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8 My precious!

 It was actually an anti-climatic fight, really. The damage that the Death Knight would deal with the two didn't amount to a single digit value. He was being played with. One would actually feel pity for the poor Death Knight.

However, this is the game. These skeletons might prove challenging to players with similar Levels, but to these guys, this miniboss was nothing but a pushover.

this was a savage Tiered Beast. Dave then brought forward his Bestiary to see the tiers of the monsters, he was told by the two dudes that there were several but now that he has a bestiary he could check it out himself.

Tier Monsters/Level

Normal 1-100 :Skeletons-Skeleton Elites-Skeleton captain.

Savage 100-200: Lesser Death Knight.

Fierce 200-300: No entry.

Desolate 300-400: No entry.

Epic 400-500: No entry.

Mythic 500-600: No entry.

Ethereal 600-700: No entry.

Holy/Unholy 700-800: No entry.

Demonic/angelic 800-900: No entry.

Divine/Devilish 900-999: No entry.

God 1000: Endgame boss.

It seemed to dave that every time he sees a new creature they will be added to his bestiary. Information regarding these creatures would pop out. Showing their strength and weaknesses, and even ways to deal with.

The skeletons were rather easy to defeat, they had low Defense values and had a weakness towards magic attacks, especially attacks with holy attributes. Even healing could deal devastating damage to these weak skeletons.

The Death Knight entry, however, was different, although still weak towards the holy element he had much more Hp and had a strong attacking power. Though he was lower leveled than the two "Bullies" he could still easily chop Dave's head off.

Dave knew this was a fight he couldn' win if he were to ever face against this knight at his current level.

He was but level 25. And the Lesser Death Knight was a three skulled Monster. And is already classed as a Savage tier monster. Which is too much for the current Dave. However, that didn't stop him from assisting the two bullies.

Mainly because he wanted to level up his Destructive smash skill.

So he went behind the Death Knight and struck down with his skill every time it was off cooldown.

"Oy, This guy has an AOE attack that might kill you. Don't get yourself killed yet, we still need you if you die you will respawn outside this dungeon and will have to get all the way back here..."

This statement took Dave by surprise, "Don't get yourself killed Yet" they said. This would imply that once they have no usage for him... Dave might get killed. It was not a problem for Dave, he already obtained many things from them but still, Dave felt a bit stifled at being used. He was trying to convince himself that it was alright, but still, he couldn't bear with it.

Then Dave told himself, that if they were to truly go on and attempt to kill him, he will use the item he bought from the alchemist shop and escape. But if they were to ask him to leave quietly and without making problems he will agree. He already got more than his worth. Dave knew this.

Back at the fight...

Normally the two guys could take care of a lesser Death knight in less than a minute.

However, Boss class monsters in dungeons are given a huge advantage, mainly a high Hp bar.

So it took two minutes for the two of them to take it down. It was probably a level 180-190 so it must have had a lot of hp. But Dave couldn't see it, due to the difference in Level. However, he could still see the damage dealt by his party members.

[-66 887!]

This was the damage dealt by the sword of Bone Breaker. It was enormous, to say the least!

However, that would only shave off about 10% of the Death Knight's Hp, and it was probably a damage dealt by a skill. Normal attacks dealt less damage, but that was normal because they were unrestrained, unlike skills. A player can use Normal Attacks as much as they want if their Stamina allows them to.

Some weapons consume huge amounts of stamina per strike. Dave's weapon was a low leveled one, and would only consume about 20 stamina/Hit.

This was, of course, enough for Dave to land about 120 consecutive attacks! However, they will only deal 0 damage so it was useless. His skill {Destructive Smash} on the other hand, can stun the target, which was appreciated in a fight.


Destructive Smash reached level

Amature 3

That was a surprising notification. Once again the skill leveled up and Dave gained another 5% increased damage. And 5 second reduced cooldown time.

The moment the last hit struck the monster died and it dropped an item.

The two guys looked at each other. They felt a bit of guilt, so Bone Breaker said something.

"Oh, this is rather useless... hey, Death Stroke, you want this?" asked Bone Breaker.

He handed over a broken looking shield, which the lesser death knight used to wield.

Broken ancient shield.



Requirement: Level 80

+ 2000 Hp

+1000 Damage nullification

+200 magic absorption

+200 strength

That was a rather good shield, thought Dave, but he still didn't have the required level to wield it.

"Too bad, the lesser Death knights don't drop their original equipment. A true death knight has an amazing looking gear, but no one had ever managed to get them. They seem impossible to drop. Sigh," sighed Bone Breaker.

Dave accepted the shield without question and placed it in his inventory. Free things should not be declined.

"Alright, thank you for your kindness," said Dave, sounding like a true noob.

Dave played a lot of games before this. He didn't have much to do to pass the time. Dave's schooling ended once he finished Highschool. He was left with a lot of time. Most of the day he would go to work, and at night he would spend it playing games. So he had a good understanding of many game mechanics. And due to his childhood. Dave got scammed a lot, and with the previous "experience" scamming Dave would be an impossibility.

Dave's mentality was vastly different from kids his age. He was like an adult in a youngster's body. He knew his responsibilities and knew his limits. Many youths his age would chase skirts, but he would remain true to his nature, he would try his best to secure his future, otherwise, his days would look grim.

So Dave followed the two without asking questions.

Another long corridor filled with skeletons and skeleton Elites appeared before them, but that was nothing to the two. They defeated every one of them and reached the end of the "Tombe" in less than an hour.

Before the three was a huge skeleton. It was not a boss, but the remains of something ancient that died a long time ago.

"The boss of this dungeon was a powerful Death Knight. Unlike that trash we saw before, the boss of this place was a Fierce tiered monster. It was level 300. It would have been quite the challenge to fight with the two... three of us, but it is long since dead." Said Bone Breaker

Dave remembered that Fierce monsters can reach from Level 200 to 300 while Desolate Monsters would go from 300 to 400. The two shared the level 300. But Dave knew that even if a Fierce monster was level 300 against a level 300 Desolate monster it would be powerless. The difference in tier means not only the difference in level. It also means the difference in the power of a monster.

The two of them moved closer to a simple looking coffin. It was one of many, and people would usually ignore them, they couldn't be opened or destroyed, so no one bothered.

However, this coffin was different. It seems that one would need to have a certain quest to be able to move the coffin.

The coffin's cover was then pushed to the side. And Bone Breaker picked up a glowing ring from within it.

"You or me?" asked Bone Breaker addressing Stainless steel.

"You should do it," said Stainless steel

"Many thanks." Said Bone breaker as he looked giddy.

The ring was ominous, it had a golden luster to it, while a skull was printed on it. it was a bit too big too wide for a ring. If one were to wear it, it would cover a big portion of their finger but leaving them the ability to move their fingers normally. It would look rather cool.

However, Bone Breaker didn't wear it. he just kept it on his hand.

"Let's go," said Bone Breaker as he approached the huge skeleton.