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12 Unfair?

 Chapter 12

"Fuckkkkk!!!" Cried out Bone Breaker as he was standing in the graveyard near Moria.

"Hey, you fucking bastard!" shouted Stainless Steel who was sitting recovering his Hp. "What was stupid shit you pulled there? Are you fucking tired of living?"

Naturally, this was the natural reaction of Stainless Steel. The Tank that he relied on betrayed him by clearing his aggro. A priest cannot remove their aggro value without drinking that potion. Though Stainless Steel had a similar potion, he was too distracted to even think about drinking it while the Giant Abyssal Knight was hammering him with his weapon.

eventually, the guy that betrayed him ended up being killed. Stainless Steel didn't know if he should be angry or laugh at the idiot's fate.

"Stop with that shit right now, we have a fucking huge problem here!" Said Bone Breaker while gritting his teeth.

"What problem? Yo fucked me over for that Boss's Loot and ended up with nothing. You fucking idiot!" said Stainless Steel as he held his staff forward. He was prepared to duke it out with Bone Breaker right now and here.

Due to the sudden appearance of Bone Breaker in the graveyard, Stainless Steel knew that he had low HP for the moment. Stainless Steel was sent to the graveyard twenty seconds before him, so he had the chance to recover his Hp. While Bone Breaker just arrived, he had a low Hp and it was critical. A single spell from Stainless Steel would kill him again. Forcing him to die once more.

"Stop that shit!" Said Bone Breaker. "We have been played!" he said

"Played? The way I see it you fucker tried to screw me over, what the fuck is this nonsense you are speaking about?" said Stainless Steel while he was truly infiltrated.

"Death Stroke! That fucker was still there in the room! He never let! That asshole was hiding in the room. He must have drunk an invisibility potion. Didn't you notice that the log out animation didn't initiate?" said Bone Breaker

Normally when a player logs out, they have to remain motionless for 5 seconds while an animation would start. This was to make people aware that others were logging out. But due to the various events that happened in the dungeon, the two of them never paid attention to the animation, so they thought that he just logged out. Furthermore, how would a noob get enough money to buy an invisibility potion? He was Level 1 for god sake, at most he would have about 10-20 copper coins. That was pathetic! An invisibility potion of the lowest grades costs 100 Gold coins.

Then it struck them!

"That fucker must have sold the items we gave him! Arghhhhh!" cried Out Bone Breaker.

Then a notification appeared before him

You have died to a player, you have lost your inheritance fragment!

Your Inheritance Quest has been removed.

Bone Breaker's face paled!

"NOOOOOOOO!" he began to cry out as if maddened with rage and hatred!

Stainless Steel was a bit shocked seeing Bone Breaker cry out like a madman though he was truly pissed off. He didn't believe that he would be as angered as Bone Breaker. He was played by Bone breaker, but still, even bone breaker got killed, Why wouldn't he be pissed off, But Bone Breaker's anger was overexaggerated.

"What the fuck dude, calm your tits!" Said Stainless Steel.

"Shut the fuck up! Do you know what just happened!" said Bone Breaker "My inheritance quest! It has been removed! That fucker took the inheritance fragment!"

"You had an inheritance quest going on?" said Stainless steel a bit surprised but he understood Bone Breaker's rage. Inheritance quests, before they are completed they needed the player to carry around the inheritance fragment. Once the quest is complete the inheritance will be player bound. However, if a player dies during the quests, he will drop his fragment. And it had a 100% chance drop rate.

But why would he drop it? Normally dying from monsters shouldn't affect it. only players killed by other players would force the Item to drop. Monsters shouldn't be able to get drops from players.

"You deserve it," Said Stainless Steel. Indeed, it was understandable. He was doing an inheritance quest and didn't tell him, that meant that he never trusted Stainless Steel. Which is understandable. If a player knows you have an inheritance fragment on you, they will do everything to kill you. Inheritances are powerful power-ups to a player.

"You don't fucking understand! That was an inheritance fragment related to the main quest! It should be at least Grade A!" cried out Bone Breaker.

Stainless Steel gasped. An inheritance of at least grade A should be vied over in all over the game. Every guild would go to war over it. not to mention if it is an S class inheritance fragment. Then not only would the guilds all over the game vie over it. every single player would rush here just for a chance at obtaining it!

Inheritances were proved to be one of the strongest power-ups of the game. It can make a player an actual god! Why wouldn't people vie over it?

Stainless Steel only grew angrier. That fucker had an inheritance fragment of that level and never mentioned anything! No wonder he tried to get him killed. So that he would obtain it without troubles. Now a noob had managed to take it? that was inconceivable!

"What do you mean you dropped it? Shouldn't have been able to kill that guy, though? He is level 27!" said Stainless Steel who was trying to figure out what happened.

"That fucker! He waited until the last second! I had the fight in my hand! the boss was going to strike down with his last hit! My {Block} was ready and before I could use it that fucker used destructive smash on me! I got stunned and the boss finished me! Fuck! He should follow our suit. The moment the boss kills him I will kill him and get back my fragment!"said Bone Breaker.

"Huh? If that is right, he should have died the moment you died. Don't you think that it had taken too much time? A level 27 noo shouldn't be able to withstand even a single hit from the boss?"

Then it just struck Bone Breaker. He was actually too confused to even think properly. With everything that just happened. He just noticed another notification!

You have reached the end of your journey in the Main quest.

You have not completed the quest, due to this the bonus award of the quest has been omitted.

Awards for finishing some of the quest steps:

20 000 000XP

Level Up!

You have received

100 Gold Coins.

If Bone Breaker was angry before. Now he had not the slightest expression on his face.

He was kicked out of his own quest. This means that the boss had died, or that Death Stroke had managed to finish the requirements for the next step in the continuous questline.

Bone Breaker's face turned deathly pale.

Stainless Steel had the same expression. This was a shared quest, the guy they invited had managed to finish this step without them. He is now able to continue the quest, while they were kicked out from it. wasn't the system being unfair?

"ALFRED!" cried out Bone Breaker!

A stout looking butler soon appeared before them.

"Yes?" said the butler.

This was the Game's Ai "ALFRED"

"There is a problem with a quest! We shared a quest with someone else, he is just level 27 and we were kicked out of it, while he had the chance to continue! He initiated Pk in a dungeon ruining our chance of finishing the quest properly!"

"This is not a bug or glitch! Like I said Only call me when there is a problem with the game. Players' actions are not under my jurisdiction. And you should have been careful inviting untrusted people in your quest. You have been awarded proper compensation for reaching this stage in your quest, there is no problem with that. As for the player's actions, they are not deemed worth my investigation, besides sexual harassment, there is nothing I can do for you." Said Alfred and disappeared from sight.

"Fuck!!! This system is corrupt! Shit damn!" said Bone Breaker as he began cursing and shouting to the high heavens.

While this was happening, a totally different scene happened before Death Stroke...