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73 Vs the world!

 Dave started searching all over for Lone Arrow. He never added her to his friend list, otherwise, he could have just sent her a private message asking about her location.

Entering deep within the temple, he noticed two women casually sitting on a stone bench, chatting happily.

Dave heaved a sigh of relief, knowing that the undead did not 'eat' Lone Arrow and actually chatted with her.

Dave interrupted the chat of the two women, addressing Lone.

"Big problems," he said.

"I know, I heard from my friend that more than 30,000 people are coming our way," she calmly said.

"There is still an hour and so before the timer on the second area is opened. They will have ample time to get here, we should probably log out," said Dave.

Logging out is the best way to avoid the conflict altogether, although Dave will miss on many opportunities in the Underworld, without Drahma's Help, he has no will to remain here. Staying will be counterproductive if he dies and screws up his Legacy quest.

"I have been talking to this elven lady here, and I know of your predicament, to tell you the truth, that is the least of your worries," Said Delvina

"What do you mean?" asked Dave not knowing what she meant by her statement.

"The Undead King could only send in this batch of undead to hold the first level. In waiting for reinforcements, we need to hold the fort. If you are to walk away from this place, it will be deemed treason,"

Conquest Server Announcement!

Special Quest!

Rank S

The Undead-King's forces are on their way!

Hold the fort and defend it from the invading players.

Death will foil your Legacy questline!

Escaping/Logging out for more than 10 minutes (real world time) will foil your legacy questline, and turn your relationship with the undead to: Hostile

You Must survive within the mountain area for 4 hours!

All kills on enemy invading players have their contribution point reward trippeled!

Special reward for completing the quest!

Dave was annoyed; this was clearly the game forcing his hand hidden under the guise of a special reward.

"Wow!" said Lone Arrow

"What is it?" asked Dave

"I just received a global quest. Taking down the first raid-zone before 4 hours will award players many benefits. And look here"

Said lone Arrow as she showed him a picture of a Draugr.

It was Dave, and under the poster of Dave, a single line was written.

"Special Target, Eliminating this Drauger will award the killer with +5 levels 25 000 Gold and unique skill [Undead-Bane sunder!]

"FUCKING HELLL! Now am tempted to kill myself, holy shit that is not fair!"

"Euh, that is not the problem, everyone in the whole conquest world is after you, and this just reconfirmed it. Killing you is a free ticket to be famous. But man, you are not even level 100, and having the whole server after you... that is indeed unfair," said Lone arrow after a chuckle.

ALBERT!" shouted Dave at the top of his lungs.

An old butler appeared before Dave.

"Now how is this fair!" said Dave shouting at the butler.

The butler already aware of what happened spoke calmly saying

"You have used the aid of a powerful creature to open the underworld and delve deep into it, not only that the very fact that you are the only undead-related character has brought many unwanted changes.

Your very existence is making several core changes to the game world. So I decided to eliminate your presence, however, I will not be so tactless to not give you a fighting chance. Everything is within the human scope of ability, you have a chance to survive the onslaught coming your way," Said the butler.

Dave gave a deep sigh, then began stroking his beard.

Looking back at the butler he asked

"There is no way I will be of much impact in this fight, I can't escape and I can't fight. It's like being led to the slaughter..."

"Who said you can't fight?" said Delvina who Dave seemed to have forgotten about.

"My level is too low," replied Dave

"Your aura? That is of little consequences. I have several underlings that are far stronger than me, and you don't see me complaining about my inability to fight."

Dave remembered his platoon and felt remorseful at having lost them. Still, they are too weak to be of help.

"I can give you a portion of the undead under me for you to command," said Delvina as a small window popped up before Dave

He had more than 20 000 undead!

Holy shit! There are so many of them! 20 death knights too!

Many of the death-knights were level between level 450 and 400, although it looked amazing, compared to the huge group coming their way, it was nothing much.

Dave knew that the three super-guild sent in the best of the best. So these 20 death-knights under him are a good way to help him remain alive for some time, but to last four hours of assault. That would be far-fetched.

"Hmm, currently this place is considered a part of the Dead-Realm," said the butler fixing his glaces.

Then with a wave of his hand, a tear in space opened up and a small shop emerged right outside the temple.

"This is so that you could use your contribution points before the fight. Your underlings can also be summoned here, and you can upgrade your gear, you can also challenge the rankings and level up your undead rank." Said the butler disappearing in thin air.

"Aw yis!" cried Dave

He had longed to go back to the Dead-Realm, seeing the more than 55 000 contribution points waiting to be spent.

Dave immediately went to the shop-owner who had a ragged looking appearance; he gave a smile showing his rotten and black teeth to Dave, but his expressions changed to that of shock.

"Where did you get that!" said the shop owner as an item flew out from Dave's inventory and into the shop-owner's hand. A broken helmet.

Dave dropped the broken-helmet when he assisted in killing the first Raid-Zone's boss.

"I received it after killing a powerful fiend, why do you ask?" said Dave

The helmet had a quest attached to it, so, Dave pressed with his question trying to initiate the quest.

"Will you be willing to sell it for me? I can give you a thousand contribution point for it!"

Dave didn't think that an item named with the Undead-king's name would only fetch a measly 1000 contribution point.

"HOW DARE YOU!" shouted Delvina rushing out from within the temple.

The helmet flew from the shop-owner's hand and into her hands. she gave it a good look and threw it back at Dave.

"Don't you dare lose this! If you ever reach the Death-Knight's level, you should find Andre the blacksmith and ask him about this," she said she turned around and gave an angry look at the shop owner, "As for you, you must be dying to see the Gallows!"


Reforged Anew!

Find the Undead blacksmith Andre and ask him about the origin of the broken helmet.

"No my lady! I just didn't think that this kid knew the value of such a thing, I swear!" said the man feigning innocence.

Dave understood that the NPC almost scammed him. Thankfully, he had the boss on his side. But now was hesitant to buy anything from the doubtful shop-owner.

"Ah don't worry about that my friend, I just wanted to take that item off your hands, I didn't know you were friends of Lady Delvina! How about this I am willing to give you a 30% discount on the first three items you purchase from me!" he said looking back at Dave with that same irksome smile

"Show me what you have," said Dave not wanting to waste more time. An army slowly made their way toward them after all.

The first items that interested Dave were the EXP bottles, once again there were only three, but they looked of a higher tier than the ones he drank last time, especially due to their price.

700 contribution-point each.

Dave bought three and drank them all.

Leveling up would surround the player with a glowing halo, and once Lone saw that she said

"Hey! That is cheating!"

"Benefits of being an ugly draugr!" replied Dave.

"Finally level 100!"

Indeed the potions' potency was enough to level Dave from his 80s to level 100.

This should do

Dave opened his Dead-Realm management panel and looked at his battalion leader. He was level 120. 20 levels more than Dave, but Dave knew that it would not be a problem to defeat him 1v1.

Right before he started the fight, Dave remembered that he still needed to buy the full set of the Black Knight Order. He will be able to use the set-effects, and now with more contribution-points, he can be more at ease with his level on par with his equipment.

Right below the command panel, he noticed another thing...

There was a whole tree of specs, not for him, but for his underlings.

"I can even choose their class orientation now! Holy crap, they can also be equipped!" said Dave as he noticed that there was an option to equip the undead under him.

"Hmm, at least now my old equipment won't have to be sold. I should have enough cash from lone arrow selling my share from the diamonds so am not that tight on cash, I better buy some sweets for the boyz!"

Said Dave as he madly browsed the shop-owner's items...