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59 Werephobia

 Dave lunged into the fight screaming at the top of his high-pitched lungs, "Damn Ralph and his stupid Werewolf pranks!" He activated [Stampede] aiming at the new werewolves. He smashed through the Alpha on the way pushing him off to the side, tossing a Spectral Bomb after it.

Blowing it with a finger-snap, he yelled, "Arrow! Knock it off the edge!"

Lone fired a [Breaking Shot], adding to the force of the exploding Skull and sending the Alpha plummeting, howling all the way down.

The three remaining werewolves roared, infuriated at the death of their Alpha.

They charged Dave in a group.

[Rising Strike] was used and He became invulnerable for a heartbeat as the Skill moved him into a backward recovery.

The grouped monsters took Damage from the attack incensing them even more.

They growled in savage hatred and hunger.

"Damn you Ralph!" He flashed back to all the times Ralph insisted on going to horror films, werewolf ones; And especially the one traumatic Halloween when he scared the shit out of him in a realistic werewolf costume.Ralph always used to have fun on Dave's expense. Dave never got over his fear from Werewolves since he was a child. The fact was proven right now.

The squad of Undead surrounded the three monsters, the werewolves were flinching away from the torches, wary of the fire.

"They're afraid of Fire! Use more torches!" He instructed his squad.

Lone Arrow threw torches to the undead that didn't already have them.

One of Dave's ghouls, the tallest one, grabbed the torch.

The creatures moved back howling, fear in their eyes but their instincts inciting them to attack.

One of the Skeleton Caster's didn't grab a torch, but pointed his staff and shot a fireball at the monsters instead of the usual black bolt. .

The fireball ignited the were's fur and the monster became a rampaging mass of fire, screaming from the pain and attacking anything near it.

One of your underlings had found his path in magic.

+20 contribution points.

"Whoa! So you can learn skills!" Dave was ecstatic."Very good! Light them up, Bones!" said Dave as he addressed the newly 'evolved' caster.

The caster almost looked proud as he began rapid firing at the werewolves with a barrage of fire attacks.

The new fire caster wasn't dealing much damage, but the flames were enough to cause panic among the werewolves.

Moments later, the disorganized monsters began to die one after the other.

When they were all dead, Dave picked up the fangs they dropped and handed half of them to Lone Arrow.

Smiling at the loot gains, she asked "Was I imagining things, or were you really afraid?" "I was not!" Dave replied firmly.

"Oh right, the great Mr. Skeletal is afraid of nothing" she said with a giggle and moved down the stairs.

It took them awhile going down where they heard more werewolves, this group was larger. About three more.

Dave took even longer to get a grip and fight. Finally they ended the undead monsters to the accompaniment of a few girlish screams that Dave swore came from one of his undead underlings.

After several more encounters with various kinds of werewolves, they found themselves at the bottom of the stairway. In front of them was a gargantuan door with hundreds of torches ensconced all around the it. The door was still shadowned, the light from the torches still inadequate to illuminate it completely.

Wherever there was light carvings depicting ancient and ferocious creatures were revealed.

Werewolves, dragons, sea-beasts, giant turtles and more.

Standing in front of the more than two hundred meter wide door was a werewolf unlike the other previous werewolves they'd encountered.

It had silver fur and a great mane grew adorned its neck.

Its arms were as big as tree trunks, with boulder sized shoulders and a cavernous chest.

It appeared more human than the other wolves, the bestial part less prominent.

But the blazing redness of its eyes were a sign that it had lost its sanity long ago.

Richar Silver-mane


Level 80

Hp: 25 000

Damage Nullification 1000

Magic Absorption 500

A stranded Beast of the Ancient Age. For thousands of years Richar searched for the way back to his home until finally coming to the gateway, only to discover it was closed to him. Forever stranded, forever longing, a sad life...

"This is anti-climatic." said Lone Arrow.

"Why's that?"

"Well, the Boar from before was much higher level, this thing won't even be worth filming." Lone Arrow looked at the six meter tall werewolf.

"Its lore is interesting. That door must protect some big secret." said Dave moving closer trying to get a better look. There was a familiar shape among the carvings. Right at the corner was the carving of a building. A palace of bones...

Dave heard a shout from above.


He turned looking up, noticing two torches coming down the stairs toward his group. Pain-Killer and Monsune.

"Shit...well turns out the ending won't be anticlimactic after all! I hope you're happy now," he said, whipping his sword out and preparing his squad for a fight.