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23 Keep On Fighting!

 Dave was utterly and totally confused. People were talking about the strange video! How the scene is making more and more people comment on it. Some gave their thoughts and said that it was probably a game trailer for the event. While others said that it was clearly filmed by a player.

The forums were filled with comments, as people began giving theories about the world of the dead and some even thought that it would turn the current game upside down if this amount of Undead was released to the world. However, what interested Dave the most was the statement by the game developers. They even gave the players hints about the game and the pioneer who was able to travel the undead world.

At first, Dave felt a bit stifled because they divulged the way for the players to have access to the event. Indeed, he didn't have the right to monopolize the game's event, but still, he somehow felt that he was treated unjustly.

Dave kept scrolling down the forums until he saw a post that interested him the most.

It was a post made by the Devastators. They even gave a small bounty for anyone that gives hints about the one who was in the undead world. Even the player himself would be awarded $10,000 if they come to the Devastators and give them the right to access the zone.

Mainly, it was a kill order for Dave, they wanted to kill him so that the Event will be available to all.

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Dave didn't like how this was going. If he were to make his presence known, he might end up catching the attention of high-level players. He doesn't have the power to protect himself right now but he couldn't help the urge to do something.

He posted a small sentence under his forum name Mr. Skeletal and said

"The undead will never submit to the living"

He then left his computer and headed for his bed. He needed to relax first and sleep as his eyelids felt heavier than lead.

Once Dave woke up, he ate his breakfast and went back to the game.

Dave's savings were about $6500 right now, paying the rent and getting some of the food made a small hole in his pocket.

Dave could only sigh at his rapidly decreasing savings. This was another motivator for Dave to get on with the quest and make sure he obtained the throne of the undead.

Once Dave logged in the game, there was one hour remaining until his quest starts. So he made sure to rest.

Once Dave had logged out, his Hp had fully recovered and now he only needed to wait until the timer ends for the quest to begin.

Dave didn't waste his time loitering around as he began moving closer to the bone palace, once he reached a certain threshold he was stopped once again by the same strange barrier.

This is where he would need to go once he reaches the next rank. Looking from behind the invisible barrier, Dave could see various and different Skeletons. Some were giants and some were smaller than Dave, most of them had a humanoid form, and yet some were giant orcs or Ogres, some were zombified trolls, and some were even flying skeletons.

This is the Skeleton captain rank. And behind it was the powerful rank of a Death Knight. The true backbone of the army of the dead is the Death Knight. There are several thousands of them, and every one of them can lead a party of 1100 skeletons. 100 captains with 10 elites under every one of these captains, while every one of those elites had 10 normal skeletons/undead below them.

If Dave is able to attain the Rank of Death Knight, he would be able to fight stronger foes, however, his level is severely limiting him.

Even the rank of Skeleton Captain needed Dave to be at least level 150 to fully utilize it. This meant one thing, Dave needed to accumulate huge amounts of Contribution points for him to reach that level rapidly. Buying those potions will give him a huge advantage in terms of leveling up. But the contribution points are not easy to accumulate. And with the current turn of events happening in the forums and the increased attention of the stronger and more powerful guilds Dave's chances of gaining more contribution points is being severely limited.

However, what gave Dave some hope was the strange upgrade to his ring. He could switch back his appearance to a human form, but Dave has yet to know if he was to die in his human form, would it fail the mission? Also, how will he even exit this region? He is stuck here without a chance to visit the outside world.

"Alfred" spoke Dave and Alfred showed up soon.

"Huh, it's you again, what is it?" asked Alfred.

"This pioneer mission is too complex. I am severely limited in my options; I will not be able to overcome the difficulties at this rate. The game should not be unfair, and right now I am stuck in this region unable to gain any levels from the outside world besides drinking those potions. Even those options are limited and will probably not last me enough to grow into the level needed of me to rank up. Don't you think it is rather unfair?" said Dave.

