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88 A strange quest.

 "What are the requirements for your quest?" asked Dave, looking doubtfully at the TNT. His quest was an SSS tier quest, a game-changing event. One of the TNT getting a related quest was far beyond coincidence.

"The quest is to investigate this temple, it has a B rating, because the boss is level 250. But we came up with a strategy that...wait, you're the dungeon boss!" asked Perfect Shot.


"Hmm, maybe he'll drop the item if we kill-I mean if he dies," Pussy Flanker thought out loud, rather indiscreetly.

"I don't have it on me. And even if I did, I doubt the three of you could beat me," Dave laughed.

"Stop. No one is ganking anyone. Show us the quest info," said Perfect shot addressing Pussy Flanker.

Divine Undertaking

Investigate the ruins at the Desolate Temple near Moria city.

Mission Rating : B

Chain Quest

It is rumored that an old knight was imprisoned by the foul Undead-King in the Desolate temple, The knight was rumored to have obtained the breastplate of the Undead-King's armor before disappearing.

The church tasks you to find any information you can about the breastplate.

Hmm, so that means maybe Deadra had the chestpiece. But his chamber was destroyed, and I didn't see any bits of armor, breastplate or no, at the time.

"I don't see where the quest is telling us to kill the boss. Let's look around and see if we find anything." said Perfect Shot

"Hey you, do you know anything about this breastplate?" Dave turned to ask the Lesser Death Knight.

The death knight pondered a moment then shook his head saying, "No sir, I have spent a lot of time here and have not see anything of the sort. I would have reported it."

"Let's just look around first, we might discover something," said Dave as a thought flashed in his mind.

The group headed deeper into the dungeon, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Dave walked briskly, as if he had a goal in mind. Falling behind him the others hurried to catch up.

"Hey mate, you're skipping over a lot of ground there. Slow n steady wins the race." Fortress remarked.

"I know a likely place to look. Better to start with that than to waste time with a brute force search," said Dave.

They reached the boss-room where Dave had spawned earlier. The draugr boss beelined for a large sarcophagus.

The others looked around the room and noticed the rubble and debris blocking off the far wall.

"We should look in the mess over there," said Perfect Sot pointing at the stone rubble.

"No need, I think I found what we are looking for." Dave stood near an outsized sarcophagus, large chunks of black and red marble lay on the floor around it, the shattered pieces of the lid.

They all moved closer to look inside.

It was the same sarcophagus that Bone Breaker had retrieved the Ring of the Death God from.

Inside was a rolled parchment, but Dave was unable to pick it up.

"Can you share your quest with me?" Dave asked Pussy Flanker.

Trying to share the quest, Pussy Flanker received a notification:

You cannot share an alignment conditional quest with the opposing faction!

"Ah," Dave exclaimed.

"Just pick it up," Dave told Pussy Flanker.

"It's a letter," said Pussy Flanker after unrolling the scroll.

Alas, I have failed.

I have tried but was not able to kill the king. I was not able to wound him even with the Death God's blessing. The relic was just too powerful. The power of the Death Heart gives him immortality, not even death herself can kill him.

But all is not lost. We have stolen several pieces of his armor, crippling his power to an extent. If you seek his downfall, you will not find it here. Find the order of the Black-Skull, they guard what you seek.

The Black-Skull Order are acolytes of a hidden deity, they were once members of the Undead Legion, however, they betrayed our king and joined a loathsome cult. They thrive on creating carnage and destruction among the dead and the living.

The members of the order loathe the Undead. Despite that, their aide will not come freely. The-Black Skull Order are a vile group, but they will still assist you once you prove to be of use to them. Do not trust them!

The members of the order hide themselves well. All I found is that they are based somewhere in the southern desert.

By my hand,

Deadra the fallen knight

Interesting backstory.

A Call for Help (Chain quest)

Quest update!

You have information regarding the possible whereabouts of the Black Skull Order, speak to Drahma for further information.

+100,000 EXP

Your EXP is deferred until you finish the Dungeon Boss mission.

Good, this should give me some info about the quest Drahma gave me.

"I don't understand. Who the heck is this Deadra?" asked Pussy Flanker "Is this his tomb?" he said pointing at the sarcophagus.

Dave didn't think so. Deadra was over five meters tall, the sarcophagus was normal size. Not to mention Deadra had never rested in one, he faded into nothingness after being killed by the Undead King in the hidden chamber.

Dave didn't share his knowledge with TNT, they needed to figure things out themselves.

"You can just go back and talk to the bishop who gave you the mission," said Perfect Shot.

"Yeah, I should probably do that,"

"So what do we do now?"Pussy Flanker looked at Dave.

"Well, none of us can leave the game for 24 hours, and I'm stuck as the boss of the dungeon for the duration,"

"He is not going to do anything to us? This is abduction!" said Pussy Flanker as he backed away from Dave.

"Shut up will ya, it's only 24 game hours. I was supposed to meet Tess IRL a couple hours from now, y' don't hear me whinging. We can farm some EXP, smash up some skeletons," said Human Fortress.

"What if I need to take a piss!" whined Pussy Flanker.

"Don't even try that, Flank. You're hooked up to tubes like an astronaut in your V2 capsule. I know you're good to stay logged for the next 72 hours," scolded Human Fortress.

"V2 capsule? What's that?" said Dave

"It's the new full immersion VR game pod, instead a helmet it's an enclosed capsule you lie down in. Cool stuff, just came out on the market. Costs a pretty penny too," said Perfect Shot.

"How pretty?" Dave asked.

"Well, you could buy a small house for the base price," Perfect supplied.

"Yeah, I had to save up my trust-fund allowance for three months to pay for mine. Pops wouldn't spring for it," Pussy Flanker anguished.

One month of his allowance is more than years salary at my old job. Huh, another richie, like Lone. I keep running into these brats.

"Enough of that let's go EXP." Fortress said impatiently.

"You guys can just fight all the mobs on your way back to the entrance. I won't get in the way of your EXP even though they are my undead peeps," Dave magnanimously told the trio.

"Ok, let's start by checking the corridors we skipped, maybe we'll find something interesting," said Perfect Shot. He led the other two out of the boss room.

Dave pondered joining them for a moment but dismissed the idea. It just wouldn't feel right fighting against other Undead.

I'm better off fighting any players that enter the dungeon. Chances are they won't recognize me as Mr. Skeletal, so I should be okay, and if things do get dicey I'll just pay the 10,000 CP to cancel the mission and boogey out.

Dave strode toward the dungeon gate and waited for any unfortunate souls that tried to farm his dungeon.