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14 Dead Realm!

 Chapter 14

Dave opened his eyes and saw where he was transported to. He was in a new and strange world. The skies were turned and the constellations were fleeting. The skies looked grim and a dark broken moon hung over the horizon. The dirt he stood above was dark and eerie. And the place he was in stunk from the smell of death. If anyone wanted to film a horror movie in this place, they would definitely win an Oscar.

However, that was not everything. Right before Dave at the far end of the horizon stood a giant palatial city. However, not of glamor and luxury. It was a towering city of death. Towers and walls made of bones and sinister looking bricks. A giant tower rose right in the middle of the city. It looked like a rising cone. Where at the top was a giant dark crystal that shone eerily.

Dave could see the crystal even from the far distance and could see the aura that was seeping from it.

Yet if that was all, Dave wouldn't have been as troubled as he was right now. Actually where he stood was in the giant courtyard before the palace. Or at least that is what Dave thought it was. Next to him, behind him, to his right and his left. Were hundreds! Thousands! Tens of thousands and maybe even more! Much more! Too many for him to even start counting! They were all undead! Skeletons! Zombies! Ghouls! And many many!

While he stood like a beacon for them. Every single one of these creatures turned their heads toward Dave's location. It was his signature, his life! It was beckoning them. The undead abhorred the living, and the living dispised the undead. It was no hard to imagine what would happen to Dave if he was standing amongst the undead.

You have entered the land of the dead.

you are currently 'alive' if you were to die in the land of the dead you will be exiled back to the land of the living.

once you die in the land of the dead your inheritance quest will be failed!

The main quest will be removed!

An unholy screech then soon followed the moment Dave read the notification. He didn't even have the time to react as a giant wave of enemies came forward! They wanted to kill him! Ravage his body and soul.

dave's mind went blank for a moment as he saw the giant wave of enemies attacking him. And at an almost instinctual level of reaction, he immediately grabbed the ring od the death god and equipped it.

Dave wanted to use this ring later on in the game, once that ring was equipped it will never be removed. And this would limit Dave's growth, however, he understood that without the ring he will be killed. The ring can grant him the appearance of an undead. And with its help, he can blend in with them. If he were to die before the quest was completed, he would want to kill himself from shame.

so without further ado; he just wielded the ring and a powerful and ancient black aura emanated from his body.

Dave used to look like a tin-man due to the 'Heavy iron armor's Skin'. Only his face was apparent, but now once he wore his ring. The armor broke apart in several places. It tore like if it was made of paper and several parts of it rusted. His skin crawled and shuddered as it began to shrivel up. His eyes received, his facial skin was eliminated and all of his body's internal organs turned to nothing.

Dave could now feel wind passing through his body! Literally. And as he looked down, he saw that he was nothing more than a skeleton wearing an old, rusted looking armor.

That was not all, the moment the transformation ended, every single monster before him had a green tag on their heads. They stopped, they were stunned at the sudden change, but none of them even bothered to find an explanation.

They worked with a simple process



As simple as that.

Thus, Dave was saved due to the low intelligence of these creatures.

Dave heaved a sigh of relief as he began organizing his thoughts.

He inspected his status screen to see the changes that happened. He was afraid that with the current transformation that his equipment may have been destroyed.

Level 27

Name Death Stroke

Race Human (Undead)

Health 4200+(210)

Mana 1100 +(55)

Stamina Unlimited

Rage/Focus 100

Intelligence 110 +(5.5)

Wisdom 110 +(5.5)

Dexterity 110 +(5.5)

Agility 110 +(15)

Vitality 10 +(0.05)

Strength 150 +(5.5)

Magic Absorbtion 500

Damage Nullification 1000

Immunity 10% +(0.05)% - -

HP Regen 0.1/sec +(0)

Mana Regen 1.1/sec +(0)

Stamina Regen +∞


Regen 1/sec

Title I know it all!

Thankfully, there was no change to his status. But there was a simple addition to it. but once Dave took a careful look he was immediately stunned.

Unlimited stamina?!!!

What the hell? Even the regen is capped at +∞ what the hell was this?!

Dave's mind went blank for a moment, then he touched on the "Undead" that was next to his current race.

You are currently an undead creature. With this, you gained the undead race's bonus trait.

Never tier, never hunger, never fear!

Unlimited stamina/infinite stamina regen/ great weakness towards the light/holy elements. Cannot be healed via healing spells, and will receive double damage. Can only reconstruct yourself with the life of others. Fear-inducing effects are nullified against undead.(would an already dead person fear anything?)

killing enemies grants you a portion of their life essence healing you. And can be healed via consuming dark spells.

