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Chapter 231: Demon King (3)

Chapter 231: Demon King (3)

The sky was dark. Even the moon was invisible in the darkness. The darkness ate the light as it spread all over the world. And invisible things started to show themselves.

The dead...specters. The millions of specters started to move around me. The boundary between the living and the dead was only visible to my eyes.

The demon king could see the other side. That was a story I had heard. I thought it was just a rumour, but it turned out to be true.

I lifted my head. I could see the Celestial Door and the Demon World Door floating in the sky. Both of them were closed and couldn't be opened. If I killed Camael then the Celestial Door would disappear and I could open a path to the Demon World.


The specters kept whispering to me. Their misery and anger. It was a negative magic power. If my mentality wasn't strong enough then I would be assimilated on the spot.

But I just laughed.

I knew the identity of these specters.

'Those who were killed by former demon kings. It is hard for them to leave.'

There had been many demon kings. Most of them had destructive desires and couldn't stand others. They sought ruthless destruction and some became crazy. It was impossible to count the lives they killed using one hand. The despair that was enough to fill the world was now entering my ears.

The demong kings' karma...

I nodded. It had always been like this. In ancient books, the power of the demons couldn't even be compared to the demon king. Once recognized as the demon king, they had the power to instantly establish peace in the Demon World.

I also thought this was ridiculous. But the grand dukes seemed to be aware of it. So I was thirsty for the position of the devil.

'It looks like absorbing the negative energy will affect the quality of the demon king.'

The negative magic power was beyond imagination. Even if I absorbed and absorbed, it was an amount that would never end. No matter how much I absorbed, it wouldn't even be 5%.

But my mind wasn't controlled by the ghosts.

I cleared away the ghosts. I had obtained divinity and gone beyond transcendence. I was able to grasp the identity of the specters in an instant.

'Get lost.'

I ordered. Soon the ghosts split apart and a long road was formed.

At the end of the road. The place where the powers of the former demon kings were kept!

I looked down at my chest.

Gustarte had given me the key of balance. Thanks to this key, the divinity wasn't overflowing and was moving smoothly.

However, I was always in danger of becoming a god.

I was now trying to defile that divinity.

I placed my hands on my chest.

Tuduk. Tududuk.

And I extracted the key.


As soon as it opened, my body acted like a black hole and started to attract the specters around me.

But what I really wanted wasn't the specters. The specters were specters. I wanted the powers of the former demon kings.

I stretched out my hand. I couldn't scoff at the former demon kings. They always had the title of the strongest. Even though I was transcendent and obtained the divinity, they were formidable experts who dominated the Demon World with force.

But...only one person responded to my call.

He was huge. Huge wings, goat horns and the skin of a dragon.

The demon king Diablo!

He ruled the Demon World for the longest time among the demon kings, and his family was always guaranteed the position of grand duke. Among the nobles, the origin of his clan could be considered the highest. He existed a very long time ago, perhaps when the Demon World and demon king system had just begun.

I briefly bowed my head. He was worthy enough to be greeted.

-I was watching you. I have been waiting for a child like you. A child with the true power of a demon! A child who will bring down the god Death Bringer, the coward who brought down his children due to fear!

Diablo took a step forward. Soon he joined me, and the impact was more intense than that of the specters around me.

Diablo sent me some short memories.

The story of a faraway past. It was around the time when the Demon World was being created.

The devil Death Bringer created the demons. But the demons' appearance was very different from what I knew. They had goat horns, rough leather and wings.

It was different from what I knew, but I still knew it.

I had become like that after using Corruption.

And I knew how strong that power was.

Death Bringer was worried about it. The demons were too powerful. The power of the species itself threatened the gods. Even the confident devil felt like his position would be threatened over time, so he took special measures.

The degeneration of the species.

He removed the horns and wings that were the symbol of their power and inserted human genes.

He also added a more violent nature.

The demons were weakened and the balance of power between the Celestial World and the Demon World weakened.

If this continued, the Demon World would be destroyed by angels. Maybe the demons would self-destruct in a battle among themselves. The devil intended to leave it alone.

The demon king Diablo was furious after finding out the truth.

The angels were designed to have a similar strength to the demons. This was in order to maintain the balance between worlds. A devil shouldn't want to destroy the children he created simply because he was scared of them.

Diablo couldn't stand still while the balance between the two worlds collapsed.

