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64 Power Leveling

 Drahma strode across the valley floor like an unstoppable titan, the ground shaking as every step crunched and shattered through the old lava flow. The giant cradled a draugr and a purple-haired elfess in one hand, safely above the bursts of stone fragments and rock-dust that accompanied his advance.

Dave felt like he was riding an earthquake.

"Hey, Skelly, bad news."

Dave turned to her.

"A friend just sent me a private message. The Devastators mobilized. The guild sent tens of thousands to the Dark Threading dungeon." Lone sounded worried.

Dave shrugged, "Pretty much what I expected. Everyone will want a piece of the Underworld, even though the portal is only open for three days."

His hand smoothed his beard thoughtfully.

"We need to stay ahead of the guildies that will be swarming this place. We can't keep running though, we need someplace the guilds can't come after us. The Dead Realm would be ideal."

"It would be better if we go across the mountains there, maybe we will find a way to the Dead-Realm."

"Young Undead, this place is indeed under the same sky as the Dead-Realm. You speak of taking refuge there. But the distance to our homeland would require months of travel even with my assistance."

Dave nodded. Reliable information was helpful even if it was negative. Going to the Dead Realm wasn't an option anymore, at least not for their immediate safety.

Drahma went on, "Soon, I will leave you, not by choice but by the decree of the Power that brought me to you."

Drahma wrinkled his snout, revealing more of his sharp tusks. "This place, maybe this entire land, is so filled with corrupting demonic energy. I am unable to summon any of my battalion to aid you. I fear you will be left without succor in these lands."

Dave figured 'demonic energy' was the in-game narrative to explain the limitations set by the game system and AI.

"Talking about demonic energy,Ramsha the Warden of the Underworld portal, tasked us with killing as many demons as we can."

A chuckle rumbled from the giant's chest,"Ramsha. That old fossil still demands the impossible."

With only three days in the Underworld, the guildies will be busy fighting and looting. We have a whole world to get lost in. Even if they actively search for us, it will be a monumental task finding us.

But then again, Drahma's crater-prints will be a 'dead' giveaway. Ha!

They came to the edge of the lake. It looked lifeless, the surface absolutely still. An odor of sulfur and rot rose from the murky green-tinged water.

Lone covered her nose "Stinky!"

"Not as bad as Ralph's socks," Dave quipped.

"Who is Ralph?" asked Lone Arrow

"A buddy of mine, he's a member of-"

Dave stopped. He'd almost given away information that would lead to him IRL.

"Never mind," he said.

Drahma walked into the water, sending waves across the whole lake with every step.

Halfway across the lake a dinosaur-monster raised its two snake-heads above the surface. It bared two sets of fangs and spread two cobra-like hoods in threat. It was met with a double-neck breaking swing from Drahma's iron pole that sent the monster back beneath the opaque waters, food for whatever else lived below.

That was the only 'excitement' to relieve the monotony of the lake-crossing. Drahma finally walked up onto the shores of the lake on the mountainside.

On the mountain shore, Dave looked around noticing the lack of monsters in the area, with exception of few patches of strange looking plants one might think there was no life here.

Drahma carried everyone until they stood in front of a large looking cave.

"There," spoke Drahma looking at the cave entrance. "Are you certain you wish to proceed? I applaud your ambition to become stronger, but I do not wish you to die. "

Dave had made a great impression on Drahma when he freed the giant from his long captivity-driven insanity. The Berserker felt a strong bond with the draugr. Or at least that was what the AI wanted Dave to believe.

"Thank you for your concern, Drahma."

Lone interrupted, "The Devastators just defeated the greater demon guarding the cave entrance."

Dave nodded grimly, "There is only one way for us to go. Forward."

The giant strode into the cave.

The walls of the cave were riddled with glittering objects.

"Diamonds!" Lone Arrow's eyes took on a feverish gleam.

"What?" asked Dave.

"Those are Diamonds!" said Lone Arrow. Despite her excitement, she also looked disappointed.

"You aren't a Miner, why feel sorry about it?"

Lone Arrow got closer to inspect one of the diamonds on the wall, only to sigh dejectedly

"Even if I were, these things cannot be excavated..., they are here just to light the way."

They traveled deeper into the cave, which was dimly lit by the diamonds stuck on its walls.

"Mortal baubles," snorted Drahma, unimpressed, "The dead have no use for such things."

Long screeching howls sounded from deeper within the cave making Dave's hair stand to no end

Dave saw the shadow of many creatures flying from deep within the cave toward him.

Dave inspected the first creature.

Gargoyle (Demonic)

Level 95

75 000HP

DN 2000

MA 100

These gargoyles failed to evolve to their next form and were cursed to this current appearance and fate as the lowest of the demon kin

Although relatively weak they make up in numbers what they lack in strength.

They were stone humanoids, with bat-like wings and a long horn on their foreheads.

Drahma put Dave and Lone Arrow down, and spun his giant iron pole into a whirling blur that turned the attacking creatures to dust.

Dave activated a [Spectral Bomb] and guided the skull to the largest group of gargoyles then detonated it, while Lone sent arrow after arrow streaking into individual monsters.

The sound of explosions, shattering bones, and pain filled howls filled the cave.

Drahma's level was so high that not one of the creatures could cause even single digit damage to him.

In the middle of the chaos, Dave got a notification:

The Skill level of [Spectral Bomb] has gone up. It is now (Amateur Level 5)

Each use of the skill will summon (2) Spectral bombs.

The skill enabled Dave to cast it twice every minute with a 30-second cooldown on each skull cast.


Dave cast [Spectral Bomb] as soon as it came off cooldown.

Two ghostly skulls appeared in front of Dave, brighter and somehow more menacing than before. He sent the bombs at a group of monsters.

With twice the skulls, he got twice the EXP.

Drahma whirled his pole and crushed the gargoyles that Dave attacked, boosting the draugr's EXP gains.

The gargoyles weren't spawning fast enough to keep up with Drahma's kill rate. Gradually the din of battle decreased as fewer and fewer gargoyles attacked

Finally it ended and the only sounds were the deep breaths of the victors and the dripping of blood from the vanquished.

Dave noticed a points of light scattered among the remains of the dead gargoyles. He knelt down, and reached for one. A loot window appeared:

Uncut Diamond.

Crafting material

"Arrow, I have good news for you."

He showed her the diamond in his hand. "We're rich!"