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Chapter 237: Hell Monarch (2)

Chapter 237: Hell Monarch (2)

The phantom cavalry didn't engage in a full scale war with the enemy. It was an insurmountable wall of creatures so it was foolish to run at them from the front. They quickly hit and retreated, steadily buying some time.

Common demons and creatures couldn't survive the swords wielded by the phantom cavalry. If there was a strong enemy then I came out and minimized the damage.

'The enemy is moving faster.'


It was simple.

The Hell Monarch had realized the existence of the phantom cavalry.

The soldiers he had created were now appearing as enemies, so he was angry.

'He won't come directly.'

It was a little disappointing.

If the Hell Monarch came out for the phantom cavalry then I would have a chance to strike. It would be difficult if he kept moving behind the three million troops.

It was best to just buy time.

'I was only able to win against Contegonom by using Corruption. I'm not the same as I was at that time, but Rogujan is something that came from the deepest parts of the nothingness. There are many differences.'

It was on a completely different level. Thanks to God's Eyes, I could see that Rogujan was much stronger than Contegonom.

'A total of 721 stat points...'

Indeed, a demon king slayer. Something far beyond normal creatures. An exceptional balrog who had managed to kill a demon king. At that time, it was able to absorb some strength from the demon king it killed.

I wasn't disturbed by the simple numerical comparison. There was a difference of over 100 points. If I went against him then I would be able to win with no difficulty. But then I would have to give up on buying time. The phantom cavalry would be surrounded by enemies and 100,000 troops would disappear.

I wouldn't be able to block such a large army for four days alone.

'The Hell Monarch isn't my only enemy.'

The dark spirits might try some tricks. I was also worried about Death Bringer. It would be wise to reserve some troops to prepare for another confrontation.

Fortunately, Rogujan didn't seem to possess any authority. He was strong in terms of brute force.

'I need a way to get rid of Rogujan independently.'

I looked at Rogujan as I directed the phantom cavalry. Rogujan floated in the air and calmly watched the phantom cavalry.

'The balrog are a warlike species.'

I heard that it was a characteristic of balrogs to be excited when a battle took place.

Was it because it thought there were no enemies? It might not be stimulated by the phantom cavalry.

The huge creature set me on edge. Something that big and powerful could smash the castle at once.

'I have no choice but to stimulate it.'

I nodded. I had no choice but to move.

In order to reserve some troops, I needed to fight.

It was time for me to come out.

"I will be back in 30 minutes. Try not to be surrounded as much as possible."

I gave a command to the phantom cavalry.

30 minutes. I was sure that I could remove Rogujan in that time.

It wasn't difficult to deal with an enemy who came out alone. It was because True Words would work to a certain extend on transcendent beings. As long as the Hell Monarch didn't come out with the demons and creatures, I would be able to handle Rogujan.

If the ghost cavalry stayed safe then I would be able to continue buying time.

I flapped my wings and gazed at the balrog.

Wrath and the Emperor's Sword were covered in a dark aura. Then I applied Lightning God and Pride's flames. After my superior magic power was added, it was an extraordinary skill comparable to Ariel's proprietary Abyss Sword.

-As the result of repeated linkage, the skill 'Chaotic Blade (Legend)' has been learnt.

If something was repeated many times then a skill could be obtained. The odds were slim so it was unlikely to appear even after thousands of repetitions. Even if it came out, it was hard to expect a high rating.

Yet a legend rating had emerged.

'It was thanks to my high intelligence.'

Intelligence played many different roles. It increased magic resistance, familiarity with skills, eliminated the drawbacks when using a skill and improved mental power. As such, it was possible to rapidly create a skill. It was the first time for me, but it wasn't a bad result.

Then the balrog headed towards me.


It flapped its large wings and instantly appeared before me.

I was strong. It noticed the great magic power contained in my swords.

The difference in our sizes was evident.

But fighting had nothing to do with size.

"I'll give you a chance. Go back to your original place."

A demon king slayer. A historically famous creature. It should be fine for me to face him.


The balrog flapped its wings strongly.


Lightning struck me.

However, I had a high level of magic resistance.

And...the balrog was a magic-using species.

The worst mistake. This was why I bet on a quick victory.

"I received your greeting. Rogujan."

Chaotic Blade grew longer. The balrog was a magical species so it naturally had high resistance. Its physical defense also exceeded imagination.

