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42 Treashery

 Lone Arrow could only watch as the boss bean speaking, it never did this before! She clearly watched videos of people taking down this annoying boss, but every time any adventurers would march forward, the boss would start an incantation and rain magic from above, initiating the fight. But when Dave or what she knew as Mr. Skeletal, moved, the boss actually entered his range and began speaking!

Dave then began grunting, as if trying to speak. And the boss stood for a moment.

"You are far too undeveloped... you have yet to achieve proper speech, let me help you first." Said the Boss as he waved his hand. the moment the gesture ended a notification popped before Dave.

You have gained 'sentience, you may now use words to express yourself.

"Oh.." Spoke Dave, and an archaic voice sounded from within the depth of his throat. It was Dry and hoarse, but still, it would fill anyone with dread if Dave was to speak. It actually sounded cool.

"So it seems that I can now speak," he said and then looked at the boss. "I am Deadra's Quest inheritor" spoke Dave with all certainty

"So you too are an enemy to our king!" shouted the boss and his Nametag gained a deeper shade of yellow almost transforming into red"

Dave took a step back as the boss got closer and closer. Now he could clearly see his facial expressions, they were filled with wrath and some of the bones on his face would stick out, showing that he truly was in an irritated state.

"Deadra's idea was to overthrow the king, yet he had not the strength to do so, thus, he was eliminated. I have no intention of doing that, but what I wish is to gain more power to serve the king as a true undead"

"Lies!" shouted the Boss as he held his staff up high like he was going to use a skill.

Lone Arrow's face fell, this boss was not something they could handle.

"No, the king is too powerful, I have seen his might, and I have no intention of fighting him." Said Dave, which of course was a lie, but he didn't dare say it in front of the enraged Boss, his first statement when he said that he was the inheritor of Deadra's quest was a major mistake. This game didn't give players an option to chose what dialog to speak, they needed to rely on their own judgment to do quests.

"Deadra's Quest was to serve the Death God and use his power to overthrow the King. While I will use that power to serve him. We, the undead are bound by a great cause. And it is my own choice that led me to believe that under our great King that our king shall rule this world. However, without proper sacrifice and being proactive we will never achieve that goal. Our king had long since stayed within the undead palace, and without his order how can we rule?" asked Dave.

He already understood many things about the undead world. From Deadra's speech, and some of the bits of information he got from here and there. The Undead King was currently in 'hiding' or in other words, the undead expansion has yet to be released. Only when the player base grows stronger will it come into play. So therefore what the NPCs believes now, is that their King is not willing to partake in the world conquest, and thus he is hidden, which is a sign of fear. Fear is not something an undead should have.

"Do you think yourselves better than our king? Do you question his resolve?" spoke The boss.

"No, what I meant to say, that there will be no need for our king to move. I, as Deadra's quest inheritor, will do my all to corrupt as many dungeons as possible before our king is released into the world. For I know that there will not be much time before he will come and conquer the world. My task is self-made, I wish to serve by facilitating the king's march to the outer world." Said, Dave

The boss put his staff down

"What makes you think that with your meager power, you will be able to do what many could not?" he asked.

"My resolve, and unending faith in the power of our king."

"Ornamental words mean nothing! Only strength does! Here I lay, hundreds of times stronger than you, and cannot even leave this place to go back and serve my king! And yet, you, not even of the Death Knight class dare claim that you will change the fate of our race! Such audacity!"

"Why can't you leave?" asked Dave as he looked at his 'End mission' option which was still available

"There is a restrictive spell in this palace! It greatly limits my strength and disables me from joining the undead back at the palace of bones. That damnable ice queen used the palace to imprison me here! And that god damned guard is limiting my interference with the spell in this place! Every day dozens of those rotten adventurers come and some even manage to destroy my body, only for it to be reconstructed again, where I will have to remain here. It is a torment that I do not wish for it to continue!"

Dave thought about the man's words then said

"If that guard dies... would you be able to leave?" asked Dave

"Yes, but you don't have the strength to defeat him," said The Boss.

"Then how about you help us out?" asked Dave with a glint in his eyes.

Normally adventurers would enter dungeons and defeat its boss, however, Dave entered a dungeon and is currently asking the dungeon boss to defeat the guardian. When did anyone ever do something like that?

Lone Arrow Looked mouth agape at the conversation between the two, she didn't even hesitate a moment to record everything. As she was feeling more and more thrilled! No one! Not anyone could be so daring to use a boss to fight a dungeon guardian!

