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32 Madam Clementine

 Chapter 32

Once Dave held the small orb in his hand it shone lightly in a red light. It was the size of his palm and didn't seem out of place. This was the BloodBat's dungeon so its red color seemed to fit the theme.

You are in control of the dungeon core. Would you like to modify the structure of the dungeon?


A small notification window appeared before Dave as he immediately pressed Yes.

Error, you do not have sufficient right

Would you like to modify the type of the spawning monsters in the dungeon?


Dave felt a bit perplexed... it seems that he would need something to be able to modify the structure of a dungeon, but what about the monsters that spawn within it? would it once again put an error before Dave? Dave pressed Yes once again and was met with another notification window.

You can only change the type of monsters to the

Undead Race nature

This is a low tiered dungeon

It can be upgraded to a higher level dungeon core.

Once the modification takes effect, all monsters within the dungeon will change nature to being undead of the same species.

[Giant cave rats wil} become [Undead Giant cave rats]

[Bloodbats] will become [Life sucking bats]

Dungeon boss will spawn in 30 days from now.

[Royal blood bat] has been changed to.

[Skeletal Soul Eater]

It seems that the monsters will only change their nature but will not receive an upgrade to their combat abilities or their power.

This will probably ruin people's idea about this dungeon, many who will come prepared to fight the blood bats will be met with different monsters and races. This would be quite a sight to see

You have modified a dungeon.

You will be granted a 1000 Monthly contribution allowance for having conquered a dungeon.

Every Player kill within the dungeon will grant you +10 contribution.

If the dungeon core is damaged or destroyed by another player within the month the dungeon will go back to its former nature and you will lose your monthly allowance.

Only players with dungeon cores have the ability to see other dungeon cores.

Dave felt astonished! He could receive a monthly income of contribution points as long as the dungeon remains standing! How many players have dungeon cores anyway? And even if they did would they waste them on this low-level dungeon? This was practically a free contribution point fallout for Dave.

If only he could get more of these, thought Dave. Indeed, spending 1000 contribution points to buy a single dungeon core would be expensive. However, if the dungeon stands for at least one month, he would have reimbursed his expenditure and would then start getting more contribution points every month. This was indeed a fallout. And probably this was the benefit of being a pioneer, it was indeed hard for Dave to see benefits in starting this quest. But from now on, he could see the advantage he would gain over other players. However, this only ascertained his resolve, he need not fall. He must finish his quest and reach as high as he could in the undead skeleton ladder.

Even if he can't make it to own the whole region, as long as he is standing strong, and is the highest-ranked player in the undead army. He would be able to have a huge advantage over other players.

The developers had made a huge target over Dave's head. And now he began to understand the benefits of this quest and his pioneering rights.

Dave accepted the change of the dungeon, and a loading bar started. It would seem that it would take an hour or so for the dungeon to be morphed to another type. So Dave Had nothing else to do but to go back to the dead world.

Once Dave went back to the dead world he took a look at his contribution point window.

Currently, have

420 Contribution points.

"Today's hunt was not that great. But thankfully I got a hold of a dungeon. I should probably try and conquer more dungeons later, it should be better than buying dungeon cores here for contribution points." Said, Dave, as he looked at the merchant's wears.

There was nothing Dave wanted to buy for the moment. Any type of equipment would have a minimum price of 400 contribution points. Even the powerful sword Dave had was nothing but the worst weapon there. Dave sighed as he looked at his character. Indeed he had a good advantage against low-level players. But once he levels higher and higher, his wears would be nothing but scraps. He really needs to get a better set of equipment.

Dave looked at the requirement to become a skeleton captain. It was nothing less than 1000 Contribution point. If the expansion was launched to the world, many would be able to easily gather 1000 contribution points, and they could immediately rank up. First due to them being much higher level than Dave. And the second reason, they don't need to do what is dave is currently doing. Dave is broke and has no ability to procure powerful equipment. As for other players, they would have theirs. Dave would need to spend a lot of contribution points to get better and better equipment. So he really needs to work his way to the top of the skeletal ladder slowly and step by step.

