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44 Swords of mercy

 Dave's heart was pounding, he was already preparing to use destructive smash if the skill [Death Grip] was to fail. However, it actually succeeded, even if the chances of the skill to work on bosses was low, luck smiled at Dave as the skull above the guardian's face began to laugh.

The guardian's face turned pale white, as he shuddered and his skill activation was immediately interrupted. What was going to be a contest between; holy and unholy, guardian and boss, was interrupted by a third party.

And due to that, the raging black skull vortex that the boss was preparing shot and slammed unceremoniously at the guardian's body, sending him tumbling like a kite with a torn string, in the midst of a raging tempest

The guardian flew all the way to a pillar, smashing his body and bones. Black fog emitted from the location of the guardian. And what resulted was a strange sight.

The Guardian had only its skeleton remaining, not even complete as if its skin and flesh had been melted and eroded in some areas, even some of his bones were charred and turned to ash.

Its body began to slowly disintegrate while nothing but a pile of ash remained.

Hidden Quest completed!


You have chosen to betray the guardian and aligned with the Lich of the frozen palace.

The Guardian has been defeated,

+500 contribution points

You have helped to save a servant of the undead king from the clutches of the vile Ice Queen.

You have gained 300 000XP

Level Up

Level Up

Level Up


Dave could only stare dumbly at the scene unfolding before him. He was surprised at the end result, the boss's skill was rather horrendous! It melted the guardian's body to nothing...

"Hmm... I didn't expect him to be that easy to kill, however, I must thank you for your assistance... " said the Boss as he waved his hand and a black book appeared in front of Dave.

Skill book

Spectral Bomb

Creates a spectral skull that would follow a target and blow up in a 3X3 meter radius (can cause stagger/kickback effects)

The explosion can be delayed and activated at will.

Damage 200 basic damage + 0.75X(Wisdom)

Cost 200 Mana

Cooldown 30 seconds

Rarety. (Unique)


Dave looked at the skill book and was amazed! Things like these could easily fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars! Skill books are super rare to find! Especially something like this which has a unique rarity.

However, Dave could only smile bitterly, he was not a magic class, at least his skills were all physical, and this was his first magic related skill. Yet, he cannot sell it. It is character bound...

"That is a skill book?" asked Lone Arrow

Dave nodded and said, "Yes, it is related to the quest I am doing... it is character bound," said Dave as he sent her the skill's description.

"Damn son! That is a good skill especially that; delayed explosion option..."

"Indeed, it can catch people off-guard especially with the staggering effect." Said, Dave, as he began formulating plans in his head on how to use the skill. Indeed, its damage is rather low for its level, but if it was in the hand of a specialized magician, the damage it would deal would be staggering.

Furthermore, it is still in its first level, once it is mastered, Dave could only wonder what would it grow to become.

"The time has come for me to go back to my lord... You, young, hopeful, undead." Said the boss as he addressed Dave

"You wish to serve the Undead King. Your current level is too low to be of great use... once you reach the Death knight rank, I will personally annex you to my unit... I could use someone like you." Said the boss

Dave squinted his brows as he looked at the boss. Clearly, the boss was only level 120, so at most he would be just a skeleton captain. Dave knew that to become a death knight one must at least be level 250. So how come, someone of barely the rank skeleton captain, annex Dave, when he becomes a death knight?

But then his question was answered. A golden glow shone under Dave's feet, as the whole room shuddered, then a sound of glass breaking was heard. The boss's dark aura grew to an unprecedented level as he became larger and his clothes gained a darker shade of blue almost turning black.

"Ah finally! I am released!" roared the boss as his body shone with a dark and unyielding might.

Dave couldn't help but remember that he never inspected the boss. And once he did, he gasped

Lich Du'Razha

Level 520

Rank -Lich-(Doom Knight)

Skills (???)



One of the most powerful of solitary units under the Arch-lich (Gehna) lord over the magus ranks of the Undead Legion.

Du'Raha was captured after having failed to eliminate the Ice Queen. His power has been suppressed and he was forced to imprisonment in the ice palace.

Now released he can go back and report his mission to his king.

This guy apparently was not weak! He indeed spoke about being feeble before, but never did Dave think that it was of the Doom Knight class! he was just a single rank below Deadra! Who was an abyssal Knight!

"Until we meet again, undead..." said the lich as his body turned to a dark stream of light and disappeared from sight.

The palace began to shake the moment the spell that was holding the lich was broken. Dave could only look around and saw that the chains around Lone Arrow disappearing.

"We should leave!" said Lone Arrow as she saw the shaking palace.

"Damn!" cried out Dave as he noticed that the ancient pillars shaking and breaking apart.

He was annoyed at the fact that he never got the dungeon core, thus he had to leave the place. Indeed, he received a good skill book and even leveled up a lot. Now, Dave was level 58, eight levels of, were for having assisted in killing the guardian. Which was of great help to Dave, as it propelled him forward. However, Now Dave is in dire need to start thinking about changing equipment. He was still wearing a level 20 set, and they were growing too useless against powerful bosses and players. A player of Dave's level would certainly have better equipment.

Dave could only sigh as he was leaving the room. And after a final look at the remains of the dead guardian, his eyes glittered. There was an item under that rubble of ash!

Dave turned around and walked toward it, while Lone Arrow stopped at the gate of the hall.

"What are you doing!" she cried out as she hesitated in going back.

Dave could only smile as he turned back toward her, yet before he could say a thing, a giant pillar fell and cut his line of sight. Lone Arrow gasped as she looked at the falling rubble and decided to retreat. The final thing she saw was Dave being buried under the rubble. Which kind of severed as a great end to their short adventure.

Lone Arrow Knew that Dave was a player, and therefore, even if he was buried under the ruble and killed, he would not die, or at least he will respawn, unlike an NPC. However, she was not going to divulge it, nor would she divulge some of his secrets. Lone Arrow's goal was to spread the bearded Drauger's reputation; and along with it, the fact that she adventured with him.

She walked away from the palace and outside the region. She then looked at her inheritance piece and clenched her hand on it. The time has come for her to start playing seriously. Dave's level almost doubled her's. Thus, the idea was ingrained in her heart. She needs to level up faster, to see things much more interesting than what she is used to. Her boring and dull life could only be lifted with the joy she receives from this game. Moreover, if she were to remain under level, she would miss better and more interesting adventures.

As for Dave, he was currently scurrying around the hall, the pillar that fell actually closed the door and he was able to pick up the shining item that fell from the guardian. Amazingly, it was his sword!

Category: Weapon Swords of mercy

A trick weapon created by an ancient workshop of hunters.

This sword can split into two smaller ones when the need arises.

Damage 320-400

50 stamina/strike (75 when split)

Requirements 100 STR 100 AGI 100 DEX 100 WIS

Level 80

Bonus stats [Double slash] Deals 200% Damage in an X AOE in front of the caster.

Can penetrate targets and deal damage in a line of 3 meters before the caster like a projectile

[Soul burn] Harm one's soul to increase the sword's total damage by 50%


Scaling/Class S: Strength(Once in single sword Form)

A: DEX (Once in dual sword Form)

Class. Unique

"Hooo leeee shiit!" cried out Dave as he just understood, that this was the same weapon the guardian was using! And it was damn OP!