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5 The benevolent duo


Destructive Smash reached level

Amature 2

Finally, after two hours of smashing around, the skill managed to level up!


Destructive Smash

Skill Level Armature (2)

Damage / Effects 55% Weapon damage

Stuns target for 1 second

Rarity Common (E)

Cost 45 stamina 10 Rage points

Cool down 55 Seconds

"Well, the only difference is the slight increase in damage and the cooldown reduction by 5 seconds. Also, stamina cost had decreased by a slight bit" said Dave to himself.

He turned back to see the instructor that has just "conveniently" come back.

"Mr. Juda, I have leveled up the skill to level two." Said Dave. This was the requirement for him to have the chance to go to the church so that he would start his planning class questline.

"Oh, that was rather fast! You sure are hardworking. Here you go!" said Juda as he handed Dave a sealed Letter.

Quest item

Sealed letter.

"Hand this over to the Bishop in the church. It's at the northern side of town, I marked it on your map so you don't get lost." Said Juda and the exclamation mark on his head vanished. It seems that he no longer has anything to say to Dave so he dismissed himself.

Dave then took a look at his map and found out that the church was not that far from where he was. He then headed north of the town and managed to find a small church that had a couple of guards on its front door.

"Halt, where are you headed young man?" said one of the guards. The both of them had Green names so they were friendly but it seems to Dave that they were programmed to do their job properly as guards. Looking at Dave who didn't have the attire of a church's believer they had to ask questions.

"I need to meet with the Bishop, I have a sealed Letter from Master Juda that I need to hand it to him personally." Said Dave calmly.

"Ah, a letter from Master Juda. So you are one of the new recruits. Alright, you may get in" said the guard and gave way for Dave.

Once inside the church, he noticed that it was similar to the orthodox churches of the Christian religion. Dave was not much of a believer but he went to church several times. Mainly to donate some of his hard earned money.

There was a man wearing red ceremonial gowns. A look of piety was showing on his face and a blue exclamation mar was on his head.

Once Dave got in range the man looked up and with a pious look he opened both his arms and spoke in a manner worthy of a saint

"Welcome young one to the church of the god of justice!" said the man.

"Thank you for receiving me your Excellency," said Dave without wait he added "I have been sent by Master Juda and I wish to serve the church in becoming one of its shields," said Dave. This was the dialogue needed for him to say I initiate the quest.

"Oh, a young man like you wishes to serve the holy church, you have the heart of a good and benevolent person, but just the heat cannot defend the people you need to prove your strength first to make people follow the teachings of gods." Said the man.

"This is a letter from master Juda, he asked me to deliver it to you as proof of my strength." Said, Dave, as he handed the letter.

It instantly disappeared from Dave's inventory.

The old man took the letter and began to read it.

His expressions changed a bit then he smiled before saying

"Master Juda is a powerful warrior, and in this letter, he praised your hardworking ability. Indeed if this is true then you are worthy of joining the church's ranks. But before that, you will need to prove your worth. This is your first task. Deep within the wilderness that is positioned at the southern part of town, you will find an ancient tomb. It is filled with powerful creatures of the dead. Some of them are strong enough that they could topple kingdoms, but they are sealed within the perimeters of an ancient tomb. Your task is to reduce the numbers of the less powerful creatures so that when the army of God is established they could take on the dangers within the desolate tomb!"

Class quest!

Defeat 25 skeleton soldiers.

Quest difficulty A

Dave was surprised to discover that the difficulty of his first class quest is so high. Why would this be the case?

"Looking at your current level, this place is a bit too powerful for you. You should probably gain more strength and level up before you could start this task." Said the Bishop confirming Dave's worries.

What dave didn't account for was that his position as close to the southern kingdom, this kingdom had barred many of the powerful guilds from ever breaking. And it was to be understood. This place is mainly a high-level area. While Dave is only Level 1.

"I will do my best," said Dave then right before he could leave two guys suddenly entered the church.

Once Dave turned around he noticed that they are players.

One had the name

Bone breaker

The other was named

Stainless steel.

This was the first time Dave met players in this game. Mainly due to the town where he was 'Moria' was an empty and vacant town. People rarely chose this place as their spawning point. It is too far from any of the more popular cities and has low recourses, plus the monsters around it are too high leveled from new players. High-level players would pass by here from time to time to do some quests, and this was the same reason these guys were here.

"Oh look!" said Bone Breaker. There is a player here! Ah, look at his cloth! He must be a newbie.

Said Bone breaker addressing his friend.

"Hey bro," said the guy named Stainless steel. "Why did you start your character here? Don't you know it is too tough for you to even level up here? Any monster here will kill you a hundred time over before you could even land a hit with that low level of yours and without any proper equipment." He said

"Thank you for the advice, I just started the game and just randomly picked a spawning point." Said Dave in a manner fo factly.

"Wait a moment here I need to submit a quest." Said Bone breaker as he spoke to the bishop.

The conversation between NPC and the players is muted for everyone else besides the concerned party. So Dave couldn't hear the conversation, but looking at a glowing light that shone from Bone breaker he understood that the man just leveled up and he must have finished a quest.

"Alright, my quest is over." Hey dude" said one breaker addressing Dave"

"Yes?" said Dave as he looked at the man.

"You must have started your class quest right? You want to be a paladin?" asked bone breaker.

"Uh, yes" answered Dave

"Alright, listen up, am going to do you a favor, I am currently doing a quest that is related to killing the undead. You can accompany us, join our party and we can help you with your quest, it's just killing some skeletons right?" said bone breaker.

Stainless steel looked at his friend in a questioning look, but then he smirked and smiled. That smile was a bit sinister but Dave didn't manage to notice it.

"Yes," said Dave

"Then join our party. We can Power level you a bit" he said as he sent a party invitation.

You have been invited to a party!



Dave then accepted and was shocked to see the two guy's level.

Stainless steel was level 322, while bone breaker was level 351!

The interface would also show the party member's Hp and mana points which were stunning to look at from Dave's point of view.

Stainless steel was a priest of sorts while his hp was about 225 000, his Mp was more than 400 000!

While Bone breaker was a paladin who had more than 450 000 hp! That was a monstrous amount of Hp! But what about their defense Value? Dave couldn't fathom it!

Dave couldn't understand why they would help him, but it didn't feel right. Something was amiss...

"I think that I will just slow you down, guys. I should probably focus on my own thing here" said Dave

"Ah, don't worry, we are all brothers here. Listen to up, we need at least three people to finish a quest, there is a secret quest that we have initiated and the door to that quest needs three people to operate. Here you can take these for yourself. You are about to become a Paladin you might use them." Said Bone breaker as he initiated an exchange.

He placed some equipment there, a potion and a shield with a hammer. And gave them to Dave.

Dave rarely believed in free things, though he gave some of his money and didn't wait for a return he didn't think that many people would do so without an objective. Especially these two guys, they could have picked anyone else, why Dave?

What Dave didn't know that many people would instantly reject their offer once they know where they were heading.

Death in this game is no simple. Once a person dies, they lose all their XP and will be reset to 0 XP o their level.

If a person was level 100 for example and with 99% XP to level up if they die their XP meter will reset they will still be level 100 but they will have 0% XP

However for Dave, he was just level 1 so even if he dies, he won't be losing anything.

And for these two guys, it was much better than to hope for someone else to accompany them. People would be worried about strangers coming with them too unknown places, but Dave thought that this was just a game, what is the worse that could happen?