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Chapter 232: Camael (1)

Chapter 232: Camael (1)

Camael was an angel with 10 wings. He led a huge army of 1.14 million and obliterated all life around him.

His power was conditional invincibility! He was immortal unless the 1.14 million angels died. The angels' lives were like nutrients for Camael.

But Camael now had an intense desire to destroy everything. His original personality as a seraphim was almost neutered. It was because Camael was an angel who moved according to the great will. In the aftermath of the summoning, Camael was unable to hear the voice of the great will.

This caused Camael to want to destroy all living things. They were ordinary humans, but some of them had a strangely different feeling. He thought they were polluted or cursed, so he decided to clean them up. If he erased everything then the closed door would open again and he could hear the voice of the great will.

In fact, he was strong enough to do that. A third of Earth had already been destroyed and turned into a land of despair. Destruction seemed inevitable.

They thought so until my army struck.

The humans were frustrated. After the angels' attack began, nobody could stop them. Originally, the angels didn't actively hunt humans. There was complete disregard towards the humans. To be more accurate, they didn't care at all. The angels only actively hunted demons, with human casualties along the way.

However, the attitude of the angels suddenly changed. They left countless dead bodies behind them. The angels started in the west and quickly advanced to the east. Humans started to quickly evacuate towards the east.

And one of their destinations was Korea. It was a country that was recovering quickly. There were the strongest Awakened, and the average level was also high. There were also refugees because they knew that Korea was safely acquiring resources through the dungeon.

But there were also top-ranking people from other countries. They lost their countries and moved to Korea.

Thanks to that, there were numerous problems but also a lot of support. The defensive wall was thick and there were many strong Awakened protecting it.

All the Awakened in Korea united to prepare for a war with the angels.

Everyone was united until the world darkened and a series of 'signs' appeared.

After the signs, many creatures exited the dungeon.

"We have to attack. The Dungeon Master has exited so this is a perfect opportunity."

"It won't work. Let sleeping dogs lie. We should just watch unless he attacks us."

They were divided into two sides and argued fiercely. However, they couldn't come to a conclusion. They constantly scouted the creatures in the dungeon, and there was also a frequent outflow of creatures. The only helpful aspect was that the creatures didn't attack humans.

People were curious.

Korea's dungeon was quiet. There weren't many monster waves and the master of the dungeon didn't do much damage. The only exception was shortly after the dungeon was created.

But right now, Korea's dungeon was in an unexpected boisterous state. The creatures left the dungeon and headed somewhere.

Communication around the world was cut off so they had no idea what the creatures were doing.

However...a Chinese reporter entered Korea and revealed what the creatures were doing.

"The creatures are fighting the angels. It is terrible. The angels have already reached Lanzhou in China. They are being pushed back thanks to the creatures. The last line of defense is the creatures."

Lanzhou in China was right near them. It wasn't that far away.

If the angels pushed through the line then they would come here...!

It was faster than they imagined.

But the more surprising thing was the attitude of the creatures. Due to the fact that they stopped the angels in another place, the risk to Korea was greatly reduced.

Still, there wasn't much hope.

People knew how numerous and powerful the angels were.

There used to be many demons who fought against the angels, but now there were few.

Most of them were dead. The demons weren't strong enough to overcome the army.

They wondered if the creatures from Korea's dungeon could stop the angels...

"They can't stop it. We have to help them. Whether we like it or not, we have to."

"Look. South Korea in an iron fortress. We should leave here to help out the creatures who have been killing us for years? That doesn't make sense."

But the reporter's attitude didn't change.

"Not the creatures! I mean the master of Korea's dungeon. Originally, I thought the demon of Korea's dungeon was a dark elf. But that isn't the case. He is...the king of the demons. A demon king. A monster who can annihilate tens of thousands of creatures alone! More powerful than any demon I've ever seen! You shouldn't deny him. We should strike him while he is distracted by the angels."

The reporter closed his eyes and shook as he recalled it.

"The demons have a king? If so, isn't he our true enemy?"

The majority of the Awakened opposed this. Their voices became increasingly louder.

There weren't many who took the side of the reporter.

"It is a necessary evil. Demons have sought to annihilate humans, but the king of the demons doesn't intend to do that. If the reporter's words are true, he would have been able to sweep away Korea at any time. We have to choose. Will we choose to live with evil or meet our end here?"

In fact, everyone had doubts.

Master of the Korean dungeon. He was different from other demons. He didn't try to wipe out the humans. He just threatened them once in a while.

On the other hand, the angels were different from the stories. They unconditionally hit everyone! Like ants being stepped on, humans were indiscriminately massacred.

In the end, the choice was put to one person.

Edward Windsor. And Yoo Eun-hye.

Edward was the king, but Yoo Eun-hye practically managed Korea. Edward was young while Yoo Eun-hye had many experiences.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that Yoo Eun-hye was the one making the decision.


Like expected, Yoo Eun-hye opened her mouth.

"Send out a group to strike at the angels. The damage will be minimized if we stop them out there instead of allowing them to reach here."

"Should we help the demon?"

