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70 Sweet Loot!

 Chapter 70

Dave used [Rising Strike] evading the initial impact damage from the attack.

Dave remembered The Boss's [Magma Throw] had an area of effect of 10 meters, He knew that even if he negated the first impact, the DOT of the skill will still kill him. It was a desperate move, but it was all he could do. He knew that he messed up and he could do nothing to fix it.

Right now, he was still in midair, the moment he lands on the magmatic leftovers from [Magma Throw] he will die.


A damage value appeared above Dave's head. Then a blast wave tossed him to the side enabling him to evade the area of [Magma Throw].

Lone Arrow used [Breaking Shot] on Dave helping him to reach the edge of the [Magma throw] area of damage.

The heat from the magma made Dave shudder.

"T-Thanks!" he said

"I told you before, being greedy will get you killed! Now what would you have done if hadn't saved your ass there!"

"Yea, thanks for that."

"Let's back away Dave, Leave Drahma to the boss" Lone Arrow shot the boss dealing no damage but securing her Supporter's EXP.

Dave used [Spectral Bomb] and sent it to attack the boss, then withdrew to a safer area.

Drahma's size dwarfed the boss. With every attack he would send him reeling, breaking the obsidian floor and spraying magma all over the place.

The boss stood back, and howled in rage, and charged up the titan, wounding him.

Drahma shrugged the attack as if it was a mere mosquito bite then smacked the boss with his pole, sending him tumbling on the floor like a kite with a cut string.

Damage values that surpassed Dave's HP were spiking all over the place.

"We should have brought popcorn, it's like a clash of titans!" said Lone

"I have a better idea, why not-?"

Before finishing, he heard people behind him.

Turning he saw a group of players, entering the arena.

"Ah shit. We have company!" said Dave

This was the group from the devastators that entered the mountain-cave after Dave. Drahma cleared most of the enemies there, and thanks to that, these guildies managed to get to the arena without much trouble.

The giant Drahma was beating the living hell out of the Boss, but a certain Dwarf looked directly toward Dave's location and said.

"Look over there, that's the Skeletal guy! The Draugr!"

The twenty or so players turned to look at the famous draugr.

"Cripes, run!" Dave yelled, and rushed toward Drahma

"Oi, aren't you running the wrong way?!" cried Lone, but her feets still followed Dave.

"I have a plan! I hope!"

The Devastators chased after Dave and Lone, greed in their eyes.

Everyone wishes to be the one to kill the famous Draugr, and become the one responsible for opening the Undead-Expansion.

Drahma was gaining the upper-hand in the fight. Thanks to the Level Difference, he had more than 30% HP while the Boss was on his last leg.

Dave and Lone arrow entered the Boss's aggro range and activated his skill;

[Call to Arms] It summoned two demonic-rams on the battlefield.

Dave and Lone were close to the Rams, who used their charging abilities to attack the duo.

Dave used [Block] And followed with a [Counter] Staggering the Ram that was targeting him.

He followed up with a [Spectral-Bomb] , knocking the Ram down.

Drahma turned and smacked the Ram with his pole and was hit by [Magma-Toss] because he was distracted.

The [Magma-Toss] dealt heavy Damage to Drahma but he grit his teeth through it.

"Thanks!" said Dave and remained near Drahma's feet.

Lone Arrow acted fast using [Blink] to escape the Ram's impact and got closer to Dave.

The Ram didn't stop moving and headed toward the party of twenty, finding new targets.

Lone did not Attack the Ram so she did not lock the agro on her.

For the group of twenty, on the other hand, one of them attacked the Ram with a skill.

"IDIOT!" shouted the dwarf.

It was too late, the Ram already locked the agro on the spell-caster and charged toward him.

The party attacked dispatching the ram in a matter of seconds, and then entered the aggro range of the boss.

"Well-well-well, look at what we have here, hey Blaster, I told you, sometimes we have to take risks to get rewards, see that Undead if we kept playing it like sissies we would have never made it here in time to kill that guy," said the Dwarf.

The guy named Blaster was annoyed at the comment from the Dwarf and didn't reply.

Looking at Dave, he saw a bearded Drauger looking back at him, with mixed expressions on his face

Dave only knew of one guy named Blaster...

It was Ralph, Dave's childhood-friend.

The party got closer to Drahma.

