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Chapter 241: The Final Battle

Chapter 241: The Final Battle

The Hell Monarch coughed up blood. His body shook and he grinded his teeth together. Blood flowed from his eyes so he didn't look normal.


His voice filled the battlefield. Just listening caused an eerie feeling to cover their bodies. The strong people instantly recognized that he was the Hell Monarch. It was the very last trial. They felt both hope and despair.

The Hell Monarch raised his hands.

Gradually, the power of destruction gathered around his hands.

A mighty magic power. Dangerous. But it couldn't be avoided.

As he reached out his hand, a purple sphere hit the ground.


The explosion couldn't be blocked. A storm erupted that touched everything. Destructive Humanity (God). A power only for destruction. The high ranking demons and creatures couldn't withstand the power. 30,000 creatures and demons died in an instant.

Death Bringer looked on expressionlessly. Originally he should have been much stronger. The divinity locked in the system was scattered so he was weakened. He looked at the castle that he wanted to crush in his fist. No matter how much he was weakened, he was still Death Bringer. A devil.

Getting rid of the huge castle wasn't his job.

"A mortal cannot overcome an immortal. I am the devil Death Bringer! Do you dare go against a god?"

He once again reached out. A multitude of hands stretched out from the earth. The hands grabbed the 30,000 corpses on the ground and made a huge doll.



The 30,000 corpses combined to form a monster over 100 metres tall. This was the result of properly combining his powers and skills.

The monster was ignorant. However, it was strong.

The place that the monster swept through didn't have any bodies remaining.

Death Bringer didn't distinguish between friend and foe.

"I will kill all of you in the end. Before that...I will get rid of everything."

He declared. Words containing divinity. He infused his words with his strength, in order to ensure that he kept the promise.

The balrog Rogujan, Adonis of the dark spirits. I couldn't deny that they were strong, but they were lacking compared to me. It meant that Absolute Robbery would have no effect. Of course, it would be a different story if they had a power like Camael's, but they didn't.

Adonis...he got into the system and obtained Elemental Shield. The system gave him a way to achieve it. But that wasn't enough to call it a power. He couldn't even use Elemental Shield properly. He was stunned by the sudden power I had and stopped thinking.

Absorbing the two of them wouldn't make me stronger. And Absolute Robbery seemed to have a limit on the number of times it could be used.

'I can't absorb more than five.'

At first, I thought it was the amount of magic power. But when I used it several times, I realized there was a limit on the number of things I could absorb. It depended on my ability and it seemed like there were approximately five times left.

Anyway...I was looking forward to it.

'What would happen if I absorbed Death Bringer?'

After all, Death Bringer was a devil and god, even if he lost his divinity. A supreme god!

He was likely to have a similar or even greater strength than me.

Although I had the same divinity as a living god, it was difficult to imagine stealing divinity from Death Bringer.

Becoming stronger was always enjoyable.

And I heard from Yihi that he had started a massive attack.

'If he attacked, then it is natural to receive it.'

Survival was in my nature.

As soon as I returned through the crack, I took out all the weapons I brought. There were hundreds of epic rated items piled up. The unique rated items also numbered over a thousand.

"Give them to those who need them."

"Yes, Master."

Yihi instantly obeyed my command.

The state of the castle was the worst. Thanks to the constant retreat and pushing back, the condition of their equipment was terrible. The craftsmen could repair the tools, but the story was different on the battlefield. If two people had similar skills, the one with better equipment would win. This could mean the difference in winning on the battlefield.

Changing their equipment could increase the skills of quite a few demons. This was the castle that Ariel Diablo ruled over, so they were quite well organized.

I left the work in the castle to Yihi. I immediately checked the status of the battlefield. I clicked my tongue lightly.

'The worst.'

It hadn't been long since the Hell Monarch's attacks began. But there were devastating traces all over the place. Bodies of both enemies and allies were piled up. Even so, the number of my allies was noticeably reduced.

