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Chapter 239: System (2)

Chapter 239: System (2)

After cleaning everything up, I approached Garrash.

"It has been a while."

"...It seems so."

Garrash nodded with a puzzled expression.

There was a good reason. I was quite different from the last time he met me. It wasn't obvious, but Garrash was a transcendent being. He could see a little bit of my essence.

Garrash glanced over my whole body and asked.

"Are you really a demon? It isn't strange to call you a living god now."

"I'm trying to kill a god."

"Interesting. Very interesting. If I wasn't so busy then I might have joined you."

"Garrash. Do you want revenge on the dark spirits?"

I stared straight into Garrash's eyes. More than half of the Fire Spirit World was broken. There were only a few spirits remaining, so the result was obvious. If the dark spirits invaded a few more times then they would be destroyed.

It was impossible that Garrash didn't know this.

After seeing my strength, it was easy for Garrash to choose.

It was as good as placing himself below me. Garrash smiled and spoke.

"What do you want?"

He was a reasonable king.

He told me the story about the Spirit World. Cracks opened and the dark spirits ambushed them. The plan of the dark spirits was amazing. The even more amazing thing was related to Adonis the Dark Spirit King.

"He broke the balance. Each spiritual world maintains a balance, but he became a madman caught up in destructive desires. If left alone, the Spirit World...huu."

Garrash sighed. The fire he exhaled from his whole body was intense but didn't contain any power.

"Is there anything else that is strange? Anything is fine."

Garrash nodded.

"Yes. We united. The surviving spirits joined forces and headed to the Dark Spirit World. And we were wiped out. I was the only one to come back."

"What happened?"

"I don't know. Just...Adonis was impervious to any attacks..."

An impervious target couldn't be defeated. He seemed like a demigod. Garrash's pride didn't allow him to call Adonis a god.

"Is that the end? You didn't see anything else?"

"Anything else? Something strange. Let's see. I saw...a door, yes it was a door. A giant door was floating in the sky. It was only a glimpse, but I definitely saw it."

A door?

The Dark Spirit World was a place that I knew.

The auction was held several times in a castle in the centre of the world.

But I had never seen a door in the sky.

If this door was new then it probably had something to do with the system.

"Anyway, that's all I can tell you. The dark spirits are strong, have a lot of numbers and Adonis is also powerful. Is there any way to beat them?"

"You don't need to do anything."

I spread my wings.

If that was the whole story then it was good.

I could move without worrying.

Time was more important than anything else. If Death Bringer noticed that I was near the system in the Dark Spirit World, then he would come immediately. I didn't have a lot of time. Right now, the possession was incomplete so he had to concentrate on absorbing the Hell Monarch.

"You will handle it alone?"

Garrash was filled with admiration.

"If I return then you will have to open your warehouse."

"If it depends on coming back...I understand. I will freely open the warehouse. Take what you want. Instead, get rid of those guys and come back."

Garrash had given up.

It was originally meant to be a reward for returning the fire spirits, but the situation had changed.

At first glance, he wanted to fight beside me. However, he was obliged to chase the remaining spirits.

I headed back to the crack.

Lightning quick.

I couldn't give them time to notice and prepare something.

Everything had to be resolved quickly.

The dark spirits were originally merchants. They had raised their strength by relying on the points from the demons. In my previous life, they had waged a war for several decades. But now it took less than 10 years. What was the reason?

The crack was just a crack. They might be able to save power through the crack, but it wasn't enough to deal with the whole Spirit World so quickly.

There had to be a reason why it was possible. The had to be the system.

I entered the crack and emerged in the Dark Spirit World.

I raised my speed so that the dark spirits wouldn't notice.

There was no one here to stop me. There were some spirits but they couldn't see me. In the Demon World Auction, the demons were overwhelmed because their strength was temporarily sealed by the devil's contract. In fact, the Demon World was a much stronger existence.

No matter how strong the dark spirits were, my eyes didn't pay attention to them. I only needed to pay attention to one presence.


My problem was Adonis.

Garrash mentioned it, but he must have the power of a demigod. Of course, that wasn't a problem, but he got rid of the limitations of a transcendent in a short time. It was a growth beyond common sense.

Soon I reached the centre of the Dark Spirit World. A huge castle. And a door floating in the sky!

It wasn't detailed, but it definitely existed.

My heart jumped. That door was the 'system.' Gustarte, who lived in me, strongly agreed.

However, the gate was blocked by numerous dark spirits. There were stairs leading into the sky with numerous castles all over the place. Any unauthorized people would be blocked.

'I won't be able to pass unnoticed.'

I scratched my cheek.

I hadn't intended to move quietly in the first place.

And I planned to catch Adonis. There was something I wanted from him.