They were hesitant, due to the sheer size of the colossal creatures fighting. The party thought that this the fight was related to the raid. They had little knowledge regarding the happenings in this place. And couldn't link the possibility of Dave having Drahma as a backer.

"Look, he is stuck near the boss's fight, we need to kill him or else one of those bosses would kill him before us." Said the Dwarf

No one seemed to have noticed that the two summoned rams attacked Dave and Lone 'only' when they got closer to the boss's aggro range.

Immediately, twenty random monsters were generated, of which six Snake-headed turtles, the remaining were demonic-Rams and gargoyles.

"What the fu**!" cried the Dwarf having a snake-headed turtle attacking him out of nowhere.

The players started casting spells, and skills evading the monsters, hoping to change the course of the battle.

Dave and Lone were looking back at the chaos ensuing amongst the guildies.

"You knew this was going to happen didn't you?" she said

"Yea, this boss is annoying, to be honest, his skill [Call to Arms] would force players to engage him in fights with limited numbers, the more players there are the harder the fight will be, and these twenty players were idiotic to not inspect the Boss before diving this deep..."

Players started falling left and right, taking down some monsters with them, the Rams were the easiest to kill, the flying gargoyles needed spell-casters to shoot them down, as for the turtles... their random targeting skill made the party unable to protect their backline.

The already lacking number of priests and supporting classes dwindled to nothing.

the tankers died afterward, due to the lack of healing, and their high threat level they were next in line to succumb.

Blaster did a great job at holding two turtles but was soon turned to mots of light.

This made Dave sigh a bit, something that Lone Arrow took note of.

"You know that guy?"

"Probably... but we have a problem up ahead" said Dave "You see, I don't think that they will be able to kill all of the monsters before they die... and when that happens, we will surely be the next to fall, Drahma can't protect us from everything, especially the random targeting skill of the turtles."

It was indeed the case, Dave can manage to evade for some time, but there were just too many monsters for him to evade.

The last to fall from the adventurer's group was the Dwarf.

Of the twenty monsters, five turtles remain alive with barely half HP, and two gargoyles. They turned back and made their way toward Lone and Dave.

"I guess this is it," said Lone

A huge crash issued behind them.

Dave heard the maddened and desperate howl of a creature when he turned around, he saw Drahma standing tall, lacerated with wounds, looking more barbaric than ever.

As for the boss, he was nothing but a corpse now.

Drahma had 20% HP left, even if he was level 550 he still suffered some damage fighting the level 500 boss.

Level Up!

Level Up!

Level Up!

Level Up!


Conquest Server Announcement!

The first Raid-Boss Dalmadoth has been eliminated!

The demonic forces have been pushed back deeper into the underworld, it is your duty to finish what you started.

The second region of the Underworld will be opened in 2 Hours Game time.

Would you like your Name to be mentioned in the archaic records of the world?


Dave muttered, 'No' once again

He didn't want his character's name to be known to the world.

Player Lone-Arrow had helped in defeating Dalmadoth and cleared the First Raid-Boss.

Praise be upon the Brave adventurer(s) to have done what many could not!

Lone also helped clear the boss, so it was her right to have some glory in the game, after all, Dave didn't mind, he was actually happy for her. And at the same time, saddened that he cannot use his player's name

I need to level up more...

"Why didn't you add your name?" she asked

"You already know, I don't want people knowing my character's name. It could bring a lot of trouble later on." He said

Thinking about when he ranks up in the undead-legion, he will be able to travel outside the dead-realm. Mentioning his identity now would bring a lot of unwanted attention later.

"Young undead," said Drahma through gritted teeth.

"I can no longer accompany you in your endeavor, I will need to take some rest back at the palace," he said and turning to mots of light that disappeared moving fast toward the east.

The timer on Drahma conveniently ended.


"I guess we can no longer use Drahma to help," said Lone Arrow.

Dave looked a bit dejected but was thankful, without Drahma he would have never made it all the way here.

"I think this is the end of our adventure for the moment we should head back. But first, let's check out the lootz!" he said and headed toward the dead boss.

Touching the boss Dave got a hold of a lot of items.

High-Grade dungeon core

Skill-Book [Demon's Call]

Demonic-Rune (High-Grade)

Demon-Buster (Scaling-Bow)

Demonic Eye (Legendary crafting material)

Broken Undead-King's Helmet (Special Quest Item)

2000 Gold coin