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71 Delvina The Warden

 Conquest Server Announcement!

The first Raid-Boss Dalmadoth has been eliminated!

The demonic forces have been pushed back deeper into the underworld, it is your duty to finish what you started.

The second region of the Underworld will be opened in 2 Hours Game time.

Player Lone-Arrow had helped in defeating Dalmadoth and cleared the First Raid-Boss.

Praise be upon the Brave adventurer(s) to have done what many could not!

"What the hell?!!"

Gasps and shouts were heard outside the Dark-Threading dungeon, the server announcement just proclaimed that the first Raid-Boss has been defeated!

The information about the location to the underworld has just been broadcasted a couple of hours ago and now, the first boss is already down?

A light leather dressed archer from the Devastators' A team spoke, "Could it be that it was a low-level boss?"

"I don't think so, the level-Checker itself was level 400. Do you think a boss would be lower level than that?" spoke another A team member, an assassin wearing dark leather armor.

"Who the hell is this Lone Arrow?" said the great-hammer wielding sub-guild leader.

"I think I know who it is! It's an elven hunter, she is the one that went with that Mr. Skeletal guy, they caused the fall of the Ice-Palace dungeon! But she was clearly below level 100 that time!"

The conversation stopped abruptly due to the loud shout coming from Mr. Valentin

"What do you mean he got you all killed!"

He was receiving a high priority call through voice-chat and his expressions looked ugly.

"What is going on?" spoke warlord

"The second-C team we sent in got annihilated in front of the raid-boss. They saw that Draugr, Mr. Skeletal, he was accompanied by an Elven Hunter. But something is wrong here..."

Warlord became agitated asking a question

"What do you mean? Speak up!"

"The second C team had some arguments and had split up before meeting the first Raid-Boss. They lost members, once they grouped back at the boss's room... the Draugr got them killed somehow - hold on"

"Stupid IDIOTS!!!!" Roared Warlord, he was a guild-leader, the unprofessionalism shown by the second C team must have been the cause to all of this, he thought.

A severe punishment was due!

"One of the players inspected one of the Boss's before it died..."

"Bosses?" asked Warlord.

"Yes, this is where I was confused first, there were actually two Boss Class there, and they were fighting each other when the second C team arrived.

The death of the C team was due to one of the boss's skill called [Call to Arms] it will generate random monsters in the battlefield to fight players..."

"This explains nothing! How the hell was that low-bees managed to defeat the bosses then?"

"The team was killed before they could see how the fight ended...Do you remember the boss from the Desert-Temple in the southern desert?"

"The Chained-Drahma? he was supposedly removed from the game due to the dungeon-change there..."

"Well, it somehow appeared inside the Raid-Zone," replied Valentine, looking confused.

"How in god's name is that even possible!" said Warlord "I can't wait here any longer, that damnable Draugr will probably head for another boss, I won't have it like this we should move in now!"

"I have more bad news," said Valentine.

"What?!" shouted warlord unable to hold his temper

"The Blood-Rage guild and the Heaven's Dawn are advancing right now here, they will be here in less than 10 minutes!"

"Yeah so? They are on odd-terms right now; they won't be that much trouble. Once they meet up they will go at each other's throat," replied Warlord massaging his nose-bridge.

"The sleeper-cells sent info...they are on a truce now, at least until the Raid is over,"


The Demonic control over the first Raid-Zone in the underworld waned!

First Raid-Zone has been taken over by the 'Dead-Realm' Faction!

Henceforth, all monsters spawning in the first raid-zone are Undead.

A new Boss has been spawned at the location!

Proceed with care.

Warlord stared dumbly at the information in front of him.

It can always become worse...


Moments ago.

"Hmm, you look happy. What did you get?" said Lone Arrow

"We got!" Dave corrected and handed her an item.

It was the Demon Buster.

Category: Bow


An ancient Bow crafted from the backbone of a Great-Gonola-Shark.

The bowstring has great flexibility, giving the weapon great damage potential and a longer Range.

1 Focus/attack

Damage 150-300



100 DEX. 100 Agility

Level 100


+50 Range

[Triple Shot] Can shoot three arrows at once. (20-second cooldown)



+25% Damage against Demonic creatures


Scaling Weapon

C: DEX - C: AGI.

Class. legendary

"Wow! The base damage is weak, but still! This is a scaling weapon! Are you sure want to give me this?" said Lone Arrow clinching the bow tightly, she didn't want to give it back but still she had to ask.

"You can have it, really, I got something better," he said and sent her the Skill-Book's description.

Skill book

Demon's Call

Deals 5% of a target's maximum-HP in Flat damage value.