"No. I will be honest. I want to live. We have survived to this day, accumulating a lot of strength and hope. However, it still isn't enough. We need time. If we die then we won't be able to do anything. Our deaths will be the end of humanity. We are humanity's last hope."

Wanting to live. The power of those words was great.

There were many weak people here. But they had hope for the future. It would be risky to fight here where the weak could be trampled on. So before that, those with power had to stop the enemies.

Yoo Eun-hye moved the people's hearts and added one more thing.

"I will send a message to the countries with governments still remaining to attack the angels. No, I will make sure that they participate. This is humanity's greatest hurdle. Everything will be decided with this fight."

Yoo Eun-hye's expression was stiff.

Hope was blooming.

Everything would be decided in this fight.

I used my points and achievement points. It was so that hunting the angels would be as efficient as possible. There were too many angels for me to handle. I couldn't hunt 1.14 million angels alone.

-Number of angels remaining: 371,332

This was recognized as a quest, so the remaining number of angels floated nicely in front of me. More than one million angels were hunted by creatures in a fortnight. My points started to dry up as they couldn't keep up with the respawning of creatures.

'Camael has started to move.'

More than anything, Camael was the problem. I aimed at him immediately after the angel hunt started. I was curious to see if his invincibility could keep up against my strikes. And I concluded that it could. There was a transparent membrane that blocked all my attacks.

Nothing got through. It was a skill that invalidated all attacks...there were conditions but the power was real. I had no choice but to go out and hunt the angels.

But it was a bit lacking. Time was finite. I had limits alone, so if the humans wanted to destroy my dungeon then I would have difficulties.

So I had to finish it before that.

It would have been easy if I had more to spare, but Ariel and her demons were lacking strength.

'The troops are in a sorry state.'

Besides, the angels weren't stupid. They realized they couldn't stop me and started avoiding me. They could freely fly around because they had no homes. As a result, my troops received a heavy blow.

In particular, Camael was too strong. There were no demons or creatures who could stop him. Ariel Diablo? Well...I wasn't able to judge her.

'I'll have to go out directly.'

Tsk! I clicked my tongue.

Time was dragging out. I had to pray that the demons and creatures wiped out all the angels while I was distracting Camael.

Once all the angels were gone, the barrier would disappear and I could end Camael.

My magic power seemed infinite at first glance, but it wasn't. So it was a fight against time.

'It can't be helped.'

I raised Wrath and the Emperor's Sword. It seemed inevitable now.

Camael was huge. He seemed to be five metres large. That was tall. Of course, he was much smaller than the seraphim I previously saw. That seraphim resembled a giant planet.

In contrast, Camael was life. He looked around nonchalantly while holding a spear. Of course, there was a great deal of destruction in the vicinity around him.

Camael turned towards me when I showed up. It was humiliating as I already attacked him once, but I couldn't avoid him now. It would be tough to kill all the angels if Camael killed the creatures.

My glance moved to the side where a message was constantly floating.

-Number of angels remaining: 271,994

Based on the rate of progress, it would take another week. And I was planning to grab onto Camael during that period.

"Let's see who will last. Seraphim Camael."


Camael was silent. He just raised his spear.


The spear was thrown and instantly appeared in front of me. The spear had jumped through space and quickly aimed at my forehead.


However, I had already expected it. I wasn't stupid enough to receive it.

I had covered my two swords with Dark Sword, Lightning God and Pride's flames.


I jumped forward before he could react and stabbed out.

But the thin shield stayed firm.


I was superior in all areas except for one. The shield couldn't be penetrated.

I didn't like it.

There were many angels around Camael. There were at least 30,000 of them. It would be difficult if they struck all at once, but the solution was easy.

"Don't interrupt."

True Words. They were overwhelmed by the power of my words. It wasn't just merely my words, but my gestures and expression as well. The angels flapping their wings stopped moving like a wall had formed.

100,000 angels were just standing in place. I glanced at Camael, but the transparent shield meant he wasn't affected.

'That power is a problem.'

True Words didn't have a shortage of power. But Camael's shield also had its own strength. It was rare for a protective shield to be able to block the area involving the power of words.

Once Camael's shield was gone, he would no longer be my opponent.

'I have to wait for the angels to be removed.'

At the same time, numerous angels gathered around Camael. I decided to get rid of those angels while dealing with Camael at the same time.


Pride's flames filled the whole sky.

It would take too long to kill each one separately with a sword.


Dark Sword extended. Once Dark Sword grew to 200 metres in length, I wielded it like a whip and every angel it touched was disintegrated.

Camael threw thousands of spears to block me, but that wasn't enough to stop my one-sided massacre. The angels didn't attack due to True Words, so it was simple to deal with them.

'Thank you for reducing the numbers, Camael.'

It was similar to what I had been looking for. 100,000 angels were gathered around Camael. I killed many of numthe 100,000 angels. I couldn't kill Camael, but Camael couldn't block me.

After that, Camael didn't gather many angels around here. He watched my movements and only placed the lowest grade angels. He moved alone. It was like Camael realized that the angels were my prey.

Our defenses were so strong that we couldn't touch each other. But little by little, cracks were occurring in Camael's shield.

'I will see how long he can hold out.'