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Chapter 240: System (3)

Chapter 240: System (3)

Adonis had placed some of the Seven Sins up for auction. I had won everything, but I turned down a deal when Adonis offered it.

There had been no way to obtain the other four items in the Seven Sins I obtained all of it.

'One is missing.'

Pride, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Lust.

I had them all except for one.

I couldn't see Gluttony.

But there was no need for Gluttony. Infinite Armour would play that role.

Wrath was a sword.

Pride was a pair of gloves.

Sloth was a cloak.

Greed was an armour as well as a pair of silver earrings.

Lust was a belt and Envy was a pair of shoes.

Once all the Seven Sins were worn, a strange power started fluctuating.

-You have worn all of the Seven Sins. The skill 'Power of Destruction (God)' has been created.

It is a skill that was made to kill a god. There is enough power to destroy a god's power.

Power of Destruction...!

I formed tight fists. Personally, I wondered about how the Hell Monarch would kill a god. Now it seemed like they could fight on equal footing after a god's power was eliminated.

I examined Power of Destruction. Soon the description appeared in front of me.

Name: Power of Destruction (God)

Description - permanently destroys one of a god's powers. Can't be duplicated on the same target. A skill that only exists for the destruction of a god.

Every time it is used, one of the Seven Sins must be sacrificed.


Indeed. It could only be used seven times, but that wasn't really a disadvantage. I was only dealing with Death Bringer. In other words, I could remove one of Death Bringer's most troublesome powers. would be very advantageous in a fight if I used it correctly. It was clear that the Hell Monarch made this after knowing how difficult it was to go against a god.

'If he succeeded in being fully resurrected...'

If the Hell Monarch had successfully resurrected then he might have really killed numerous gods.

After gathering the Seven Sins, I knew how strong the Hell Monarch's rage towards the gods was.

I nodded and spread my wings.

I achieved one goal and it was time to reach the finish.

I quickly flew into the sky and stopped in front of a giant door.

'The system.'

I placed my hands on the door.

And I pushed.


However, it didn't open easily.

'Is a key needed?'

I frowned. However, there was no such thing as a key.

The presence of the key meant that it was possible for someone to manage it, which meant it was possible to manipulate the system.

If no one could touch it then there was no need to make a key. It was a system made by Death Bringer, so it was hard to imagine that someone could secretly enter.

There had to be a way.


The power of words. It was able to influence a consciousness. It wasn't limited to living beings. There was some effect on inanimate objects.

-Checking divinity.

Checking authority.

System access has been given.

That message suddenly emerged.

I put aside my questions.


The door started to open with a huge sound.

The inside of the door was bright.

But there was nothing.

It was a blank world.

'Is this the inside of the system?'

It was designed so that only a god, or someone with divinity, was permitted to enter. I didn't know what to do in this empty space.

Gustarte didn't answer. It was the same for Diablo as well. They were also outsiders to the system.

System- a set of related elements are combined according to certain laws in order to achieve necessary functions. Lexical meaning, positive.

Yet...the moment I had the thought, the answer appeared in front of me.

I nodded. Now I knew what this space was for.

It was a place that gave 'answers.' This was a place that managed all the information.

The game system was created here and Adonis learnt a skill from it.

I couldn't help wondering about something.

'Randalph Brigsiel.'

First of all, I wanted to see the conclusions about me.

But was it because the amount of information was too big? This time it wasn't shown through words.

Instead, something else appeared in front of me.

Randalph Brigsiel.

The video started from when I was born.

'I also had parents.'

There were no demons born without parents.

This was the first time I saw those who gave birth to me. They were ordinary demons. They were demons who tried to escape from a war.

They had laughed when their baby was born. However, their joy didn't last long. War was engulfing the entire Demon World. There was no place for them to avoid it.

In the aftermath of a war, they died. The baby persistently survived through other people. He was an experiment, someone's slave, a sword of war...

The child grew stronger. He progressed alone and made his name known. They were my memories.

I once again replayed the memories. It started from the moment I was born to shortly after I grew stronger. The time when I was a baby was brief, but it was both weird and amazing.

It was like I really experienced the video playing. I felt their touches. I could feel the sensation of being a baby in my parents' arms for a while.

I repeated it five times before shaking my head. My parents' faces were now imprinted in my brain, but I couldn't watch any longer. There was no point in holding on to the past. Even if I went back to the past, I would just be a newborn baby who couldn't do anything.

'A memory storage.'

That's right. This was a place where all the memories were stored. It wouldn't be strange to call it a repository of information.

'I know what to do.'

My role was to break this system.

I pulled out a seed.

It was similar to a human fetus, but very small.

The Seed of Creation.

The Seed of Creation was unknown.

It was nothing but could give birth to something.

Planting an unknown answer would destroy the system or cause a giant error.