But it was doubtful if its body could withstand my attacks.

"Now it is your turn to receive my greetings."


My swords penetrated through the lightning.

I split Rogujan's body exactly in half.

Dozens of demons who were dukes rushed towards me.


I consciously used True Words. This skill gave my words power. Even the transcendent couldn't be completely free of this influence. There was only a difference in the duration time.

True Words was advantageous when dealing with a lot of opponents.

And the dukes stopped moving according to my words.

However, the duration was extremely short.

It only lasted a fraction of the time.

'Overlapping power.'

I had experienced this before. It was when I faced Camael. It overlapped with Camael's power and didn't have a great effect. This time was the same as well.

The demons and creatures were dominated by the Hell Monarch so they were protected by his power. In particular, the dukes received more protection.

I activated God's Eyes.

-There is a defense with a higher security rating than 'God's Eyes (Demigod).'

But thanks to high magic power (168), 77% of the interpretation has been completed.

Guardian's Power (God), Destructive Humanity (God), Absolute Domination (God), Death (God), Song of the Dead (Legend), Curse of Shadows (Legend), Curse of the Mountains (Legend)...

There were four huge curses on them. That was why the power of my words hardly had any effect.

Besides, I needed to look at the curses hanging on them.

It seemed like the Hell Monarch already had the power of a god.

How much...

'I need to be vigilant of a god.'

The Hell Monarch was a human. He had guardians around him. As far as he was concerned, foreign invasion was impossible.

He wanted to become a god.

But the gods didn't allow him to become one.

The gods joined forces and pushed him into the nothingness.

He didn't think they would stand still and planned something, but failed.

Then the dark spirits pulled him out again.

'He would have become even stronger.'

I was sure of it.

He was stronger than he was during his days as the Shadow Emperor.

The dark spirits would have helped.

No, I still didn't understand his power. No matter how godlike a human was, he needed to have his own power.

He was passionate about learning curse magic, but endless hours were needed to make it reach this point. He might just be close to a god in relation to curses.

Rather, he didn't learn curses that were below a legend rating.

The Guardian's Power was definitely strange, so he must have guardians.

Maybe there were even more. God's Eyes had only interpreted 77% of the information.

'Is he really the Hell Monarch?'

I wondered.

I wanted to determine the truth.

"Get lost."

Pride's flames explosively wrapped around them.

As the demons hesitated, I instantly rushed through the air.

The army of the Hell Monarch was great. Millions of creatures were lined up for dozens of kilometres.

And at the very back.

I found a person slowly climbing up the back of a dragon like he was taking a leisurely stroll.

I knew who he was as soon as I found him.

The figure on the back of the dragon was the Hell Monarch.

My heart was jumping wildly.

However, my eyes weren't looking at the Hell Monarch.

I was looking at the aura around him.

It was a scary feeling. It felt like my whole body was stripped bare. I couldn't move, it was like my entire body was in the clutches of a leviathan.

I had experienced it once before.

Before I went to Earth, the man who made me an offer was emitting that type of magic power.

I only felt it very weakly at the time, but now I knew for certain.

'Death Bringer...!'

Death Bringer was inside the Hell Monarch.

That's right.

He was the Hell Monarch but wasn't.

Death Bringer was wearing the mask of the Hell Monarch.

Death Bringer's eyes turned towards me.

A thin smile. He was laughing at my arrival.

No wonder why it was strange. The Hell Monarch had four powers at a god rating.

It was possible if he was Death Bringer. The devil. A god with the highest level of divinity. Among the gods, he was a powerful existence. Even if there were dozens of Gustartes, they wouldn't be able to beat Death Bringer.

'It must be possession.'

It was impossible for an immortal to enter the Demon World to conquer it. It was the same even when it came to possession. His divinity was lowered. If someone let their guard down then they could be deprived of their qualifications.

Then was it possible because the Hell Monarch came back from the nothingness?

I didn't know the details. Maybe it was because he was already like a god himself, so his flesh was able to contain a god. But it wasn't clear.

My heart trembled.

And the aura around me increased.

It was due to Gustarte and Diablo!

They both had a serious resentment against Death Bringer.

The feelings of anger came back. However, I remained calm.

The odds weren't high if I attacked him from the front.

Besides, this place was filled with enemies. It was a place where it wouldn't be easy to escape once the fight started.

I asked the both of them if there was a way.

And they whispered to me.

'There is a method.'