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91 Never trust a Draugr.

 Dave couldn't keep a grin off his face after having played Bone Breaker and Stainless Steel. His acting skills were better than he thought.

Now, Stainless Steel and Bone Breaker are looking for the items Andre asked Dave to bring him in order to repair the Broken king's armor.

Dave left the Hall he stood at and hid in an inconspicuous chamber

There was no telling if a High level players might enter the Desolate Temple dungeon, and if one did, Dave might die. Only Bone Breaker and Stainless Steel believe that Dave is an 'invisible' boss.


TNT happened to pass where Dave was hidden when he heard them chatting.

"Thank god, just one more hour and we can leave."

"Stop being a whiny bitch, you should be thankful we are helping you with the church's quest,' grumbled Perfect Shot

"Mr. Skeletal is having lots of fun, his adventure in the underworld is the number one video, he could be making a killing right now if he shared his video feed to a TV company," said Human Fortress.

"Hold on a minute, what do you mean by that?" Dave's voice issued from the hidden room.

All three of them jumped in surprise.

"Holy crap dude! Can you please not do that!" Pussy Flanker was the first to recover.

Dave's massive draugr form emerged from the room and walked over to the three players.

"You said I could make a killing off my video feed. How would that work?" asked Dave.

Perfect Shot answered matter-of-factly, "Easy. You sign a contract with a media company willing to host your video feed, live or edited. They pay you for the exclusive content of your feed according to how popular it is. Your content is pretty unique so it's going to be very popular with the public and highly sought after by media companies, especially with all that Underworld stuff."

"How do you know all that?" asked Dave

"My family owns a media yeah," Perfect Shot shrugged.

Dave was stroking his beard, "I'll have to think about it. I might have some questions."

Perfect Shot sent his contact info to Dave, "Anytime, bro. My pops would love to sign you to a contract."

Dave checked his timer, "Stainless Steel and Bone Breaker are due back anytime now. You guys need to hide, or at least stay far away from where I am."

Wishing him luck they walked off deeper into the dungeon. The trio were gleeful at the thought of successfully taking the piss out of the two high level Players.

But Perfect Shot was grinning from ear to ear, Pussy-Flanker asked him why.

"Isn't it obvious? Mr.Skeletal, bro. He is an exclusive, hot commodity, if my family company can get a contract for his feed, we will make a killing. My father will be overjoyed when he hears the news!"

"Then you can pay for dinner tonight," said Human-Fortress.

Perfect Shot smiled and didn't say anything.

The three of them kept moving deeper into the dungeon, passing the remaining time in idle chatter or an occasional monster-slaying.

Dave was lost deep in thought about monetizing his exclusive footage of the Underworld.

He was the only one with access to the Underworld at the moment. Any footage that he released to the public would be incalculably helpful to the players that would eventually reach the Underworld.

Dave was in a bind financially, landing a contract would help him in his real life, Also he could treat his injuries then. When Dave makes it big, People like Anna his ex-girlfriend would have to think that maybe if she stayed with him, it might have been different.

Dave's daydreaming was interrupted by the sound of footsteps.

"Where is that weird boss! I told you it was a hoax!" the agitated voice of Stainless Steel came from the corridor.

"He has to be here! There is no way a quest giver would just disappear," Bone Breaker replied, desperately clinging to his last shred of hope.

"Maybe he was killed off," suggested Stainless Steel.

"No! I don't know why, but we are the only ones who can see the monster. Maybe it's because I had the Legacy quest."

"Death Stroke has the Legacy, maybe the boss already found him." Stainless Steel added more worries to Bone Breaker's basket.

"No, I don't think so. Death-Stroke didn't have the levels to take-on the boss. He hasn't logged in since the day he stole the Legacy. The Kill-Order I used on him has yet to notify me that it become active and its tracking Death-Stroke. Unless he logs back in, it will remain idle."

"Hang on! you used a Kill-Order on him? Then why the hell were we coming here every fucking day?!" Shouted Stainless Steel.

Bone Breaker stuttered before saying

"We are coming here to catch him if he logs in of course."

