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87 Contract.

 "So, what are you guys doing in this particular dungeon?" asked Dave, stroking his beard.

"You aren't gonna kill us?" asked Pussy Flanker in reply.

"Not right now, anyway," Dave said with a sly smile.

"Don't kill later either, bro. I'll be your friend...," Fortress promised insincerely.

Dave rolled his eyes, "Look, what made you guys come to this specific dungeon?"

"We were helping this guy on a quest," said Perfect Shot, pointing at Pussy Flanker. "The bishop in Capital City asked him to investigate the Desolate Temple. So here we are."

"That is strange. Why this dungeon of all places and at this time too." Dave spoke pensively.

"I just got the quest half an hour ago, so I texted my homies to meet-up at the dungeon entrance. But man we didn't expect to meet you here."

Half an hour ago? That's about the same time I accepted the boss mission. Is the game AI doing this?

Perfect Shot interrupted Dave's musings, "The whole game server is looking for you, bro." .

'Ah shit, the million dollar bounty on my head! I'm toast if they tell anyone I am here. I should just kill them and be done with it.'

The hunter continued, "But we aren't going to tell anyone you are here..." Perfect Shot turned to his two friends and added, "...right bros?"

"Right! Wait, we aren't gonna turn him in for the gold?" Human Fortress scratched his helmeted head again.

Perfect Shot looked right at Dave and said to his two friends: "Nope, we aren't. We need him."

"HUH?!" came from Fortress.

"Nooooo dude. What for?" wailed the priest.

"Yes, I'm curious too. What do you think you you need me for and why?" asked Dave.

"It's simple. I admit, the bounty for informing on your location is tempting. But I figure, since you are doing quests for the Undead, and are Undead yourself, you have a way into and out of the Underworld. Get us access to the Underworld so we can level and loot, and we will keep your secrets. We'll even give you a percentage of whatever we get from the Underworld."

This guy's smart, he's thinking long-term. The bounties the guilds are offering ARE generous, but they're insignificant compared to the loot potential of the Underworld.

"Hmm. That's low, man. In fact it's outright extortion. And even if what you think were true, there's one small problem with your plan. The way to the Underworld is only available to the Undead, and there is only one Undead Player in the game. So you can't get to the Underworld that way," Dave concluded with a smug smile.

Perfect Shot looked at him quizzically, then grinned, shaking his head. "All you have to do is get us some teleportation scrolls for the Underworld, dude."

Dave stared at the hunter with his mouth hanging open, he'd been set to shoot the idea down. He closed it with a 'clack' sound. He couldn't shoot it down though, instead felt like an idiot.

'D'ohhh! Why didn't I think of that! I can even help Lone get to the Underworld the same way.'

"Okay, that's...actually possible. But the moment you arrive at the Underworld teleport gate, you will be killed by the Undead."

"Well that's where we really need you. You will go with us and escort us to make sure we pass through safely. That's when we rely on you for OUR lives, it's a mutual trust thing, bro."

Dave thought about it, but didn't see any glaring weaknesses in the Hunter's logic. He knew that even though his own risk was much greater in the bargain he could rely on the three's inner greed-monsters to keep them honest.

"Alright. That might work. Now we just have to figure out my percentage," Dave rubbed his hands together, greed glinting in his draugr eyes.

"Ehh, he agreed too easily." Pussy Flanker was skeptical of the whole thing.

Nodding sagaciously, Fortress gurgled "It's a trap!"

I guess me blowing up a spectral skull right in his ugly mug doesn't make him feel hearts and rainbows for me.

"Not really, 'D Duo.' The more I think about it the more it makes sense from a practical point of view. The Underworld is huge, having a few extra bodies to help me explore it is a good thing. Not to mention the extra hands to grab up more loot and make my piece of the pie bigger. Unfortunately, right now you guys are way too low-leveled for the Underworld."

"But you managed just fine down there-"

Dave interrupted to save himself from listening to more nonsense, "There were special circumstances. And I had help from a Greater Undead. It is not a repeatable feat."

'Hmph. As if these jokers could duplicate our epic journey through the raid zone.'

"But even if we did this, I don't trust you. Say I did help you reach the Underworld. You could still report my position for the reward any time."

Perfect Shot nodded but spoke confidently, "I see your point, but I have the solution. ALFRED!"