'There aren't even 200,000 troops remaining.'

I swept my gaze over the battlefield calmly. After a lot of struggle, they had reduced the opposing side, but there were still three million remaining. It was a situation where my side was enclosed in a narrow place. They wouldn't be able to last much longer.

If only one road was opened then the rest would be easy. They would be annihilated in the blink of an eye. Plus...

I moved my gaze. The highest place. Death Bringer, in the guise of the Hell Monarch, was gathering energy of destruction. The energy was the size of an adult male, but the magic power coming from it was tremendous.

'He is aiming to wipe out everything.'

I understood it immediately.

This was Death Bringer's power!

The power of a god. Among them, Death Bringer had the most destructive energy.

Could I block it?

I shook my head.

I couldn't block it. Although I could interfere, I couldn't prevent the destruction energy from touching the ground. I would have to use a god power and I only had two. Reverse World and True Words. Neither of them were offensive powers.

'I can't do it.'

If that hit then the castle would collapse. Was it just the castle? Every creature nearby would collapse.

He wouldn't have two similar powers.

My worry was short-lived.

I unfastened the earrings. I held them in my hands and said.

"Power of Destruction."


White light emerged from the earrings. The light swallowed my intended target, Death Bringer. Then his expression stiffened.

'A message isn't popping up. Maybe it is because the system collapsed.'

The system normally gave me a choice of what to do. I just followed it. But now that the system had crashed, I needed to manipulate it on my own.

Five colours emerged from the earrings.

Black, purple, vermillion, red and blue.

It meant I could eliminate one of them.

I chose purple. My hands touched it.


At that moment, Death Bringer's destructive aura disappeared.

The earrings also evaporated.

'Now there are four powers left.'

I nodded. Power of Destruction wasn't a skill that only destroyed powers. It also allowed me to confirm how many powers the opponent had.

Five lights appeared and one of them had been destroyed.

Now there were four powers remaining.

"The Hell Monarch made something good."

I shrugged and glanced at Death Bringer. He was currently trapped in the body of the Hell Monarch. He wouldn't be able to escape from the Hell Monarch's body until his divinity returned. So if the Hell Monarch was killed, he would also die.

It was the end after being destroyed.

"Randalph Brigsiel...!"

He felt one of his powers disappearing.

Death Bringer's body trembled. Was it because his divinity had fallen greatly? The expressions on his face were intense. Somehow he didn't seem like the devil. He was significantly different from the first time I saw him in the Demon World.

'I can do it.'

There was a mocking smile on my face.

He might be feeling furious, but I was happy.

I had removed one of his strongest powers so I moved over there. There would be a lot of damage in my fight with Death Bringer, so it would likely be disadvantageous to my demons and creatures.

At first, he ignored me and killed my soldiers. However, he had now become hostile towards me. Once he became angry, I needed to move.


I used Chaotic Blade on Wrath and the Emperor's Sword.


I kicked the air. I folded my wings and flew as fast as possible towards Death Bringer.


A blue barrier blocked my swords. It wasn't a shield made using magic power.

'This is a god power.'

The power to form a protective barrier.

I suddenly thought of Camael. It was an annoying power like his.

But Death Bringer shouldn't have a defensive power. Gustarte and Diablo also laughed.


'This power originally belongs to the Hell Monarch.'

Guardian's Power!

It was a power that used the fate of those they guarded, keeping the user in a near invincible state. In contrast, the opponent wouldn't be able to exert their strength.

Jjejeok! Jjejejeok!

The shield that received my sword was broken.

Death Bringer had no need for defenses. He was a solitary being.

On the contrary, I was protecting many. At the very least, I had to protect the soldiers following me. That was the responsibility of the demon king.

Guardian's Power was useless in front of me. I had a lot more to protect than Death Bringer.

'There are three powers remaining.'

Kwaang! Kwaang!

