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72 A contract!

 Outside the Dark Threading Dungeon, six people met in the middle of three armies.

They were the leaders and right hands of each of the three super-Guilds.

The Devastators with Warlord and Mr. Valentine.

Zhang Shi, leader of the Chinese Super guild Blood-Rage; wearing crimson leather drabs with a long katana strapped to his waist. His right hand was a female hunter wearing a dark green light robe.

Wan Yi, Leader of the Korean guild Heaven's Dawn. A Berserker.

A battle-ax was looming over his shoulder, adorned with golden marks. Next, to him, a priest wearing a gray robe, and staff that hummed now and then.

"What brought you all here? This is my territory, or is it that you wish to start a fight?" said Warlord.

"There is no need to beat around the bush; we are all here for the Underworld." Spoke Wan Yi.

As a leader of an entire super-guild, he needed to make his stance is firm. He will not back down without gaining admission to the Underworld even if the situation turns to a fall-out with the Devastator guild.

"No need to be so hasty," interrupted Zhang Shi, a smile plastered on his face.

"We know that this is the Devastator's territory and we will not be so tactless to barge in without proper compensation. Let us in, and the access to the Crimson Monastery dungeon will be yours for two months, free of charge," he added.

The Crimson Monastery was a good EXP dungeon for players of level 300-400. With that dungeon, Blood Rage guild became the super-guild with the highest average Player-Level.

The priest next to the leader of Heaven's Dawn interjected, adding another favorable term to the devastators.

"We can offer one-month mining rights in the Novigar Mining fields to the Devastators."

Warlord almost accepted the terms, as they were too good!

Just two months access to the Crimson Monastery Dungeon is enough to help many of his guild members reach higher levels. Not to mention the vast amount of resources that can be excavated from the Novigar Mining Fields.

Yet before Warlord could accept the terms, Valentine stopped him saying

"Four months, access to the Crimson monastery and the right to solo mine the Bristle Field of the Novigar mining Fields."

Wan Yi, as the leader of the Heaven's Dawn, Walked forward threateningly

"You sure want to take a mile when given an inch!"

"We make the terms here, either you accept or you can just be on your way," coolly replied Valentine.

"You Devastators always think so highly of yourselves! You think that both Heaven's Dawn and Blood Rage can't breakthrough your pitiful defense line?" bellowed Wan Yi.

"First of all, there is no guarantee that the Blood Rage would assist you in your idiotic attempt at taking the defensive perimeter down. Secondly, even if the two of you combine forces, you will still not be able to enter the dungeon in three days. We have enough manpower to push you back, and the home ground advantage," shrugged Valentine.

The home ground advantage of the Devastators was simply too advantageous, where the players of the Devastators could revive close to the Dark Threading Dungeon, they can come back and resume the fortification, but as for the players from the other regions, they will be spawned all the way back to their region.

However, an all-out war is something no one wishes for, not only will it deplete the forces of all the parties; it will also make clearing the Raid-Zone much more difficult.

If the Devastators were to fight the two guilds, even with the home-ground advantage, they will not be able to send the more powerful players into the dungeon. Those powerhouses are indispensable to defend the Dungeon.

At that point, everyone will lose, due to the limited time frame of the dungeon. The best way was to compromise.

The Devastators will still gain a good deal out of this, but the other two guilds will not lose out much, especially after finding out that the territory in the Underworld can be captured.

Valentine took the lead in adding a note

"We will only choose 10 000 of every guild to enter the underworld, nothing more, every guild will have to respect this quota of players."

"Why?" hollered the Heaven's Dawn leader Wan Yi.

"It is understandable," said his right-hand man.

"We also agree," said Blood Rage Leader Zhang Shi.

Warlord sent Valentine a Privat Message

"Why did you limit the number of entry?" said Warlord

"This is to keep them in check if we send in more they will demand to send more. We can't afford them turning on us in the middle of the Raid. We will keep half the A team out, we don't want to have all our eggs in a single basket."

"Hmm, this should also be favorable to them, the risk of having too many of our players next to them will make them restless...I guess they will keep their army here as a precaution if something comes up."

"Yea, we will have to be careful, we are not allies, but there is no need for us to fight them, I will inform the members of our guild to remain at a distance from the two guilds." Replied Valentine.

"Alright, now that everything is settled, ALFRED!" Spoke Valentine and the AI butler appeared before them.

"We wish to sign a contract," Said Valentine

The butler Alfred snapped a finger and a yellow parchment appeared in his hand,

"What will be the terms?" he said

The group finished by stating the terms and penalties of failing the contract.

All previous agreement included.

All three guild-leaders got a copy of the Contract confirming their negotiation.

"Now we can go," said Warlord

The three leaders went back to their camps and began a recruiting spree, taking 10 000 members of each guild to the Dark Threading dungeon.


Dave felt a bit bad leaving Lone Arrow, but his stomach did not feel any guilt.

He ate some instant noodles and went to his computer to check out the news.

Once he logged in, he almost dropped his cup, shocked from the news.

There was a live feed of the three guilds at the entrance of the Dark Threading dungeon, and apparently, they just finished a negotiation where 30 000 members have entered the dungeon.

They made a huge beeline that reached all the way to the Underworld's entrance.

The commenter on the news looked baffled at how numerous the players entering the dungeon, the varying classes and for the first time, the three super-guilds were not at each other's throat. They were cooperating.

The commenter spoke about the Raid-Zone, explaining most of what was known; the region, the factions in it and the recent defeat of the first raid-boss by a low-level player.

This made many players puzzled, an Elven Hunter not even level 100 managed to defeat the first raid-boss? Maybe she had company and for some reason, they didn't wish their names to be mentioned, but what was the point in only having her name mentioned?

Questions like these and speculations about the strength of the boss were thrown all over the chat-box next to the live video feed.

Had they known that it was done via the aid of a hulking level 550-Doom Knight boss they would have felt even more perplexed.

"Hey! Where the hell are they going?!" said Dave

He grimly looked at the 30 thousand strong, headed toward the mountain where he was at, not even bothering exploring the other areas.

Looking at the current speed of the three super-guilds, they will reach the Mountain in about an hour, In game-time, Dave needed to go back to the game as soon as possible. Once the opening timer of the Second Raid-Zone is over, he could choose that route to escape.

Dave didn't think of wanting to fight the groups of the Devastators, Blood Rage, and Heaven's dawn alone.

Even if that powerful Death Knight Delvina, was holding the temple as the new area-boss, she will not be strong enough to fight off the three super-guilds. She is level 400 after all, while many players from the three guilds have long since surpassed her level.

"I need to get the hell away from that place." Said Dave and logged back into the game

Once he was inside, he was surprised to not find Lone Arrow anywhere.

Dave froze for a moment.

She is an elf...a member of the living...oh god, what have I done?

Dave realized that he made a terrible mistake, the dead and the living should not mingle together, and he just left Lone Arrow in the middle of an area festered with them...