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11 Death-Stroke!

 Chapter 11

The fight became more dangerous as time went by, simply put. Skills had cooldowns. As for bosses, their cooldowns were rather short. This was to protect the boss against hordes of enemies. Without short cooldown skill, a boss would be nothing more than a punching bag for everyone to toy with.

However, the two players were restrained due to their high cooldowns. {Anchor Hall} could only be used once every 5 seconds.

So is {Block}. That is of course if it was maxed out. A level 300 player would naturally have maxed out that skill, but still, he needed to time his attacks with careful calculations. 5 seconds might look like a short amount of time. But with a boss hitting like a machine gun, it felt like years.

A paladin didn't only have these two skills of course. Bone Breaker began to make a defensive skill rotation to help him sustain the powerful assault of the boss.

{Iron Will} a powerful damage reduction skill was used to protect Bone crusher against an incoming attack. It was still 3 more seconds before his {Block} would be available so he had to use this life-saving skill.

{Iron Will} will reduce 75% of the damage dealt with a character for 10 seconds. This would buy Bone breaker a lot of time to sustain the assault. However, Bone Breaker underestimated the level difference between him and the boss.

[-126 662!]

an impressive damage value appeared before Bone breaker which made his face paler!

A damage value that exceeded the hundred thousand appears even under the 75% reduction! This was inconceivable.

Bone Breaker's Maximum Hp was about 450 000. He could only take three of these attacks, the fourth will definitely kill him, and that was under the effect of {Iron will}.

A green Health value soon showed up on him.

[+16 000]

This was a Healing spell from Stainless steel. Compared to the damage value, it was pitiful. However, it was enough, as this spell was called {Higher Healing} and had a relatively low cooldown.

The priest then casts, {Regeneration} which healed a fixed percentage value of the target's Hp.

About 2% Hp/second for 10 seconds.

Once regeneration's time has ended Bone Breaker would receive 20% of his Hp back. It was rather pathetic but for the moment it was life-saving.

Bone breaker didn't just rely on Stainless steel. He also drank Healing potions. This fight needed him to go all out. And even though the healing potions were rather expensive. It was still worth it for him.

[+10 000]




The fight went on. Normally the boss should have switched targets to the priest, he has been healing like a crazy person. However, Bone breaker still managed to keep the aggro of the boss on him. His threat level was actually increasing by the second. This was another ability of a paladin.

It was a passive skill that would slowly increase his threat value once he enters a fight against (Unholy) types of enemies. Still, that shouldn't have been enough. Therefore, Bone Breaker was drinking a great potion. This would constantly fule his threat level.

The boss then used his first skill.

It was similar to destructive smash!

He held his sword high and crashed down. Bone breaker was instantly put under a stun effect and received another devastating damage value!

[ -175 666]

And few stars began to swirl around his head

{Warior's will!} Cast bone breaker!

A skill that removed debuffs. It was an indispensable skill for any decent warrior. This would remove all kinds of slow/stun/silence/restraint effects it was a powerful skill however, its cooldown was fixed at 20 seconds!

If the boss was to use another destructive smash, then bone breaker can kiss this quest goodbye.

Moreover, that damage value was still under the reduction of 75% damage from {Iron will}.

This was a breathtaking fight. There needed to be not a single mistake! If the players were unskilled then they would die! This was a dungeon made for at least three people.

If they were to swap aggro and exchange the damage. Then maybe it would be handled with ease. However, with just two players it was a very difficult task. Bone breaker deep down knew this, but he refused to add others to the party. He didn't want to share this quest's rewards.

If he wanted he would have taken all to himself. Afterall this was A main quest! The rewards should be luxurious!

Bone Breaker then began formulating a plan. After more than twenty seconds of taking damage and fighting using all of his skills came the second destructive smash!

It had a 25-second cooldown calculated Bone Breaker.

With the help of the priest. His character's abilities, and well-forged skills in the game. Bone Breaker began to see the light of hope!

The boss had barely 10% remaining Hp! This means it had 20 seconds more for it to live!

His {iron will} will be off cooldown in about 10 seconds! This means that if he were to time it right. He would be able to cast iron will once before the fight would end. Bone breaker relied on several healing potions accompanied by {Block} to sustain the heavy damage value of the boss. He even cast {Holy radiance} which negates 100% of the damage for 3 seconds.

Most of his cards were laid down, and now the final part of his plan was about to be executed.