I wielded my swords in rapid succession. Every time, Death Bringer reached out and blocked my swords. Huge shock waves kept on being created as I moved sideways.

A wide valley.

Death Bringer opened his arms. Soon, a red energy wrapped around the whole valley.

This was also a power. It was a great power that dominated this space.

I frowned. From the moment I entered this space, I could tell that my stats had fallen.

Absolute Domination. I confronted it with my own power.

Diablo's voice rang out. The red magic power that Death Bringer used was Absolute Domination. I had a similar power and could defend myself with my spirit.

It was similar to the power of True Words. I wouldn't allow it to dominate me. Overlapping was possible.

"Death Bringer. I am impervious to your power."

I said with all my will.


Soon, the red magic power broke like a mirror.

' he is a demigod.'

It wouldn't have been easy if Death Bringer had his original divinity. Even with the same power, there was a clear difference between users.

However, his system was broken and his divinity barely survived.

Death Bringer's expression was stiff.

He was a god from birth. He had never experienced a situation like this before. I was a mortal demon.

But I wasn't a mere demon.

I also possessed divinity. I had absorbed Gustarte's powers and inherited the power of Diablo, the origin demon king. I had surpassed normal mortals a long time ago.

"A mortal subject...! Is this creature trying to transcend your creator?"

Death Bringer was filled with a torrent of emotion. A god was originally a perfect being. They didn't express emotions to this extent.

Now I was sure of it. He was a fallen god. It was right to call him a demigod. The boundaries between a mortal and immortal were disturbed. Due to the incomplete possession, he might have integrated with the Hell Monarch...

This was the Hell Monarch's anger. His despair was felt by Death Bringer.

'These wretched words.'

The Hell Monarch had wanted to kill a god. I didn't care. But I wouldn't ruin this game. I couldn't show him a big mistake that he would target.

There were two powers remaining. But I didn't care much.

"Death Bringer. Now I will finish this."

Pride's flames. Lightning God. Chaotic Blade. I used every attack skill at the same time. If I killed him then the army attacking the castle would also be destroyed. They existed due to his skill.

Death Bringer's expression changed. As I moved in, he smiled.

"End? ...Come, you won't be able to avoid this."

He raised his hands. Then he pointed towards me.

"The real power of the devil isn't something you can offset with your mind. I am the Creator and I have power over all my creatures. According to my authority, I will erase you now."

Death Bringer was the devil. A demon and a god. And I was part of the species that he created.

He opened his mouth and declared.


No other words were required. One of his remaining two powers was revealed. However, it felt different from any power he had used before.

A specified task. His greatest power!

It was a proclamation of death towards the opponent.

As soon as Death Bringer said the word 'death', the world around me changed. It was black and I couldn't see anything. But I didn't die right away.


My body wasn't listening to me. My hands moved to choke my own neck. Even so, I was able to resist thanks to my high intelligence.


I fell from the sky and crashed into the ground.

In this state, my body twisted around on the ground.

'My remaining stat points.'

I gritted my teeth. I had to hang in there.

I instinctively realized that raising my intelligence was the only way to stop this power.

In order to do this, I had to use my remaining stat points.

But how? The system had crashed so I didn't know how to raise it.


At that moment, I heard Yihi's voice from above me.

A hallucination?

Death Bringer's power enclosed me in another space. I had felt my soul connection with Yihi be forcibly disconnected.

"I am a living Dungeon Core. The core is part of the system! Hurry and touch Yihi!"

My vision was tinged with darkness. I couldn't see anything. I only felt death slowly approaching.

But I reached out. Soon someone touched my hand.

-System resume rate 0.001%.

Unable to recover.

-Status window...recovery complete.

