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9 A king and a Servant!

 Once they got closer to the decrypted giant skeleton on the back of the hall, Bone Breaker held his huge sword and struck down. Destroying the old remains.

This was of course after a cutscene that Dave saw. It seems that this skeleton could not be destroyed normally one has to have the required Quest.

Once the skeleton was destroyed, a small gate behind it was revealed. This gate had three small openings.

"Place your hand in any of the holes," said Bone Breaker.

As he placed his hand on the central opening.

Stainless steel did the same. And the leftmost hole was for Dave.

Dave didn't argue, he had a fear that his hand might get chopped off, but this was just a game.

Once Dave placed his hand he waited for a moment.

A minute... two... nothing happened.

"What is wrong?" asked Stainless steel.

"I don't know, did we do something wrong? This was all in the Quest. It clearly stated that three people were to place their hands here the hidden part of the dungeon would be unlocked..." said Bone Breaker.

"Is it because he is low leveled?" asked Stainless steel as he looked a bit disgusted. They waisted a lot of time on this stupid quest for them to be stuck at the last stage.

"No, I don't think so. It said, three people, it didn't mention their level..."

Dave then interjected

"I guess I know why," he said

The two of them looked at him a bit disdainfully. How would a nooby even know how this quest, that took them, god, knows how much time to initiate and fulfill the requirement they needed for the last part. How would he know that? He probably just started playing a few days ago, the two of them had spent almost two years in the game!

Bone Breaker made a strange look towards Stainless Steel but they didn't say anything. They probably sent private messages to each other so that Dave wouldn't know their thoughts.

"Well, I think it is because I didn't receive the quest... is it possible to share the quest?" Asked Dave.

The two of them had an even uglier look on their faces once Dave asked about sharing the quest. This would limit their gains... but they had no choice in the matter.

At least for them, Dave was low level and if he were to try to get some of the loots of the possible hidden boss they could just kill him before the fight even starts, then they would deal with the boss alone and everything will be theirs.

If they were to hire a higher level character they might get greedy, if they didn't share with them, they would probably ruin their chance of fighting the potential hidden boss here.

Also, there is a risk that the other party might ask their guild to join in on this discovery and might attempt the dungeon, barring the two that discovered the place from gaining anything.

They could do nothing. Sharing with the lowbie was the only choice they had.

"Here," said Bone Breaker.


You have accepted a Shared Quest!

Though you didn't start the quest you will receive the same benefits of quest completion.

Discover the whereabouts of the Exiled Knight!

This is a continuous Main Quest.

Finishing it will grant yo luxurious rewards.

Quest difficulty


"Wow! A main questline" Said Dave "And an S class quest at that too... this must have taken you a lot of effort to manage..." but before he would finish his words he was interrupted by Bone Breaker

"Hurry up and place your hands there, we don't have time to spare."

Dave kept quiet and submissively placed his hands in the hole.

Almost instantly the whole door shuddered and it spun with the three of them still placing their hands on the holes to the other side.

It seems Dave's deduction was right.

Once they were on the other side of the now-closed Pathway a circular hall greeted them. It had a dozen glowing lamps, of an eerie blue color to them.

And in the center of the circular space was a kneeling body of a terrifying looking creature.

It was an undead. A skeleton wearing glorious and ceremonial armor. It was pitch black, with a horned helmet. A round shield tattered with scares of old battles. With a ginormous sword on the other hand. the sword would easily have the width of a man's waist. While the round shield was ridiculously thick.

He had a pitch black armor with black dragons sculpted on it. He had a left shoulder guard that protruded too high and almost covered half of his helmet. If the skeleton was to raise the shield on his left, he would be fully covered from that side.

His sword was a silver color and looked sinister. It was jagged, almost brittle looking, but still, it had an ominous aura surrounding it. that blade must have taken thousands of lives.

However, this monster was unidentifiable. He was kneeling towards a statue of a king of sorts... the king had only a crown of bones on his head, while he sat on a throne made of stone and skulls.

This sight was too eerie, too terrifying... however, the two "bullies" looked enthralled. They were happy! This was the boss they needed to defeat to continue on with their quest.

"Alright, final step. You do it Bone breaker" said Stainless Steel as he moved back and began drinking all sort of potions.

Those were expensive looking potions, mana regeneration potions, Power Augmentation potions and a magic increasing potions.

These guys looked to be prepared

Bone Breaker did the same and then looked at Dave with a sinister look.

Dave unconsciously was on guard and was ready to use the item he bought from the alchemist shop at any moment.

"Hey, Death stroke. Thank you for your help, now let's not make it hard. You should leave this place, you are of no use to us now." Said Bone Breaker

Well, at least they asked Him to leave, so Dave wasn't that bothered. He really wanted to know how the quest would end, but it seems that these guys didn't want to share the awards.

"But the door is closed. I can't leave." Said Dave.

"Ah, you are right here," said Bone crusher as he gave Dave a scroll.

He then held his sword above his shoulder in a threatening manner.

"Be a good lad and use that to leave this place." Said bone crusher in a dismissive manner.

"Ah... alright, no need to be difficult I guess, thank you for the free XP" said Dave and took the scroll.

However, the moment he tore it

You are unable to teleport outside this dungeon!

It seems that dave was unable to teleport outside...

The moment the two of them saw that Dave was still here even after he tore the scroll they understood, due to their experience in the game, that this place was a teleport forbidden zone.


You have been kicked out of the party!

The moment Dave saw that he instantly reacted by jumping backward and drinking a potion. Due to him turning and facing away, the two of them didn't see Dave drinking a potion.

Dave then disappeared!

"What the hell?" said Bone Breaker.

"Where did he go?" asked Stainless Steel.

"He must have logged out. That bastard knew that we were going to kill him the moment we reached the boss... did you add him to your friend list? See if he is still logged in!" said Stainless steel.

"He disabled friend request, we can't find out, but I guess he must have logged out. There is no way to explain his disappearance, he didn't enter combat and he could log out whenever he is out of combat. Sigh" Said Bone Breaker.

"Well, he is just a level 25, he can't do anything to us, but I fear that he might get some guilds to come here and annoy us in fighting this boss." Said Stainless steel.

"Nah, they need to have the quest enabled, and it only accepts three people, as long as the two of us don't open the door for them, they won't be able to get in. however, there is a problem, if we die here, we will need to look for that cunt to open up the gate again... shit." Said Bone Crusher.

"Nah, I don't think we will lose, although this guy looks strong," said Stainless steel looking at the kneeling Skeleton

"This is a level 100-200 dungeon. It shouldn't be problematic for us. At most we will fight a hidden boss of level 300, the two of us can handle it." said Stainless Steel

Alright, let's start the fight. Said Bone Breaker.

On the side of the room under one of the lights was a hidden body of a person.

That was Dave, he never left the room, he never logged out. He drank a potion. An invisibility potion that can make people temporarily invisible. It costs 100Gold coin, but for the moment it was more than worth it for Dave.

It would last for 10 minutes and can be dissolved once Dave enters combat. This was a potion that enables people to become invisible, and it was really costly. However, it pales in comparison to a thief's Invisibility. Because a thief can have 100% increased movement speed while being invisible, while Dave could only maintain his normal speed.

A thief can have a bonus damage once he leaves stealth, but not someone that drank this potion. Furthermore. This potion had a terrible drawback.

Once in the aggro range of a monster that his higher level than the user. The invisibility will disappear.

This potion was given to the public to evade problematic people. Girls especially used this to evade stalkers. And Dave was doing this to survive...

And so, Dave remained put. Watching Bone Breaker approaching the kneeling Undead.