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Chapter 238: System (1)

Chapter 238: System (1)

Gustarte and Diablo's method was simple.

The system.

The best masterpiece created by the devil.

It could destroy or cause a failure.

The system was perfect and powerful enough to kill other gods. The devil was the best god. It was likely he was aiming for the gods from the beginning. Otherwise the devil wouldn't have built such a system.

Saying in other words, there was a high probability that the system contained much of the god's personality or even his essence. If there was a problem with the system then it would hinder his divinity.

It was possible to win if I decreased his divinity a little bit. It would be like dealing with Gustarte.


The problem was finding the system.

At the very least, it wasn't in the Demon World. If it was in a new world then I wouldn't be able to do anything. mind moved quickly.

The first thing that popped up was the dark spirits. Even if they studied the crack, was it possible for them to enter the deepest part of the nothingness so early?

I thought it was strange. The cracks had become bigger too quickly. Even if there were samples, the work had proceeded too radically. They had succeeded in cracking open the deepest part of the nothingness.

I thought Death Bringer must have helped them...perhaps there was another cause.

I asked Gustarte and Diablo for comments.

Then I nodded my head.

It was a gamble.

'Go to the Spirit World.'

I glanced at Death Bringer, who was wearing the mask of the Hell Monarch. He didn't look impatient at all. He appeared certain of his victory. He was confident that he could get rid of me at any time.

I thought so as well. No matter how strong I was, I wasn't a supreme god. I was convinced I could defeat the Hell Monarch, but it was a different story if the opponent was Death Bringer.

He also knew that I was aware of the Hell Monarch's true identity.

'God's Eyes.'

Nevertheless, I invoked God's Eyes.

I needed to make sure.

The system was perfect. Even Death Bringer couldn't touch the system.

If the status window appeared, it meant that Death Bringer wasn't free of the system.

If it didn't, it meant he secured it so that his status window didn't appear.

And just as I hoped, a window soon appeared.

-The power in the target doesn't allow 'God's Eyes (Demigod)' to function.

Name: Hell Monarch (Death Bringer)

Occupation Devil Title * Devil (God, ???)

* Supreme God (God, ???)

* Sublime Existence (God, ???)

* Ruler of Death (God, ???)

* Defiled Guardian (God, ???)


Strength ???

Intelligence ???

Agility ???

Stamina ???

Magic Power ???

Potential: (???/???)

Uniqueness: In a state of possession. However, the possession isn't complete yet.

Skill: ???

Everything was filled with question marks.

But it gave me some assurance against the devil.

There were also the devil's additional titles.

I couldn't see the status properly due to his power, but at least there was a status window.

It was sufficient.

Although everything was a question mark, the lines about the uniqueness appeared.

I raised the Emperor's Sword.

The moonlight reflected off it and showed off a radiant beauty.

It was originally the Hell Monarch's sword.

One of his most loyal servants, Maxium, was in charge of this sword.

"Maxium acknowledged me as his emperor. He gave me this sword as proof. You are just a fake shadow."

Death Bringer sneered at me. But I didn't stop talking.

"Do you hear this heart? It was originally yours, but now it is completely mine. The Underground World, the 100,000 phantom are just a fake self who failed to accomplish anything."

I was taunting him.

The possession wasn't complete yet.

If the spirit of the Hell Monarch remained even a little bit, it would lead to extreme confusion.

"You are not the Hell Monarch. I am the Hell Monarch!"

My thoughts were soon proven to be correct.


Death Bringer grabbed his head.

"This bastard...!"

He glared at me with a pained expression. But he couldn't easily move.

Attacking now could also be a method.

However, I gave up as I saw him gradually regain stability.

The Hell Monarch couldn't win against Death Bringer. There was only a little resistance.

'It wasn't much.'

His spirit would eventually be eaten away. His soul would fade away and his body would belong to Death Bringer.

I deployed Chaotic Blade.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

My target wasn't Death Bringer.

It was the dragon he was riding!

The dragon screamed and Death Bringer fell to the ground.

I put away my sword.

If Death Bringer completely swallowed the Hell Monarch's spirit then things would become harder. My actions would only buy a few days at most.

In the meantime, I had to go to the Spirit World to destroy the system.

Death Bringer's condition wasn't normal, so there would be a problem with the enemy's advance.

I spread my wings.

And I quickly began to return.

I had brought everything from the dungeons with me to the Demon World. Among them were the items that I previously used to go to the Spirit World.

