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25 Death God

 You have successfully cleared the first trial of the Inheritance quest.

Your result


Dave was astonished as he saw the result. Clearly, he didn't expect it to be this high.

But then he understood, that normally any other participant wouldn't have been able to defeat both the minotaur and the scorpion. The scorpion, with some skillful gameplay and some luck, might be defeated. But without the potion loophole that Dave discovered, someone of his level will find it impossible to clear.

You have gained the following abilities


Twin strike!


Twin Strike

Mimics the damage of the last ability used before activating the skill.

Deals 75% of weapon's damage. And ignores the defense value of the enemy.

Cannot mimic additional effects of an ability.

Cooldown 60 seconds



Charges forward in a straight line.

Cause stun effect for 2 seconds once successful, and cannot be interrupted.

If the user hits the wall, they will be stunned for the same duration.

Needs a target to be used.

Can only be cast at minimum of 10 meters distance and has a 30 meters range

Damage 200% total damage value of the user.

"Such powerful skills!" Dave instantly began pondering about how he could use these to fight against other enemies. Though Dave only has a total of three skills, and an additional passive skill, he was still far from how the high-level players have their own class skills and unique skills that they stumbled upon once clearing various quests, or dropping skill books from powerful bosses.

You have been summoned by The Death God!

A notification that made Dave's mind blanked for a moment as he thought about why would the death god himself summon him.

A moment later he was transported to a strange place.

it was on a giant cliff, while the sky was dark. It was night time and the moon hung low. It was enormous yet still gave a sense of majesty.

Behind Dave, was a small cave. And he felt like if something was beckoning him from within it.

He walked into the cave and found a small pond of water where a veiled woman was dipping her feet in it.

The light of the moon gave Dave the faintest glimpse on her appearance. Her body was well proportioned, and she was wearing a dark robe made of strange material. Her veiled face didn't give Dave the chance to look at her features but he assumed that behind that veiled was a beautiful woman.


Tier (God)

Level ???

Perhaps the term courting death had a reason after all.

Dave chuckled at the small flavor text below the woman. Indeed, if this was a real woman on the outside world people would definitely fight to gain her favor... even with her face veiled, she looked stunning. And indeed some might dare court death even if they know their end is imminent if they were to just have a single glimpse at this person's beauty...

"Child" spoke a woman from under the veil. Her voice was neither soft nor mesmerizing as Dave believed so. It was just average, yet at the same time, it conveyed a strange feeling. A feeling of emptiness, sadness, and loneliness.

That was an aspect of Death itself.

"You wish to gain my blessing? To what end?" spoke the voice.

"For my own benefit. To secure a future and to become a king" spoke Dave. Indeed those were his thoughts, he needed her inheritance to become stronger, to claim a piece of this world and become a prominent figure. However, he knew that without hard work and fate defying luck it would have been impossible.

Many guilds have become corporal tycoons the moment they claimed a piece of the world conquest. And Dave had the same dream.

"Greed" spoke the woman, in a voice that had a hint of contempt in it. "However, you do not speak lies. You spoke of your goals in the face of death without hesitation. And that shows your resolve. However, having dreams of supremacy and not the ability to follow up with them is meaningless. You are weak. Extremely so, none of those in this world have the right to be my champion. Yet you ended up with my piece of inheritance. Even Deadra himself lost his life trying to accomplish his goal. Trying to become a king. He too lost to his own greed and his inability to fulfill his goals."

Spoke the woman, with the impassive voice once again

"Then give me the same chance as he was given, and I will do better" said Dave.

"You are not the first to try and claim my bestowal. And you will not be the last. Indeed, you have earned the right to carry that ring. However, you have yet to earn my approval. Your strength is lacking. And your reliance on the sword is limiting you from achieving higher ground. I will give you the same chance I gave Deadra. And only your resolve and power can be the proof of fulfilling your goals."

Your Patron had chosen to grant you their blessing.

You have been offered the class

Death's Apostle

Will you accept the class change?

Your progress in the Paladine questline will be removed.

Already established classes shall be removed.

Will you accept?


"Of course!" said Dave. Why wouldn't he? The class's name was already amazing enough. And due to it being bestowed upon him by Death itself it will be amazing in itself, right?

You have accepted the class

Death's Apostle

The following skills have been added to your arsenal

Death Grip.

Rising strike.


Three skills in one go! That was amazing for Dave! Dave then checked the class's description and his surprise increased even more!

Death Apostle


A class worthy of the one that follows the teachings of death

Increased damage by 10% while wielding a sword

All defense Value increased by 10%

Can Defy death once. If the player dies, they can resurrect themselves with half their Hp/mana.

If the player dies within two hours after their resurrection. They will lose 1 level. Even if their death was to a monster.

(Cooldown 72 hours)

The resurrection can be accepted or refused.

This means that he has a free death if he could control it! sometimes a monster would have just about 1% of their Hp and they could kill a player that situation would frustrate many players. But Dave had a way against it!

He then checked the skills he gained once he switched class.

Death Grip


(Level Max)

Can paralyze targets for 5 seconds. Has a 50% chance of success on targets with a similar level of the caster. The higher the level the lower the chances. The lower level the target the higher the chance. 50 levels lower level targets will have 100% chances of being paralyzed.

The chances are capped at 20% minimum.

Half effect on boss class monsters.

3-minute cooldown

"Oh, a crowd control skill. This came in timely, I only had one crowd control skill and it had only one-second stun duration. This one is much better. But too bad it is based on percentage."

Rising strike

(Level MAX)

Slash vertically with your weapon and move three meters backward.

The attack animation grants the caster an invincibility frame.

Cooldown 2 minutes

"Oh, this was a skill to clear the distance between the target and the player. Also an invincibility frame! It might prove to be handy once a boss uses a powerful ultimate attack." Many players have several invincibility skills. Like Bone Breaker had used his {God's Blessing} Skill to become invincible for three seconds against the Abyssal Knight Deadra. So this came handy to dave. However, Bone Breaker's invincibility skill had three whole seconds. While Dave's could only grant him an invincibility frame during the animation. The only difference is that it pushed Dave back away from the attacks, whole Bone Breaker's forced him to remain immobile.

The last skill was checked by Dave.


Level Max


Must be used after a successful {Block}

Will send back 20% of the damage that was supposed to land on the player as true damage.

True damage will not suffer any amount of damage reduction and cannot be blocked nor will invincibility effects block it.

10 minutes cooldown

"This skill is amazing!" Class skills are usually maxed out. Only skills that are learned via an instructor or found from skill books need a player to grind them up.

Now with these Dave could manage himself better facing even tougher enemies. This quest was very profitable for Dave. He gained a total of five skills in a single setting plus the passive of death siphon from his ring. Now he can also consider his resurrection ability another skill. This quest was quite a treasure trove Dave thought.

"These are but the basics. Like I said before, you need to grow much stronger. And if you rely on but your sword you will never reach higher grounds. Once you can unseal more of the ring's powers. I will grant you with more blessings. This way you will be able to honor the title I bestowed upon you. Go now little lamb. Once you grow stronger we shall meet again" spoke Death and Dave found himself back at the world of the Dead.

Dave was itching to try out his new skills, so he waited patiently for another quest to start.