'The Seven Sins.'

I wanted all of the Seven Sins items that he had. I had three and Greed was an imitation. With the exception of Greed, three more remained.

I wondered what would happen if all of them were gathered. The Hell Monarch had thought it was good enough to kill a god. However, Oswen realized the danger and hid them in cracks.


I woke up Lightning God.

Lightning God sprang out.

"Let's give them a greeting."

It was enough to lightly say hello.

Lightning God moved through the dark spirits like they were a nuisance and assaulted a castle.


Kwarung! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The castle was instantly destroyed.

Dark spirits were slaughtered.

There were still some spirits alive, but I didn't care. They wouldn't be able to stand between me and my goal. The relationship between merchant and customer was entirely gone, and now we were complete enemies.

I wasn't nice enough to show mercy to my enemies.

I stepped on the dark spirits like they were ants.

They couldn't exceed the wall between us. I didn't even need to use any power.

I wondered how many I smashed.

"...Randalph Brigsiel. I don't remember sending an invitation to you."


He appeared wearing a thick black cloak.

The griffin feathered mask and ornaments seemed to have a legend rating.

He was pretty fashionable for a dark spirit.

"Adonis. Give me the things left to you."


"The rest of the Seven Sins and that door!"

My finger pointed to the sky. A large door. The system was behind it.

Adonis scoffed. And then he laughed.

"You don't have the strength."

"No. I am asking politely. I'll let you live if you give them to me."

The dark spirits used whatever method they could to obtain goods for sale. I did the same. In addition, I had definite proof of a collusion with Death Bringer.

It wasn't a lie when I said I would spare him if he gave them to me.

It only applied to Adonis.

I wouldn't necessarily spare the other dark spirits.

Of course, Adonis wouldn't give them to me nicely...

"Despite getting power from somewhere, I will grant your wish to die."

I didn't want information to be exchanged between Adonis and Death Bringer. Adonis wasn't able to predict just how strong I had become.

The relationship itself between Death Bringer and Adonis was strange. Adonis was given the system while Death Bringer took over the Hell Monarch's body.

Garrash saw it. However, Adonis was unable to recognize the gap between us.

If he did then he wouldn't have come out like this.

'I'm glad that he is an idiot.'

I shrugged and grasped Wrath and the Emperor's Sword.

There was no need to use another skill against him.

The moon was floating in the sky.

'Haien Moon's swordsmanship is sufficient.'

I intended to shatter him with pure swordsmanship.

I didn't use all of my magic power.

Adonis wasn't my opponent in the first place.

The attacks of the spirits didn't connect because he had a demigod ranked skill.

'Elemental Shield (Demigod)' was a skill that negated the attacks of the specified opponent.

But it was no use in front of me. Even if he had a demigod ranked skill, the difference between us was too large.

All he had was a good weapon. He was also bad at using it. He failed to properly show off its efficiency.

I understood all this when using God's Eyes. God's Eyes was a skill that allowed me to see the status window of the opponent, although sometimes it could fail due to a difference in the defense skill, intelligence or magic power.

It was the same for this.

There was no Elemental Shield in front of such a difference in stat points.


Adonis' eyes widened.

He couldn't believe that there was such a huge gap.

But he couldn't finish speaking.

My swords sliced through Adonis.


I shook my swords and looked around.

There were numerous dark spirits surrounding me, but they were just staring blankly.

'I need to fulfilled my promise to Garrash.'

The dark spirits all committed the same sin.

They destroyed the balance, so I would destroy all of them except for a few.



Lightning God moved.

Pride's flames wrapped around the dark spirits so that they couldn't escape.

The were imprisoned.

And...their numbers sharply decreased in an instant.

After stopping the attack, I headed to a trembling spirit. It was a stupid looking spirit in the form of a kobold.

"What is your name?"

"S-Sni...hiccup! Sniffer."

I nodded.

"Sniffer. From now on, you will be the leader of the surviving dark spirits."

"H-hiccup! Yes, yes?"

"Leader Sniffer. Bring the rest of the Seven Sins. Or you will receive Adonis' fate."

It was simply interpreted as death.

Despite looking bamboozled, Sniffle nodded his head vigorously.

"Yes, yep!"

Sniffer ran off at his best speed. I didn't think he would run away.

Then I looked at the handful of remaining spirits.

The dark spirits were unable to move and just bowed. They had completely lost.

"You are defeated."

I used the power of my words.

It was to imprint the defeat into them.

Thanks to the mercy of the winner, the balance of the Spirit World was preserved.

I had no obligation to maintain the balance, but the dark spirits might be helpful later. They had the ability to find excellent things.

It wouldn't be bad to save a few to be used after everything was finished.


I moved my gaze.

I looked at the giant door leading to the system.