The boss would land one attack every two seconds. The boss's {Destructive smash} would be used in about 18 seconds! At that time His block would be ready! The moment the boss will stun him! He will use {Warrior's will} to remove the stun, and instantly use {Block} to block the other, and should be the last hit by the boss before it would die!

This was perfect! With that, he would be able to survive! Now with this in mind Bone breaker noticed that his Hp was about 200 000 hp! With 75% reduction of the boss damage, his destructive smash would only land about 170 000 damage. He would still have 30 000hp! Accompanied by {Block}, he can negate the boss's attack and survive the trial!

The last part of the plan needed to be initiated right now!

He pulled a potion and drank it!

It was a bluish potion. It had a lustrous glimmer to it.

[Cleansing potion] a cleansing potion had nothing but a simple task. It cleared a user's Aggro and threat level!

The moment he drank it, the boss immediately ignored him and went to the priest!

"What the hell!" cried out Stainless steel as a powerful attack came his way.

[-260 222] a huge damage value appeared on top of the priest! Normally the damage value should have been much higher. But Stainless steel was able to cast a {God's Blessing} on himself a moment before he was struck down!

{God's Blessing} is a damage reduction skill. Although it was not as powerful as the tank's {Iron Will} for a priest it was considered a life-saving skill.

Stainless steel was not an idiot. He immediately understood Bone breaker's scheme. He wanted everything to himself. The moment the boss dies everything it will drop will eventually come to Bone Breaker's hand if Stainless Steel were to die. He grunted and cast several skills to save himself but to no avail! He was killed in another two blows. His corps disappeared the moment it touched the ground. It was already transported to the graveyard.

Bone Breaker knew that his relationship with Stainless steel might not be remedied after his betrayal, but he weighed the benefits of the loot from the boss. And it outweighed the value of his so-called 'Friend'

Now the boss after having wasted several seconds turned around to face Bone Breaker as he was the only target left.

Bone Breaker was aware of his ability to perfectly counter the boss's attacks. He only needed to survive until the last two seconds. There were only 10 seconds left.

Bone Breaker ran away from the boss as fast as he could. The boss chased him.

6 seconds remaining!

The boss reached Bone Breaker. And struck down.


Bone Breaker Was slightly pushed due to the strength of the boss, but he was not sent flying like the first time!

The damage was negated!

This bought Bone Breaker 1 second!

5 seconds remaining!

{God's Blessing!}

This made Bone breaker invincible for 3 seconds! Not even the knock Back effect would affect him!

the three seconds passed slowly! They were like hours to Bone Breaker. He could already smell the victory!

The three long seconds ended while Bone Breaker prepared for the incoming attack!

The boss struck down with a destructive smash. The boss's Hp was nearly emptied! Only 1% remained!

[-180 552]

an impressive damage value appeared on top of Bone Breaker's head!

The stun effect took over. Now if Bone breaker did not remove it, he would be hit once again by the boss. He had only 20 000 hp remaining! This was much lower than the damage the boss could deal.

However, a knowing smile appeared on his head. He knew he had victory on his hands.

{Warrior's Will!} Roared Bone Breaker! He removed the stun effect and prepared to use Block.

This is it! Victory! The last tick of the boss's Hp would land the moment he blocked that attack! He would achieve victory! And the loot will be all his!

He already began fantasizing about the epicness of a loot from an Etheral tiered boss. It would turn people green with envy! Some large guilds may pay ridiculous amounts of money to obtain them. He could already feel himself becoming rich! This all happened in less than half of a second!

The moment the attack was about to land Bone Breaker was raising his shield to activate {Block}

However, before the skill would activate. He felt an itch on his back.

You have been stunned for 1 second

You have been attacked by a player. You can retaliate in the next 10 minutes!


"Huh?" thought Bone Breaker. Attacked by a player? How come? Many questions began to turn around Bone Breaker's head but he couldn't explain it!

It can't be Stainless Steel! No matter how fast he was, he couldn't be able to go back from the graveyard which was at Moria, and rush all the way here fighting monsters and finally entering the dungeon just to attack him, no it was impossible! They needed three players to open the pathway! Even so, if it was Stainless Steel, the damage value should not have been 0!

However, that 0 damage filled him with dread! It meant that the one that attacked him was much lower level than him! There was only one guy that met that criteria!

Yet before he could link the dots.

[-178 400!]

You died!

You will be sent to the closest graveyard outside the dungeon

Just as his body was falling. He managed to look at the one that attacked him. It was a guy wearing level 20 armor! He had a strange and irritating smile on his face!

It was him! It was that fucking bastard!

Death stroke!