Dave was following soon came back, they erupted from the ground giving Dave a scare.

"The road is clear up ahead, Sir," one of them said.

Soon after, the remaining Dunlords came back, giving Dave the same information then went again to scout again.

Strange...the scouts say that there is nothing, but what the hell was that thing I saw?

Also, Bud is a ghoul and they have a powerful nose... it could smell the stench of demons.

Should I go back? The marker where Lord Samael is should be at the exit of this valley.

"Let's keep moving," Dave ordered.

Two Dunlords walked first, and right behind them, the two Death Knights Delvina gave to Dave walked each on his sides.

A loud growling sound rocked the area where the party moved and Dave became highly alerted.

"Everyone, be on your guard!"

A shadow jumped from the upper rocks of the valley and a beast of enormous size dropped in front of the party.

It was a tiger the size of a small hill, it towered over the party, and looked at them menacingly.

It was black in color and had several eyes on the side of his head.

The tiger exuded black smoke from his body, and began starfing the party while issuing low growls.

Dave inspected the beast.

Demonic Shadow Tiger

Tier: Epic

Danger Level ☠ ☠

Level 420

40,000-50,000 DMG

500 000Hp

35 000 DN

15 000 MA

A territorial Demonic monster that is highly aggressive toward those that invade his territory.

[Mawl] Deals 10% maximum Hp in Bleed Damage over 10 seconds

[Ravage] deals 200% basic damage to a single target

[Pounce] Jumps to a target area Dealing 50% attack damage in a 5X5meter area and applies stun effect.

[Shadow Escape] after reaching a certain amount of hp, the monster will prioritize escape.

"Good god this thing is strong. Everyone gather up, Death Knights flank it, Dunlords stay behind and only attack when the tiger decides to pounce on me," Dave back away.

We won't be of much use in this fight, the monster is several hundreds of level above me and my battalion, but the Dunlords and the death knights can take care of it. at the same time, I can use the battalion to harass him to assist the Damage dealers. And what the heck is up with that [Shadow Escape] skill?

Dave finished planning and ordered the attack.

One of the Death Knights used [Charge] and stunned the tiger, and immediately the second Death Knight attacked with its jagged greatsword on the left side of the beast.


[-11 223]

The Tiger howled in pain and swiped the Death Knight who wounded it.

[-12 333] a huge damage value appeared above the Death Knight, yet compared to its HP, it was not much.

The Monster Pounced at the backline and began ravaging the Undead.

Two of the casters instantly fell to its high Damage value, and a Dunlord immediately charged the Tiger grabbing it with its claws and smacking it right in the head with its poisonous Stinger.

Demonic Shadow Tiger has been Poisoned for 10 seconds

-800 HP/Sec

"Good!" Dave used [Spectral Bomb] and blew it up in the face of the Tiger.

It didn't deal damage, but secured the EXP for Dave and also staggered it, helping one of the Death Knights to deal an increased amount of damage.


The Tiger growled in defiance, but the combined attacks of all the undead soon brought most of its HP Down.

Most of the Damage came from the Death Knights, and the two Dunlords acted as good tanks to soak up the damage from the creature.

Dave's Party of casters only served one purpose, to use their magic to attack the death knights, Yes attack the death knights.

As Dave had tested before, the magic from his casters can actually heal the undead and damage the living. So, he used it to keep the death knights at almost full HP all the time.

The Tiger pounced several times after that, killing some of Dave's Undead and casters, to that Dave ordered them all to retreat, he didn't wish to lose more troops.

Once the tiger reached 20% HP it backed away and dived into a nearby wall.

"Damn!" cursed Dave as the Beast escaped.

Yet before he could relax, the shadow behind him exploded as the tiger emerged from under his feet and pounced at Dave pinning him to the ground.

[-55 222]

The maw of the creature opened wide and was about to rip Dave's head off...