Dave decided that it was time for him to log out. There is nothing else for him to do so he was willing to log out and rest for a moment.

Once Dave was out, he made another meal of bland noodles and ate. He took a look at his current whereabouts and sighed.

"Indeed, to change from rich to poor, to change from being at the lowest stage of the social ladder, hard effort and a lot of luck is required. Also taking opportunities and sacrificing a lot of time to do so. If I were to slack off, my chance will be gone. I only have one chance, and I will make sure to make the best use of it." said Dave as he stood up with confirmed resolve and a goal that he set for himself.

Dave had only one regret in life his inability to attend college. Even though he succeeded in high school. He was unable to pay the tuition fees for college, so he always regretted it. but now thinking about the prospects of the chance he was given in the game.

"If I ever manage to make it big, I will make sure to attend college, at least then I would have some sort of self-accomplishment. Money can't make a man. Only their mind could."

Said, Dave, as he walked out of his house. His damaged leg was making moving around a bit awkward. So Dave could only sigh as he said

"Once I make it big, I will make sure to hire the best doctors to heal me back up... even if those bastards paid for the hospital fees, they only made sure that I was able to walk' out of the hospital. I know for a fact that with the advancement in the medical field, this sort of damage to the body is easily manageable. But I have only myself to rely on. The only good thing that came out of that accident is the chance I was given to play the game. This must be fate. And I will make sure not to waste it."

It was late in the evening, and Dave had an urge just to leave his house. He didn't wish to stay inside his room all day like a NEET. So it was only normal for him to leave to have a breath of fresh air once in a while.

Dave's town was in a mountainous area. So it was quite refreshing, its air was a bit cold and was kind of chilled. But still, it was better than the moldy smell of Dave's room.

A sense of melancholy premature Dave all this day, it was as if he was sad. Mainly due to the many possibilities of him failing his quest. But he had to keep reminding himself of his future. He needed to persevere in order to be able to have control over his own fate. To never feel stifled and be controlled by other more powerful forces.

Dave's walk down the small town was noticed by an old woman who owned a grocery shop.

"Hey, Dave, it is good to see you back up. How have your injuries been?" said the old woman

This lady was named Clementine, she was a lovely old lady that helped Dave several times when he lacked the money to buy food. She would even loan him some cash that he would always give her back in due time.

"What are you still doing at this time Madam Clementine? It is too late for selling groceries." Said Dave.

"I am just enjoying the late night's breeze, my dear. Old people would tend to enjoy the simple things in life my dead. I was also planning on closing shop. Say, I still have some vegetables here I could sell them to you at half price!" she said as if she was giving Dave a bargain.

"Oh, aren't you just trying to get rid of your unsold stuff? But beggars can't be choosers. I will take all I can, show me what you have" Said Dave as he approached the shop.

Indeed there were a lot of 'lower quality' vegetables and fruits that remained there. So Dave could only sigh before he tried to take his pick of the foodstuff on the Lady's table.

"Oh, not those, here," said the old lady as she brought a small box from under the counter.

It had fresh fruits and vegetables of all kinds that were well assorted and properly organized. They gave a good sight of freshness and were probably of the best stuff that the lady had to offer at this time of day."

"Those vegetables were meant for the trash can, I won't feel right giving that to you, you are one of my customers after all. So, I heard that you quit your job. Why did you do that? Don't tell me you are huddling up inside your room all morning doing nothing? There is nothing worse than an unemployed person loitering around. I won't have it like this! Though you have difficult circumstances in life, you should always keep your head up. Maybe someday your luck will change." Said the old lady both scolding and advising dave. She truly was a nice person that Dave could only smile after hearing her piece of mind.

Dave Gave the old lady her due in cash and took home the vegetables.

The old woman sighed as she saw Dave's back. He was limping back home, his back was hunched a bit as if he was holding a heavyweight. Indeed, Dave's life was tough, and he could only smile facing the adversities of life. Many had worse circumstances than his. But still, the old woman felt sad for being unable to provide more help. She too was not that well off. But still, it pained her to see a young man with such a heavy burden...