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Chapter 233: Camael (2)

Chapter 233: Camael (2)

The number of angels decreased slowly.

There weren't many creatures left under my control.

Even though I removed the angels here, the rest were vying with the creatures.

It was a pure fight.

I needed to bind Camael's feet here indefinitely.

It was at that time.


Camael noticed my intentions. I also knew that he didn't have enough power to stop me. Then Camael started to move away from the angels. I was sure it was to hunt the demons and creatures.

There was no reason for me to leave him alone.


Lightning God moved ahead. It completely swallowed up Camael's body. It didn't deal any damage, but it affected his movements.

I instantly moved in front of Camael.

"Where are you going?"

My mouth was in a thin line.

My speed was superior. He wouldn't be able to leave this place without my permission.


Camael frowned slightly.

"So you're not a doll."

My smile widened.

It was the first time I saw any expression on his face since I encountered him.

The fight had lasted for three days. Yet I didn't know when it would end. It was because the angel killing rate had slowed down a lot.

-Number of angels remaining: 153,229

The creatures had excellent detection capabilities and found the angels. The problem was that the number decreased by less than 1,000 in an hour. I had to keep fighting as the speed slowed down.

It was a tedious war of attrition. I couldn't rest while Camael had time to recharge. The shield was an inherent power so it didn't contain any holy power.

I was aware of this and took a defensive stance. I only went out actively when Camael tried to get away. However, magic power was consumed as these actions were frequently repeated.

If this continued then I would only be able to last one more fortnight. It took more magic power than expected to compete with him. There was a limit to how defensive I could be.

'I have lost a lot of creatures.'

I was still receiving reports through Yihi.

The total number was still more than the angels.

However, the angels led by Camael were much stronger than the creatures at Greenwich Observatory. It was a situation where I couldn't be sure if my creatures could win.

The hopeful observation...


It was the participation of humans.

I honestly believed it. The community of humans in Korea moved. Most of the remaining Awakened gathered to oppose the angels.

The humans were stronger when united. It was a truth I learnt from previous experience. And they became stronger quickly. Heroes emerged and it was humans who dealt with the dukes and grand dukes in the end.

It was great that they didn't attack my empty dungeon and instead helped with the angels.

'Chrisley's plan turned out well.'

This was a plan that Chrisley had thought of. Chrisley moved Yoo Eun-hye and Yoo Eun-hye agitated the humans. Thanks to that, I had a little help.

For was difficult to kill the angels moving on the outskirts. It was satisfactory to let the humans deal with it.

In particular, the activities of the Korean Awakened were dazzling. Each of the Awakened had a high level and had no difficulty in dealing with the angels. It was a little rewarding after I raised them.

"The more you and I fight, the angrier you seem to be."

A devastated land. It stretched out all the way to the horizon. The traces of my fight with Camael were carved all over the land.

Camael wielded his spear angrily.

I lightly shrugged as I easily got rid of them. I was more bored than him.

The 7th day.

Camael started to change his behaviour. He acted like he wanted to get away from this boring war of attrition. He decided to move while ignoring me.

But I wasn't going to let him go. The strikes caused him to flinch and pause. I set up a wall with Pride's flames and used Power of Domination. In addition, my True Words weren't broken at all.


It wasn't an offensive ability so it had some effect. The duration wasn't long, but it was enough to bind his feet. I realized that I could achieve what I wanted without hitting him, so I aimed at that part.

Camael's shield was solely for defense. If I didn't intend to use an attack then he couldn't completely stop it.

I just talked and Camael stopped moving. At the same time, Camael's face distorted. It was a really strange move.

He couldn't move freely nor defeat me in battle. The angels were slowed down and Camael had no choice but to be influenced.

Camael started moving again.


And he stopped.

Of course, it didn't always work.

Sometimes he managed to defend against True Words. It was a fight of probability. Every time it didn't work, I had to go in person to stop him.

'Approximately 100,000 are left.'

It was the key to how long this war of attrition would last.

Tsk. I clicked my tongue. The number of times True Words worked against Camael decreased.

On the 15th day.

I started feeling a burden on my body. I couldn't catch Camael's movements like before. Sometimes I missed him and a lot of creatures died.

I gritted my teeth. I bought more with the points I earned, but the creatures died much faster. There were only 40,000 creatures left.

On the other hand, there were 20,000 angels remaining.

The number was now only decreasing by 300~400 every day.

If this continued, I would be defeated.

If I lost all my creatures and dungeon then I would have nothing left to supplement me.

-Master. Gaparam has made a large quantity of homunculi. They are specialized in hunting angels. Although they have a short lifespan, he learnt about angels while studying Gustarte. Yihihi!

A communication suddenly came from Yihi.

Ahh, Gaparam. He was also there. He had asked me for some time before the battle began. I had agreed and now the results could be seen.

Homunculi that were specialized for hunting angels!

After Yihi's words, the speed that the angels were killed at increased significantly.

Finally, there were only 400 left at the end of the 20th day. was hard for the number to decrease once it reached 400.


They needed to be eliminated one by one. Camael felt the danger and scattered the angels across the world.

If he could drag out the time then it would be his victory.

21st day. There were 350 remaining.

22nd day. 270 left.

At the end of the 25th day, there were 10 angels alive.

But...I needed to leave some magic power behind in order to kill Camael. I would soon reach my limit.

I was walking a thin line.

And on the 28th day.

-Number of angels remaining: 1

The one remaining angel hadn't been killed yet.

While Camael escaped once more, the demons and creatures hastily searched for the remaining angel.

Yoo Eun-hye led 300 Awakened to fight the angels. At first, there were 1,000 of them. However, this was the number remaining after one month. She was able to have this many people left because of her intelligence.

"I don't see any angels. Are they all wiped out?"

An Awakened next to Yoo Eun-hye asked. But Yoo Eun-hye firmly shook her head.

"There are still some left. It is obvious. Tell the other troops. Search around carefully!"

The different Awakened parties had scattered across the world. However, news came that angels hadn't been found for a few days.

Everyone thought it was over. They became more relaxed.

However, Yoo Eun-hye knew that it wasn't over.

Kung! Kwarurung!

A huge sound came from far away.

"How terrible. A fight involving the demon king."

It was the sound of fighting between the strongest angel and the demon king. Even though the distance was very far away, the sound of them fighting could be heard.

The world was locked in darkness and light repeatedly leaked out.

If humans saw that fight then they would realize how small they were.

"Here! The last angel!"

It was at that time. An Awakened shouted loudly.

This place was near Pandemonium's dungeon. It was filled with the corpses of many creatures. It was where Camael was summoned.

No one had thought of approaching this area.

The stench of rotting corpses was a good enough reason.

Yet a small light was coming from Pandemonium's corpse. The light was clearly an angel.

"You hid well."

The last angel!

When Camael killed Pandemonium, it was obvious that he secretly hid an angel in the corpse.

It was preparation for this situation.

However, the body decayed and the light eventually leaked out.

It was correct. A very small angel was hiding inside the corpse.

Yoo Eun-hye spoke slowly as she watched it.

"Get rid of it."


I smiled with satisfaction.

The number of remaining angels finally reached zero.

At the same time, the protective shield gradually faded away.

Soon Camael was naked.

His expression was shocked. His face reddened. Was he not going to accept his defeat?

"Camael. Now I will finish this."

I unleashed all my stored magic power.

It was magic power that I placed in reserve after some calculations.


A strong storm blew. Pride's flames set up endless barriers.

Only Camael was left.