"Hmmm... yes, I could help, but you need to do something first! I cannot leave the permitted in this hall. You need to bring the guardian here! Once slain I can leave, if you manage to do so, I will reward you handsomely!" said the boss as his nametag turned from dark yellow to bright green.

"That human is your slave I presume?" spoke the boss as he looked at Lone Arrow

Dave then coughed awkwardly as he turned around and with a bitter smile said

"Yes, she is the one that helped me enter this place... it is not a problem right?" he said

"No. though I hate the living, if they are useful then they could live longer... Human, You should know that I shall leave this place, for that, you shall remain here with me, and wait for this one to bring the guardian. As insurance so that you do not tip them off" said the boss with a smile and chains sprung around Lone Arrow which she couldn't even evade.

Hidden Quest


You have chosen to betray the guardian and aligned with the Lich of the frozen palace.

Bring the Guardian to the palace's throne room and defeat him to complete the quest.

Dave sighed as he looked at Lone arrow who had a rather excited look on her face.

Dave's brows furrowed, should anyone look that happy when being bound with chains? A dirty thought passed through Dave's mind which he instantly shook off, as he remembered that this innocent and easily exited girl would probably just be happy watching all of this happening. Indeed, new things would make her more curious.

Dave then turned around and walked outside, he took a look and saw that there still remained some ice skeletons around, but now they all had green tags on them. They were friendly, it would seem that the quest Dave received had managed to give him the boss's blessing and now no one under the boss's command would attack Dave.

Once Dave reached the garden, he took a deep breath and positioned his skeletons thirty meters away from each other in a straight line. He only had about 8 subordinates as two of them were destroyed, one in the fight against the Yeti, and another one against the ice snake. The straight line of skeletons was to permit Dave to leech the Guardian. He knew that if he was to fight against the guardian, it would kill him before he could even reach the palace Gates, but aligning his undead gave him the possibility to leech the guardian in a way like throwing breadcrumbs on the floor.

Once Dave was next to the gate, it opened revealing the drowsy guardian who took note of the skeletons.

Yet before Dave could even think of a way to try and leech him out

"You damned fiend!" Shouted the guardian as he wielded two swords and jumped inside the garden. Hacking away at the first enemy who was a ghoul.

"Holy shit!" said Dave as he backed away.

"How come you managed to get all the way here! That damned Skeleton! I should have known that he was up to no good!" cried out the guardian as he began slicing away at the first ghoul who almost instantly died.

The next target was another ghoul that was thirty meters away from the Guardian, and right next to him was Dave who was running with all his speed.

The guardian didn't even take more than two seconds to dismantle the second ghoul and move forward. He was like a grim reaper that was killing monsters without mercy nor waits.

"You! Halt" cried out the guardian as he locked on Dave's escaping figure.

Dave didn't Dare to wait as he used his undead to block the guardian's Path. Dave's heart was wincing every time one of his minions would fall. But he still kept on running, the boss's advance was too sudden and too fast. Ghouls, archers, casters, nothing stopped him. Until he entered the palace.

The Guardian hesitated for a moment, but once he saw Dave's figure he roared and chased after him. An unlucky banshee stood between the two who received an attack from the boss forcing her to shout out in pain and used her skill. Sadly it was without effect. The guardian killed the banshee and ran upstairs following Dave who was using the remaining dungeon monsters as a mean to block the guardian from gaining more ground. Sadly, the guardian's incensed temper only made it run faster and kill enemies faster closing the gap between the two.

Dave could now see the entrance to the throne room, but the guardian was only a few meters behind him.

"Die!" roared the guardian as he swung both his swords like an X shape to which Dave used [Vertical Slash] damaging the Guardian for a measly [10] damage and jumping back fully negating the boss's attack.

This gave Dave a small breather, as he got closer to the throne room's door. Once at the gate the Guardian attacked once more, to which Dave hastily used his shield to [Block] the attack.

The strength from the attack caused Dave to stagger but he used the momentum to jump into the hall and once the guardian entered, he saw the 'Damsel in distress who was chained' and the boss who was standing tall in the room

"You damned bastards!" cried out the guardian as both his swords shone in a bright light.

"I should have exterminated you myself long ago!" then the guardian jumped forward initiating a thrilling fight. A fight where a player was helping a boss taking down the dungeon guardian, while an exited elf was filing the scene...