"Ah, so this was a bonus of the undead race's trait... quite amazing to a warrior type, however the weakness of this trait is absurd... an undead with unlimited stamina would be most supreme! in fighting bosses, however, if they were 'healed' they will take damage. Damn...but for solo play they should be amazing..."

"Now, what am I supposed to do?" said Dave. However, as he tried to speak the words, only the clacking ob his jaws were heard. He didn't have any vocal voice, it was rather creepy.

Dave looked at the map and found nothing, this place was cut off the outside of the game.

Dave began to panic for a bit, how was he supposed to leave this place? If he needed to resupply? How will he do it? his level is too low for him to face the Death King who is probably at the top of the tower. how can he level up? True there are a lot of undead monsters here, but most of them had Red skulls on their heads when Dave entered this place. He can't fight them. And now they are all friendly...

Is there a problem in the game sitting? Thought Dave. Then he had no choice but to call for ALBERT.

The moment he spoke the words, an old and gentle looking butler appeared.

"What is the problem young man...oh, it is you." Said, Albert, as he 'Remembered' the old man's name.

"I think there is a problem in this expansion. I am stuck in this place, I can't leave. How am I supposed to finish the quest if all the monsters here are undead? I won't be able to level up, nor complete the quest. Isn't this a problem?" asked Dave.

"Indeed, this is quite problematic, actually this expansion was not supposed to be opened until the average level of players reaches the 500. The quest you have is rather too difficult for you. But normally this was supposed to happen. This is a closed area, for the moment only you are present. It was supposed to be a pioneer zone for those that managed to start the inheritance quest. And now you are the sole person in this place. I will initiate the questline for you but make it 'possible' for you to start the mission needed for completion."

The butler waved his hand and a notification appeared before Dave.

Call of the Undead King.

The undead king has grown tired of waiting. Those that stand at his gates are his servants. You will be teleported to start your first mission.

[In the end only the dead shall remain!]

Chained quest.

[In the end only the dead shall remain!]

In 1 hour, you will be teleported with a platoon to take down some wandering adventures. Finish your quest to gain contribution points.

contribution points depend on the efficiency of your quest completion.

once you gain enough contribution points, you will have the right to 'challenge' one tier higher supervision. Gaining his position will grant you the right to command over his troops. Losing will consume all of your contribution points and you will have to start all over.

"Oh, so a PK quest? Nice!" said Dave as he understood.

"Normally, this was supposed to happen later in the game, as a pioneer you will have the chance to start the quest first. Once the expansion is opened, the Race 'Undead' will be available to everyone. And they will also have the right to start the challenges. If you die once, you will be kicked out of the expansion and you will have to wait for it to open to challenge it from the start." Said ALBERT.

"Oh, then what if I manage to defeat the undead king before the expansion opens? I guess that I can climb in rank all the way to the top right?"

"Indeed, you can climb all the way to the top. I will even give you a list of the tiers and neede contribution points to have the right to challenge higher authorities. But to defeat the undead king? Alone? That is impossible. He is too strong. And it is a regional boss. It needs an entire army to defeat, they must first destroy the armies stationed here, then climb the seven floors of the palace to have the right to challenge him. Each floor has a boss guarding it, and the Undead King is the last one." Said, Albert,

"However, defeating the undead King will not go unrewarded. To defeat him means that one had gained the right to rule over the dead. The right to command his army. The right to start a world conquest and this is what this game is all about. The undead king is one of the major bosses in this game, and with his power, he can topple over cities.

Do you think that you alone have the chance to defeat something that could threaten the world of conquest?" asked Albert in a teasing manner

The only thing that Dave hates the most is being belittled. And Albert did so just now. However, due to him being just an AI Dave didn't get angry with him. He knew how hard it would be, but he never backed down from something before he tried.

"I will give it a try." Said Dave with a smirk as he looked forward.

He then thought about something

"To defeat the undead King means that I will be able to command this legion... an overpowered army of the undead... wouldn't that be cool? I wonder how people would think when they see something this huge charging at their territories..." said Dave "Gaining territories is the best way to become richer... with that, you can get the control over a region, and have a percentage of its taxes as your salary.

Also, you will have control over the teleportation circle within the regions and can input any amount of money in it for people's usage... crossing the vast distances between cities on foot is time-consuming... gaining the control over the teleportation circles in cities is an incredible mean to get a lot of money... I should really think about this seriously" thought Dave.

Dave didn't notice that he had a strange habit. Whenever he is pondering he would tap his right-hand fingers on his chin. And now with his skeleton figure, it would make eerie tapping sounds as bone tapped on bones.

Whenever Dave entered this state. This would only mean one thing. That no matter how high the challenge, it would be taken seriously and conquered eventually!