The butler AI appeared between the two groups, the living and the Undead.

"How may I be of service?" the butler AI asked Perfect Shot after shooting an ambiguous look at Dave.

"We want to make a contract," said Perfect shot.

Alfred responded by waving a hand, conjuring quill and glowing parchment.

"What will the terms be?" the phlegmatic AI-butler asked, quill poised over parchment.

"We wish to make a partnership with, uhhh...what is your name?" Perfect Shot asked Dave.

"Hmm. Alfred, is my character's name required for the contract?" Dave questioned the AI.

"If you wish to sign a contract, a name must be used. As you are currently in Undead form, you may use your current name to sign the contract. Violating the terms of the contract will have the same repercussions for your original character."

"Alright, use Kis'Shtingbrah then," said Dave

Perfect Shot nodded, "Okay the three of us will not divulge the current location or any other information about Kish-Kis'tingbrah, ahh HIM," Perfect shot pointed at the draugr, "for the purpose of profit until we mutually agree to dissolve the contract. In return he will supply us with teleport scrolls to teleport to the Underworld and escort us safely through the Undead so that we can explore and gather resources in the area and anywhere else we can reach from that location. In return we will give him 20% of the gold or item value in gold of any and everything that we obtain in the Underworld and other locations. If he participates in exploring and gathering he is entitled to an equal share of the gold and resources we gather during the duration that he participates."

Dave spoke to Alfred, "I have terms to add also. I will only give them the teleportation scrolls when they have all gotten to level 200 or higher. The scrolls they receive from me will only be used by the three in the contract, the scrolls cannot be sold or used by anyone else, unless I give my consent. I will give them the first three scrolls, after that they will purchase the scrolls from me at a cost of 500 gold per scroll. Lastly, I will get 30% of their loot from the Underworld and have the right to participate in any quests that they find," said Dave.

Human fortress protested, "Now you're being greedy, man! That's a hundred times what a teleport scroll normally costs!"

"The scrolls are your opportunity to level and gather loot not available anywhere else in conquest. You will eventually understand how valuable the scrolls really are," said Dave.

"We agree to the terms," Perfect Shot spoke over the brewing argument.

Perfect Shot got a PM from Pussy Flanker, 'Bro, we are giving up way too much. This dick-knob is trying to take advantage of us, changing the percentage from what we agreed on!'

'Don't worry, these terms are still great for us, I was actually worried he would want more.'

'We will benefit a lot from this. Access to the unexplored region will mean more adventure, better quests, and badder monsters.'

'The 1M that the guilds are offering, isn't worth a fart compared to the value of the resources, EXP and items we will get in the Underworld.'

Alfred spoke in officious tones, "These are the terms and the consequences of violating the terms:

"If any one of the three of you communicate in any way the current or future location of Kis'Shtingbrah to any player, the accounts of all three of you will be terminated. Intentional non-disclosure of items and resources recovered in the Underworld will have the same penalty. The same penalty applies to Kis'Shtingbrah if he does not fulfill the conditions as written in the contract. Providing the three players, Pussy-Flanker Human Fortress, Perfect Shot, with the first three scrolls to teleport to the Raid Zone for free, and the rest at the agreed upon price. In the event of a difference in interpretation of the contract or a dispute between parties you will summon me as arbiter, my decisions and judgments regarding any and all disputes will be final and irrevocable. Please note, that if an account is terminated, the game will permanently ban you from access to Conquest.

The four contractors will remain in-game and in this general location for the next 24 hours of game time to ensure the contract is adhered to."

Dave reviewed the contract.

"Do you agree to the terms?" asked the butler.

"We do," said Perfect Shot and signed his name.

The other two players looked at each other, then shrugged and signed the contract.

Dave scrawled his signature last and a notification popped up in front of him

You are bound by contract with the Players:


Perfect Shot

Human Fortress

Please follow the terms and conditions as laid out in the contract. Any violations will result in your account being terminated!

Alfred handed each of them a copy of the contract then winked out.

"What is the quest you guys came here for?" asked Dave.

"Oh, we are here to look for some Undead-king's breastplate," said Pussy-Flanker.

Main Quest Update! (Quest difficulty SSS)

You obtained information about the armor set of the Undead-King! You have found a lead to the breastplate.

"Wait, what?"

'How are these three jokers involved in my main-quest line?'