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22 Wave after Wave

 Dave found himself in a large arena, he looked at his skill bar and saw that his shield's Skill {Block} and his skill, {Destructive Smash} were grayed out. He cannot use them.

This would probably mean that players were unable to use their skills in this challenge, Dave knew that many inheritance quests' challenges had a step like this where they would have to rely on themselves instead of the skills they owned.

The large arena he stood in, was devoid of life. The floor was made of stone and dirt while the chairs were made of stone slabs, they were all empty.

However, the sound of cheers was still booming through the voided arena.

"Champion of the death god!" cried out a voice that rocked the world itself.

"Do you think yourself worthy of your deity's blessing?" spoke the voice in a rhetorical manner than before Dave could say anything he said "Then prove it!" and several creatures emerged before Dave.

At first, they were but three small rats that appeared before Dave, they were slow and weak, the three of them were Level 1.

Dave ended their lives with a single hit each.

"Very well," said the voice "You aren't as useless as you appear to be. Let's see how you will handle these!" said the voice of more than ten rats appeared before Dave.

The numbers sure were a lot, but these things wouldn't be able to make a single dent in Dave's armor or damage him a single bit.

Without waiting, Dave slashed and cut apart the small critters. If this was a challenge, then Dave could easily tide through.

Another Wave soon started without the voice speaking at all.

This time three wolves appeared before Dave.

They were also handled the same way. It was rather boring for Dave, he actually thought that he might end up facing some trouble doing this challenge, but the Death god's challenge sure was easy.

However, this fact only lasted for few more rounds. Actually, this was a test of strength designed by the system, whenever a wave was defeated a stronger wave would spawn, and once the player was unable to move forward or died they will then be given a score.

A wave of kobolds followed, then groups of goblins, then orcs. Only then was Dave received the first tick of damage


A two-handed weapon wielding orc attacked Dave with a Warhammer. Dave didn't worry at first, but now that he received Damage, he needed to steady himself and start paying attention.

The orcs were dealt with almost immediately. This challenge was generalized between all quests, and normally many players would find it rather hard and tiring fighting all these waves of monsters. Due to one single reason... Stamina.

Most of the players would suffer through these waves due to their limited Stamina and they will take a lot of time to fight against these monsters. Even weak monsters will make them spend a lot of stamina brandishing their weapons, however, Dave is currently an undead. And undead doesn't have such a limit.

The arena's atmosphere changed soon, it turned dark and torches were lit. While Dave didn't halt or stop fighting.

One hour, two, three and more... if Dave didn't take a break before to have some food he would have suffered through this round of mass murdering.

Orcs fell one after another, their ugly pig like snouts would snort every time they received damage and they would crumble after three to four hits by Dave's weapon.

They were close to level 40. Dave just broke through Level 33. And now he was gaining some Exp while fighting these creatures.

Thankfully the moment he leveled up he would regain some of his lost Hp, but Dave knew that at this rate he won't be able to survive for long.

The monsters would grow in level, while the damage penalty will start taking effect once the monsters are level 53.

Once the wave of ten orcs died, Dave was left with about 3000 Hp. That was slightly above 60% of his total Hp, though they dealt low damage he still received a constant decrease in his Hp.

"Very well Challenger, you seem to be able to handle small fries. Let's pick up the pace!"

A giant troll then appeared. It was hideous! It was at least three meters in length and had an enormous club in one of his hands. He was wearing nothing but old rags to cover his waist, while his disheveled and rot widened hair was covering most of its face. It had several blisters and rotted but terrifying looking fangs.

It howled and smacked its club down the floor and ran towards Dave.

Dave didn't bother fighting for the moment

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The troll was clearly higher level than Dave and taking a direct hit will probably make him suffer a lot.

Dave knew something about trolls as he searched about the various monsters in the game long ago.

Trolls have an enormous regeneration, even cutting their limbs is not enough for them to die. As they could regenerate a lost hand in a matter of seconds. However, on the other hand, they have a devastating weakness. Fire!

Due to the change in the settings of the arena Dave understood that the lit torches were the prelude to this fight. A warrior needs to use his brain sometimes and not only his muscles.

The moment the fight broke Dave was already near one of the torches. The Troll got closer and steered away from the lit flame. It was a natural enemy of the troll's regeneration ability.

Dave kicked the torch and it struck the dirty growing fur on the troll's right arm.

A screech emanated from its mouth as it began to howl. However, this alone was not enough.

Dave rushed forward and struck with his sword!


the troll had about 200 damage nullification and the damage dealt was not that High. However, it clearly took about 2% of the troll's Hp.

Dave didn't stop and attacked again. However, the second attack caused him to receive some damage


The basic damage of the troll was high!

Normally a monster of this level would be a nightmare of a level 30 player. However, Dave had a good amount of defense due to his armor and his bonus stats. Also with the bonus damage nullification from the shield, he didn't take much damage.

Yet Dave knew that if he was to keep this up, he would die long before the Troll would crumble. Especially with the regeneration value that was ticking every second.

The Troll would heal 0.1% of its Hp every second, and that was rather annoying. But once he was affected with the burning effect, he will lose the passive regeneration.

Dave kited the troll, evading the giant swinging club as much as he could. Every time it was swung it would force the wind to whistle and make Dave's heart tighten.

The second torch was behind Dave, but due to the Troll being incensed he didn't even bother dodging it as Dave stepped aside and the troll crashed on the flaming torch. The troll was caught on fire, as his hairy body began to lit up at an enormous speed.






Fire damage was constantly provoking and it didn't look like it would go out anytime soon. The troll was desperate and tried to attack Dave though he was still burning like a humanoid torch. Dave kept kiting the troll to nearby torches and forced it to crash into more torches. It took about three minutes of kiting until the troll finally succumbed.

"Congratulations! Now you have proved that you are a powerful ant!" said the voice with a jarring laugh.

"Now, that you have been familiarized with the waves. You can start the second and last part of this challenge. Make sure you are physically and mentally prepared. The next task is much harder!"

You have completed the wave challenge; the next challenge is a survival challenge.

the longer you last the better the reward. All your abilities will be unlocked. The enemies will correspond to your current level and the number of abilities(Skills) you currently have. You may start this quest whenever you wish.

Would you like to schedule this challenge?


Dave thought about it for a moment then he said "I would like to schedule this mission. I will start this quest in 24 hours (Game time=8 hours' real life)

Dave needed to sleep. He has been playing for the entire day now and he needed to take a rest. Sleep, shower and many other things. His mind began to become hazy from all the playing.

The game has been scheduled for


Dave then logged out and went straight to the kitchen.

He was a bit hungry so he needed to eat first. Preparing a meal of instant noodles and munching on some snacks he went back to the forums to have a look at the news.

And boy was he surprised! It seems that Mr. Skeletal's video made him a legend!