Stainless Steel face-palmed before saying "You ignorant twat! if you used a Kill Order you would have been notified the moment he logs back in, Then we chase after him, ALSO ARE YOU FUCKING OUT OF YOUR STINKING FUCKING MIND? WHAT IF SOMEONE ELSE KILLS DEATHSTROKE! you just fucking handed everyone in the game a free S Class Legacy ticket!"

"Oh fuck!"

Bone breaker's back went cold when he realized the blunder he made, then instantly went to check his options wanting to nullify the Kill-Order.

"What are you doing?" asked Stainless Steel

"I am removing the Kill-Order," replied Bone Breaker.

"No, Don't, keep it, but the moment you receive the notification that Death-Stroke is back online, you will have to remove the Kill-Order. This way he won't be sought after by others, and we will know that he is back online."

"It shouldn't matter anyway, all this we are doing" said Bone Breaker. "The boss said he can track the legacy, so it's obvious that even if Death-Stroke is offline there is a way for him to get it for us."

Stainless Steel pondered over the words of Bone Breaker and said "I hope what you say is true, if we don't get that damnable legacy because Death-Stroke there is only you to blame for making us waste so much time!"

By now the two of them just passed by the chamber where Dave was at, without them looking in it. so Dave could clearly hear that they actually used a Kill-Order on him.

One has to know, that once a kill-order was issued if the player was killed, the killer will get rewarded with the bounty issued by the instigator of the Kill-Order.

And this was an enticing feature since many players will be able to see the Kill-Order emblem high in the sky whenever anyone actually used it. and would be able to track and kill the hunted person wherever he goes.

The only disadvantage of the Kill-Order was the fact that if the hunted pray was not killed in a certain time period, he will actually be the one to receive the amount of the bounty issued on him plus an additional fee the longer he survives.

"Using a kill-order on a lowbie was a dumb decision," said Stainless Steel

"That was the only way, to find him" replied Bone Breaker.

"What if he never logs back in!" Stainless Steel said

"I don't know man! But didn't you hear the Boss says that he can track the legacy? It means that probably even without Death-Stroke logging back he can still find it. We just need to give him the items we bought to get the legacy. We will know by then." Bone Breaker said.

Dave noticed his mandatory 24 hours in-game was up, he could log-off whenever he wanted to.

Once the two players left the region where Dave was hiding, he decided to head toward the room where he met Bone Breaker and Stainless Steel and wait there.

After a few more minutes, the two of them came back, looks of disappointment on their face. But then they saw Dave standing in the middle of the room in the same position

They had passed by this place before but there was no one, and the moment the 16 hours of wait given by the 'boss' was up he appeared.

"You have finally arrived, you have what I asked you to bring," Dave spoke first.

"Yes, the five unicorn horns and 20 adamantine filaments.

Just twenty? Man adamantine filament sure is hard to find but am glad they at least found some. That thing is crazy rare!

Dave then brought out a strange amulet from his inventory and placed it on the ground. This was a level 60 amulet from the Dead-Realm.

Seeing the strange, intricately formed amulet, the players relaxed.

Both of them thinking, 'This is going to work.'.

"The materials you brought should barely be enough to initiate the ritual. Pass them over, if you have a god, pray to him to bless this endeavor and make it work."

Bone Breaker tried to initiate an exchange with the boss but only got an error message.


You cannot make an exchange with a hostile entity!

Caveat emptor, be careful who you trade with.

Damn it! Now the system is trying to screw me over!

When Bone Breaker saw the System notification he was bewildered.

"Do not give them to me, fool! Put them on the floor, I need to start the ritual!"

"Ah, my bad," Bone Breaker placed the items on the floor.

"I will conduct the ritual. You both have strong holy auras, it will affect the Death energy of this ritual, you need to stand clear of the ritual area by at least 30 meters away."

Dave exaggerated the distance he needed them to stand away from him, but the two players didn't notice anything.

The two players looked at each other, then went back, about thirty meters Dave then said.

"That is good enough."

Dave then locked on all the items, and with a single motion.


Do you wish to leave the;

Desolate Temple Dungeon?

Your guardian term has concluded.

You will suffer no penalty

The dungeon will award you EXP based on the time you remained active in it.


Dave pressed Yes, and in a blinding light, he disappeared, along with the items the two players brought him...