Name: Randalph Brigsiel

Occupation Demon King (Dungeon Master) Title * Dungeon Hunter (Residual stats +1 when occupying dungeons and hunting demons)

* Indomitable Warrior (Ex U, All stats +2)

* First to Receive a Fairy's Blessing (U, Magic Power +6)

* Origin Master (Epic, all stats +3)

* Undead (Ex U, Intelligence and Stamina +5)

* Ruler of the Underground World (Legend, all stats +5, the rating of all skills below epic grade +0.5)

* Origin Demon King (God, all stats +10, grants a transcendent rank)


Strength 130 (+30)

Intelligence 149 (+25)

Agility 125 (+30)

Stamina 145 (+32)

Magic Power 142 (+26)

Potential: (691+143/???)

Remaining Stat Points: 47

Electric Power: 742GW

Uniqueness: The master of the Underground World. The Heart of the Hell Monarch has completely awakened. Has a strong divinity for some reason. Inherited the power of Diablo, the origin demon king.

Skill: Combine Everything (Ex U), God's Eye (Demigod), Dark Sword (Epic), Divine Sword Unity (Epic, Passive), Lightning Elemental (Epic), Pride (Epic), Corruption (Legend), Power of Domination (Ex Epic, Passive), Spirit Communication (Epic, Passive), Reverse World (God), True Words (God, Passive) Absolute Robbery (Demigod), Chaotic Blade (Legend), Power of Destruction (God)

Skill and Item Effects: Wrath (Strength +7), Sloth (Agility +7), Pride (Stamina + 7), Divine Sword Unity (Strength and Agility +3)

Through the darkness, some words appeared in front of me.

I bit my lip hard enough to make it bleed and put all my remaining points into intelligence.

My intelligence reached 221, well over 200 points.

-The skill 'Aegis Shield (God)' has been created.

Having more than 200 intelligence was no different from having a power. Once Aegis Shield was created, the darkness that stained my surroundings quickly faded.

The world regained its original shape and I could barely open my eyes.

However, a sight I couldn't easily understand was right before my eyes.

"A fairy dares interfere with my work? You deserve to die."

Death Bringer's hand had pierced through Yihi's chest.

Yihi had a spirit body. But Death Bringer had the power to tear apart a spirit. His strength was in the realm of a god.

It was impossible for her to deal with Death Bringer, even if she became the fairy ruler.

At the same time, Yihi gradually became dim.


I was silent. Then Yihi stared at me and gave a small laugh.


"Did I do well?"

Yihi playfully bowed.

And she was gone in a puff of white smoke.


My face became hard.

Ah. My mouth opened slightly, but that was it. I couldn't think of anything to say.

This was the second time I had seen Yihi die.

She had died twice on my behalf. She never resented me.

Yihi originally should have left to become the fairy queen. The contract between us should have been terminated at this point. She would build her own world out of the core. Despite having such an important mission, Yihi had continued to belong to the core.

She felt uneasy and continued to watch over me.

-Hello, Dungeon Master. I am the Dungeon Master's companion fairy, Yihi! Yihi!

-Wah, Master is amazing! Mind reading!

-Yihi was really wrong. Yihi should have been careful until the end. Please forgive me Master...hiing.

-Master! Master! En en! Don't die and leave Yihi.

In retrospect, Yihi had only caused me trouble. She didn't always do what I told her to. Her love for bees was enough to make a secret garden. Sometimes she showed amazing creativity and did something unexpected. Therefore, I stayed quiet when she was helpful.

However, despite this, I always kept Yihi by my side. Yihi never betrayed me. Even in my previous life, she was always laughing no matter how hard it was. That attitude didn't change even when she died on my behalf.

But, this was the end.

I didn't have the ability to turn back time.

It was impossible to turn back the time once it was already turned. I was sure because I realized some truths of the world after gaining divinity.

It meant I couldn't see that light anymore.

"Do you have the power of Aegis? It is still useless. A mortal wouldn't be able to properly handle that power."

Death Bringer mocked quietly.

I stared at him.

"You shall die."

And I declared.

The power of death contained a transcendent will that couldn't be stopped.

Never, he absolutely could never survive this place.