I placed the Seed of Creation on the floor.

The seed immediately dug into the ground.






At that moment, the world turned black. Everything was words. The words 'error' and 'danger' were repeated many times.

I turned around without any fear.

If I had a lot of time then I could have found out more about the truths of the world, but I had an urgent task.


Kwang! Kwaang!

The huge door started to crumble.

The dark spirits' castles in the sky started disappearing.

The system was crumbling. The divinity was spreading. The quality was something I could taste with my tongue. It was Death Bringer's divinity and I couldn't absorb it. As soon as the divinity scattered, it started slowly returning to Death Bringer.

'It is like this.'

Death Bringer's divinity was definitely exhausted.

But if it all returned then he would recover his strength at once.

This was the time to fight.

I needed to go back quickly.

I robbed the warehouse containing the dark spirits' treasure.

Then I headed to the Fire Spirit World through the open crack.

Garrash was at the entrance. He was watching the problems in the Dark Spirit World in real-time. He stared at me with a look of amazement after I emerged.

"Did you do all of that?"

"It wasn't difficult. How much time has passed?"

"It has been five days."

Five days!

I hadn't spent all that time catching Adonis.

It seemed like the passage of time in the world of the system was different. It would have been bad if I spent more time in there.

By now, the war should have started in the Demon World.

My mind became more urgent.

"Keep your promise, Garrash."

"...A promise is a promise. Okay. I will open the warehouse. Take whatever you want."

Garrash said in a pained tone. I had taken care of the dark spirits in the flash, giving me a high merit.

I accepted the guidance of a spirit and headed to the warehouse.

Then I opened my magic bag and swept in all the items I could use.

There were a few legend rated weapons.

'They will be helpful.'

I nodded. This would be a big help in the war. There would be a significant increase in power if a demon or creature used them.

'There isn't anything for me.'

I was a little sad. However, I soon forgot about it.

The Seven Sins was a seven items set. I had no need for other items.

After taking half of the huge warehouse, I exited.

"Are you going to kill a god?"

He remembered what I had said before heading to the dark spirit world. I responded lightly.

"That's right."

"Indeed, you do seem able to kill a god."

Garrash was convinced. To him, it seemed like I took care of the dark spirits in five days. In fact, Garrash's eyes were shining.

"When your task is over, come back again. I want to maintain a strong relationship with you."

Was there a reason to come back?

Of course, I didn't know what could happen in the future.

I nodded and turned away.

The gamble was a success.

The system in the Dark Spirit World was destroyed.

Now that the system was destroyed, Death Bringer's divinity was scattered all over the place. Death Bringer definitely wouldn't be in a normal condition.

I had to finish this before he recovered.

A long time ago.

He came to me with an offer about the game.

I was willing to participate. However, Death Bringer saw all the participants as expendable from the start. We were used for the sake of an experiment.

I didn't like that part. Even if he was a god, I wasn't his puppet. I was independent and nothing could control me.

I needed to engrave this fact into his bones.

'I will be the last winner.'

Overturning the situation.

Now it was time for the final fight.

The war started.

The Hell Monarch commanded an army that was close to five million.

On the other hand, the opposing side had less than 500,000.

The numerical advantage wasn't something that could be easily reversed. Furthermore, the concept of demons fighting brutally was very rare.

They were powerful beings that could destroy something in the blink of an eye.

"Shameful demons. You who have forgotten your souls. I, Ariel Diablo, will erase you today. Be aware of your own faults and die."

She used an ivory sword and armour made from the bones of a balrog.

Hundreds of silver knights followed Ariel.

Kung! Kwarurung!

A massacre. The war had already begun. Millions of demons and creatures collided with each other. The screams and blood didn't end. But Death Bringer's army was powerful. It wasn't simply due to numbers. Almost all the demons with noble titles were included.

The ranks of demons were usually determined by force. They weren't going to be weak.

"Hold on until His Majesty comes back!"

Oswen also took part in the war.

He fought more enthusiastically after confirming that it was the Hell Monarch who led the army.


He greeted the enemy with more than 50 homunculi made by Gaparam.

The homunculi were incredible. They grabbed the enemy's head and tore it off.

There were struggles in other places. They protected the important points against the enemy who were pushing like a tsunami, and continued to fight.

The giant mirror in the castle stopped the curse. And 100,000 soldiers were fiercely protecting the mirror.

The enemies knew it as well. The enemies intensively targeted the mirror.

They could prevent it for one day but...there was no time for a break. Their allies were rapidly decreasing and there were no signs that the enemies were being reduced. All that was left was defeat.

Furthermore, the Hell Monarch hadn't taken part.

They felt despair. However, they couldn't give up.

And the second day.

When the sun rose in the sky, the Hell Monarch appeared.