I immediately called Oswen. Oswen, who was busy making the mirror, immediately responded to my call.

"Oswen. Can this device allow me to go to the Spirit World?"

"It is possible but..."

"Work as quickly as possible. I must go to the Dark Spirit World."

A device to open a crack. The materials were enough and Oswen was skilled, so I believed he could do it quickly. It wasn't a re-creation but just making use of what was already made.

"I understand."

He didn't ask for the reason.

Oswen left to work on the device and I heard a mosquito-like sound.


It was Yihi. I frowned. Everything was moved except for the Dungeon Core. This was a completely different world so I didn't understand how Yihi came along.

Yihi was a fairy of the Dungeon Core.

No, she wasn't. I had become the demon king.

Yihi should have become the ruler of the fairies, so it was right that she could throw away her constraints.

But Yihi still belonged to the Dungeon Core. Was she rejected? Or did she not have enough qualifications?

"How did you come to the Demon World?"

"Yihihi. The power of love."

"...Your job is over. You have an obligation to create a Fairy World."

Unlike the spirits, the fairies didn't have their own world. But it wasn't right that they disappeared. So the fairies hoped that a ruler would appear to make a world for them.

The fairy ruler had that type of power. In fact, it was quite significant.

Then Yihi spoke with a grouchy expression on her face.

"I don't know. But I felt like I had to come here. Yihi feels uneasy."

"The fairy ruler doesn't have the power of foresight."

"It's not like that. Can't Yihi just stay here?"

I touched my jaw. Yihi was now fully qualified to become ruler of the fairies.

There was no harm in allowing her to stay here. Rather, she might be a great help in the war.

After finishing my calculations, I opened my mouth.

"Help the other demons and creatures."

"Wah! Is that so? Yihihi. I knew Master would allow it! Jjuk!"

Yihi stopped looking so moody, kissed my cheek and flew off. It wasn't really obvious, but it seemed like Yihi had grown a little bit more. I was busy, but I strongly felt like I wouldn't see her for a long time.

Immediately after Yihi left, I started thinking deeply.

'Spirit World...'

Frankly, it was a type of gamble.

If the dark spirits didn't have the system then I would suffer a great loss.

The war would flow in an adverse way.

I would have to face Death Bringer who became perfect.

"I'm back."

Soon Oswen came carrying the device.

"Is it possible?"

"Yes. I'll run it right now. Please don't get lost."

There was a high chance of getting lost when walking through the crack. In addition, the crack needed to be kept open so I needed to return as soon as possible.

If not, I might become lost in the crack and be destroyed by the presences in the nothingness. Once I was lost, my army wouldn't have the power to deal with the Hell Monarch.

"I'll go as quickly as possible."

The crack was opened.

I stepped into the crack.

The Spirit World was deserted. There were cracks everywhere and sounds of things being destroyed.

The dark spirits were fighting with other spirits in numerous cracks.

I looked into many of the cracks.

Most of the Spirit World was devastated. The elemental spirits were killed and the survivors obeyed the dark spirits.

But there was still one place where a battle seemed to have been going on for a long time.

"The Fire King commands you! Burn them with Hellfire!"

The Fire Spirit King Garrash!

He led the struggling fire spirits.

The so-called strongest spirit in the Spirit World was covered with wounds.

The dark spirits used the power of the crack to relentlessly pursue him.

I worried about it for a short moment.

It was possible to enter the centre of the Dark Spirit World.

But in a situation where everything was uncertain, a person with information had considerable value.

'I have to ask about the situation.'

The Fire Spirit King Garrash would know more about the dark spirits than anyone else.

After making a decision, I quickly entered the crack connected with the Fire Spirit World.


Pride's flames burned roughly and widely. They weren't lacking when compared to the flames of Garrash the Fire Spirit King. Rather, my flames were even more powerful thanks to my high magic power.

Chaotic Blade was then used and the dark spirits were cut like trash.

"All dark spirits, stop."

I used True Words. Once the power of my words manifested, the dark spirits couldn't move. They didn't seem to be protected by any power.

'Lightning God. Jump out.'

I freely released Lightning God.

The lightning roared and slaughtered the dark spirits.

It took 10 minutes to clean up all the dark spirits fighting the fire spirits.

It was an overwhelming victory.

Many dark spirits came here, but there weren't any strong presences. And I was hunting my prey.