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3 Learning the ropes

 On the road back to the Instructor Dave had noticed many people 'Living' their lives as if it was the most simple thing to do.

It was surprising, refreshing and rather interesting. How fictional characters 'live' in this world could be beyond Dave's understanding, but still he appreciated the work that the AI took into creating these lives. It was like a god creating a world filled with miracles. Something, even if it was but fictional, it was still for Dave, praiseworthy.

Looking at his right hand and right leg. He totally forgot about them being mangled, how the AI could even manage to modify his brainwaves so that it makes him feel that he was uninjured. That was another revitalizing thing for Dave. This was something he really was thankful for. He never believed that he would get his disability healed. However, this world, he can move, lift, and even fight using his body as if he was never hurt at all.

Truth to be told, If Dave had known that this game would give him a temporary respite from the world, and give him a chance to become 'Normal' and Whole again, he would have jumped at the opportunity to play the game before Ralph would even mention it for him. However, nothing was lost. He had a long future ahead of him, and with the 7000$ remaining in his bank account he could spare some time to build up his character's foundations and then fully focus on how to gather as much money he can. After all, this was a stunt he had to succeed in achieving. Otherwise, Dave's future would look grim. As a young man without proper and full education, nor a fully functioning body anymore. This was his only way to make his future, or at least the only way he knows of.

Dave was not a stupid person, No. Far from it. Though he never finished his studies, he always had a book in his hands. it was the Year 2069, and many would only use smart tablets and holographic cards to read data. But Dave always loved the texture and smell of books, especially the old ones thus he developed a habit to read and do research. Whenever he had time at the petrol station he used to work in a book will always be under the counter. Every time he jumped jobs he would always bring his stack of books and read them. Especially in fantasy books. So this world of Conquest was both a blessing for him to truly live in the world of fantasy. And to achieve a future doing something he actually liked.

Dave took on the attempt to better his life, unlike casual players or even Hardcore players. Dave was betting his life. And a man who is betting his life can only face one difficulty. And that is to challenge himself to become better. And thus Dave was filled with both pride, perseverance, and hope. A hope to make something out of nothing.

Once before the instructor, he asked him.

"I have reached the required strength, could I now wield a weapon? and learn skills?"

"Oh, let me have a look." Said The instructor as he began scanning all of Dave's avatar.

"Oh, impressive! You have grown strong! Very well! Take this!" said the instructor as he gave Dave a metallic short sword.

Category: Weapon

Basic Iron Shortsword

A short sword used for training, not much of an actual weapon but at least it is sharp enough to slaughter some chicken.

Damage 15-20

Requirements 15 Strength. 10 Agility

Level 1

Bonus stats None

Scaling/Class E: Strength - E: Dexterity.

Class. Common weapon.

"Oh, a basic sword, what is this scaling thing?" Asked Dave.

"The scaling of a weapon is related to the weapon's damage output or defense output. Mainly there are several scaling categories of a weapon, ranging from E as the lowest to SSS as the best. An E scaling weapon is factored by the related stat it is linked to. This is the diagram of scaling you will understand once you read through it."

Scale Modifier Stat Weapon damage Finalized damage over 0 Defense.

E 0.25 100 15-25 100+25+ 15 to 25 =140 to 150 Dmg

D 0.5 100 15-25 100+50+ 15 to 25=165 to 175 Dmg

C 0.75 100 15-25 100+75+ 15 to 25=190 to 200 Dmg

A 1 100 15-25 100+100 +15 to 25=215 to 225 Dmg

S 1.25 100 15-25 125+100 +15 to 25=240 to 250

SS 1.5 100 15-25 150+100 +15 to 25=265 to 275

SSS 2 100 15-25 200+100 + 15 to 25=315 to 325

"Oh, this is more like it. So the higher the scaler on a weapon the more damage output. And looking at the basic iron sword, it has two scaling stats. I think it would take from the two stats." Looking at the diagram Dave made some mental calculation and understood that with his current stats he could deal from 280 to 300 damage with the basic sword!

Looking at his measly 100 HP, that amount of damage was ridiculous!

However, once he took notice of an interesting thing in the diagram he could not help but ask.

"It says here that defense Value is 0, how can defense affect the damage output?"

"Oh, before I speak of that I need to explain about the defense first. There are four kinds of damage modifiers! Here take a look"

Defense type Value Weapon damage Result after defense

Magic Absorption 100 280 to 300 180 to 200

Damage Nullification 100 280 to 300 180 to 200

Immunity 40% 280 to 300 112 to 120

"Oh, there are so many, could you explain it to me though? Why are there three types of defense reduction values?." Said, Dave

"Let me explain. The three types of defense are related to each other, you can find a shield that has one, two or even three types of defense, and immunity is the best of the three. In addition, it is the first that is influenced by damage, but still, the maximum a person can have is 40% damage immunity and it is the first to be factored from the three. Let me explain it further." Said the instructor as he explained in a manner akin to a teacher.

"If you would deal 1000 damage, a shield with 40% immunity will only let you deal 600 damage. Make note that Immunity works both for magic and physical defense. Then what if the shield has 40% immunity and 100 Magic absorption which is the second factored value of defense types after immunity. Then you will only receive 500 damage. Lastly damage nullification, which is the last to be factored and is the most commune on all types of shields and armors. If it has 100, you will deal a maximum amount of 400 damage to your target."

"Oh, interesting, so the best type of defense is immunity... then the damage will have to undergo several layers of defense to deal a finalized damage value." Said Dave in understanding.

He also understood why the damage reductions are organized in such way.

In the end, Dave understood, that for a tank class they will need both Magic Absorption and Damage Nullification to be a good Tank. There are several weapons that deal both magical and physical damage. If Dave only focused on one aspect he might end up dead. However, to have 40% immunity will help him greatly.

"There are even ways to penetrate the defense, some weapons have those, and they can deal damage even under heavy defenses, but still they will not be affected by damage immunity. They will only penetrate through defense nullification value or Magic absorption values and the weapon will still have its damage reduced under the damage immunity." Said the Instructor.

"Alright, that session was interesting enough," said Dave "It will take some time to ponder over it, thank you for your guidance." He added before finishing with "Now, can I learn some of your basic skills?" asked Dave.

"Yes, yes it has been long since anyone had asked me about the properties of weapons and the stats that everyone holds, now let us begin, grab your weapon and mimic this move"

Said the instructor as he took a wooden sword and slashed vertically to the ground.

Though the sword was made of wood, it managed to crack the concrete ground with a single strike.

Dave then mimicked his skill and achieved similar results. It was strange, how could a sword damage the earth this much?


You have unlocked your Rage bar.

Rage enables a character to use skills related to sword-wielding classes.


You have gained a new skill

Destructive Smash!


Destructive Smash

Skill Level Armature (1)

Damage / Effects 50% Weapon damage

Stuns target for 1 second

Rarity Common (E)

Cost 50 stamina

Cool down 1 minute