"Those potions are nothing but bonus Exp Points, indeed they will not help you a lot to gain higher levels, even if you drank all the potions here you will barely reach level 300. They were considered rewards for people that are finding it hard to level up. And are not meant to be relied on. As for your other question, it is indeed unfair but I did not overlook it. Once you successfully finish your Inheritance quest you will find out why. Normally I will not help other players, but regarding your situation as a pioneer you should be given hints about your objective, otherwise, it is indeed unfair. Work hard in your inheritance Quest and you will find out how the system of the world of the dead works." Said, Alfred, as he disappeared from view.

Dave was thankful, Alfred normally would only consider giving his insight if there was a bug or a flaw in the game. And due to Dave's limited information on this place, it was considered a flaw. Normally if all the players were able to access this place, Alfred would not have helped anyone. Because with numbers a solution to Dave's problem will naturally be discovered. However, due to Dave being alone, he needed some assistance otherwise it would be unfair to a pioneer.

The timer was over and Dave's second part of first inheritance Quest started You have been teleported back to the divine challenge arena.

The second part of your quest has been initiated.


Based on how long you survive you will earn greater rewards.

Dying here will not affect your progress in any other quest or even outside the arena.

First Wave start.

The first wave was initiated, and it was similar to the one that Dave first underwent. It was rats. However, instead of a single rat, there were about two dozen of them.

Dave struck down the first creature and a small notification appeared before him

You have killed an enemy

Death Siphon activated

Healing Value [0]

"Huh?" Dave was a bit dumbfounded, as he didn't know what went on. He pressed on the notification ignoring the rats that appeared before him.

Death Siphon.

You can heal a flat 5% value of your Hp every time you kill an enemy.

{God tier skill}

Dave was awestruck. A fixed Hp percentage! That was amazing. But, this was different than life steal. Life steal equipment would heal a percentage of the damage dealt and they are affected by defense value, however, this skill allowed Dave to heal a flat percentage of his Hp whenever he killed an enemy. This might be rather difficult for Dave to accomplish once he is fighting higher tiered enemies, but against small critters, this would be a good way for him to heal back up to full health.

Dave started killing some of the rats, but before he could fully eliminate them, another wave appeared. They were wolves.

"AH, shit." Dave finally understood that if he took a long time fighting each wave. At one point in time, he would be swarmed and will die miserably.

Dave ignored the small rats and started hacking at the wolves.

The rats and the wolves dealt nothing but 0 damage values. So they were not threatening to Dave. However, after these creatures, there will be orcs and goblins, even trolls. They will start hitting hard and the cumulative damage will be immense.

Dave ignored the rats for a single and simple reason.

{Death siphon}

He could use the rats to heal back 5% of his Hp once he is low, and this will increase his chances of surviving for a long time.

The wolves would have been a good mean to heal up but they needed two hits from Dave, and if he left them running amuck, they would tier him out.

The wolves had a strange skill


This skill affects the player's movement speed. Dave would have to suffer slow debuffs if he was hit with several layers of {Howl}

Once the wolves were eradicated, a wave of twenty orcs appeared.

Dave immediately ran forward attacking the closest orc.

The orcs could deal about 20 damage to Dave. And the moment the first hit landed on Dave [Block]

Dave used Block to cancel the damage from the first Orc's strike then smacked down with his cutlass


The orc lost about two-thirds of its Hp, then Dave followed up with another slash before the orc's hit would land.


The orc died

Death Siphon had activated


"Very well," thought Dave, this way he would naturally survive for a long period of time. He just needed to use his abilities and manage his skills accordingly.

This challenge was a simple challenge to test the player's micromanagement of his enemies and skills. If other players began directly by killing every creature, once the tougher monsters appeared. They will find themselves overwhelmed.

While if they left the smaller creatures, they could heal up a good percentage of their Hp by attacking them, and thus having a higher chance at standing strong and fighting against the other monsters for a longer period of time.

And so, Dave fought on...