Has 10% chance to work on Boss-class Creatures/NPC

Cooldown 24 hours

Rarety. (Unique)

"Oh, that looks nice, but the cooldown is too heavy," she said, " Still, Weapons can be changed but skills are forever. What about the rest?"

"Hmm, I have some stuff here, A demonic-rune and a crafting material; Demon's eye and some gold and a Dungeon-Core and a bound quest-item," he said showing her everything.

"Try and see if the Rune can work with that Bow of yours, I can't inspect it," he said

Lone Arrow took the rune and tried socketing in her bow.

"It says incompatible... probably due to the nature of the weapon, it is called Demon-buster, I guess it won't work with demonic runes. Just keep it, that and the crafting material with you, it might be useful later," she said.

Dave handed her share of the gold and said.

"The last two items are bound, a dungeon core and a quest item regarding the undead."

Broken Undead-King's Helmet (Special Quest Item)

Show this item to any shop-owner in the Dead-realm to begin the quest.

He looked at a black and old broken full helmet; it was one of the loots from the boss.

I will have to leave this for later...

Putting back the helmet in his inventory, he brought an obsidian spherical object with magmatic veins in his hand and showed it to Lone Arrow.

High-Grade dungeon core

Can modify the structure of a dungeon.

Would you like to use the item?


Dave pressed Yes and his vision swam, he somehow was able to look at the whole mountain from high above.

The arena at the back of the mountain began to vibrate.

The earth changed, the obsidian floor broke and pillars of bones emerged in various location

A roof appeared on top of the pillars and a Greek-like temple was the result.

Instantly, thousands of corpses spawned and stood right outside the temple, they were undead- ranging from normal skeletons all the way to death-knight class!

The mountain trembled and about a hundred tower erupted outside the mountain surrounding it like a circle.

Right next to the towers, several spots and patches of the land turned to great holes and Slime like creatures covered them and concealed the holes with their bodies. They turned to the color of the dirt becoming invisible. If one did not look at them acutely they won't know until they fall.

The towers changed their structures, creating windows and several floors.

In each floor, about ten to twenty undead spawned, some were casters and some were archers.

On the top of each tower was a statue, this statue looked oddly familiar to Dave.

If he remembered correctly, he saw the same looking statue in the hidden-boss room where the Abyssal-Knight Deadra was sealed.

It was the Undead-King!!

A dark aura washed over the land like the tide, when Dave turned to look at the temple he saw black mots congealing together in the middle.

The temple spawned a creature within it. It was a woman wearing a veil and black robes, concealing her features.

She left the temple and Dave's vision went back to where he stood.

Delvina-The Warden

Level 400

Rank -Sorceress-(Death Knight)

Skills (???)



One of the most powerful of solitary units under the Lich (Du'Raza)

Death-Knight Delvina is famed for her 'ways' in dealing with the infidel.

Head over the punishment forces of the Undead-Legion. Delvina is known to be one of the most ruthless enforces of the legion. Any unfortunate soul that becomes her prisoner will suffer unending torment.

"Hmm, it is you I presume?" spoke the woman in veils.

Her voice was low and at the same time imposing. She gave Dave the jitters just reading her character description.

"What do you mean my lady?" he said trying his best to sound like a gentleman, in front of the torturess in veils.

"You are the one that helped Du'Raza... he never shuts up about how you handled that guardian there...quite impressive I may say. To have someone as young as you rack up so many achievements, keep up the good work young undead" she said and went back to the temple ignoring the duo completely.

You have aided in taking control over the first Raid-Zone of the Underworld.

+50 000 Contribution point!

For every day the underworld is opened and the first Raid-Zone remains unconquered you will be awarded

+5000 Contribution point

Invader's Deaths in the first Raid-Zone will award you with

+50 Contribution point/death

The number of contribution points shocked Dave. He never thought that it will yield this many benefits!

"Hey cowboy, you look too happy there," said Lone Arrow edging a bit away from Dave.

"Jackpot!" he shouted.

"What? You won a million dollars or something?" she said

"Even better! A lot of contribution points!" he replied

"And that is supposed to be?"

"Its currency to use in the Dead-realm. You can buy equipment and upgrade your rank with it!"

"Good for you, now tell me," she said looking at the cave entrance "What are we going to do now? I don't think we should stay here anymore, there is still an hour and a half so until the second Raid-zone opens; the guildies that died will definitely tell their guildmates that we are here."

"Right, right. Hmm, I still can't use the End-Mission option...And I am starving!!! I will need to go and have something to eat, I will log back in moments!" he said and left his character in AFK mode.

"What the heck!! You didn't say anything, what should we do!!" shouted Lone Arrow to the AFK Draugr...