So he secretly left a feature in the new demon kings. His power as the demon king would be passed on. In order to achieve a miracle against the angels!

He noticed Death Bringer's actions too late. And when an immortal became too deeply involved in the affairs of mortals, their divinity would fall. He was forced to watch as a species was manipulated to degenerate.

Due to the presence of the demon kings, the Celestial World and Demon World barely maintained the balance. But that was it. The demons and Demon World were still at a risk of perishing at any time. Both internally and externally.

So Diablo had been waiting.

The origin demon king.

He wanted a demon who could go against Death Bringer.

And now, the wait was finally over.

I plugged the key back into my chest. The swirling magic power gradually calmed down. However, the sacredness of the divinity was greatly lost.

The mirrored red dragons had turned black. Even the intermediate god Gustarte wasn't able to block all of Diablo's magic power.

No one knew what would happen when two different powers joined. But if the combination was completed, an unprecedented power might be obtained.


I tore apart this negative world.

Thus, the ceremony to become the demon king finished.

"I see the Demon King."

Once the ceremony concluded, Ariel Diablo was the first one to kneel at my feet. She had still spoken informally with me but it was different after the ceremony.

"I see the Demon King."

Along with Ariel, the demons in her faction kneeled down. Even the quietly watching creatures took the same posture. Even Yihi was swept away by the atmosphere.


I flapped my wings. My appearance had changed. I had huge horns and wings. Even if I stayed still, my magic power flowed around and overwhelmed others.

This was power. It was a distinctly different feeling from when I obtained the divinity.

I had to check my status window. A smile emerged as I saw my changed status window.

Name: Randalph Brigsiel

Occupation Demon King (Dungeon Master) Title * Dungeon Hunter (Residual stats +1 when occupying dungeons and hunting demons)

* Indomitable Warrior (Ex U, All stats +2)

* First to Receive a Fairy's Blessing (U, Magic Power +6)

* Origin Master (Epic, all stats +3)

* Undead (Ex U, Intelligence and Stamina +5)

* Ruler of the Underground World (Legend, all stats +5, the rating of all skills below epic grade +0.5)

* Origin Demon King (God, all stats +10, grants a transcendent rank)


Strength 127 (+30)

Intelligence 129 (+25)

Agility 121 (+30)

Stamina 133 (+32)

Magic Power 138 (+26)

Potential: (648+143/???)

Remaining Stat Points: 47

Electric Power: 742GW

Uniqueness: The master of the Underground World. The Heart of the Hell Monarch has completely awakened. Has a strong divinity for some reason. Inherited the power of Diablo, the origin demon king.

Skill: Combine Everything (Ex U), Mind's Eye (Epic), Dark Sword (Epic), Divine Sword Unity (Epic, Passive), Lightning Elemental (Epic), Pride (Epic), Corruption (Legend), Power of Domination (Ex Epic, Passive), Spirit Communication (Epic, Passive), Reverse World (God), True Words (God, Passive)

Skill and Item Effects: Wrath (Strength +7), Sloth (Agility +7), Pride (Stamina + 7), Divine Sword Unity (Strength and Agility +3)

[Before and After Comparison]

Strength 130 Intelligence 135 Agility 130 Stamina 136 Magic 146 Potential (585+93/???)

Strength 157 Intelligence 154 Agility 151 Stamina 165 Magic 164 Potential (648+143/???)

The origin demon king.

Apart from Reverse World, there was a new skill added.

True Words! The words I spoke would contain true power.

The rating of Corruption also went up.

I liked it.

I had become even stronger. My monster like stats were close to 800 points! I had never seen stats so high before.

However, this wasn't the end.

I would become even stronger. I had no thoughts about stopping here.

At that time, Ariel looked up at me. Her eyes were different from before.

Longing, respect...

She was aware of what I had.

Her name was Ariel Diablo.

Now I had the blood of Diablo inside me.

Blood was a powerful draw.

I hadn't thought about it, but it wasn't bad. As a result, she was my faithful servant and would handle the enemy more enthusiastically.

I was the demon king but I still hadn't accomplished my dream.

It was to sit on the throne in the Demon World and laugh heartily. My dream was to sit there and laugh out loud.

In order to do this, I needed to deal with the enemy standing in my way.



My voice was loaded with magic power.

Furthermore, the skill 'True Words' was added. It had a powerful effect that surpassed Ariel's skill.

All eyes turned towards me.

"This is my first order as the demon king. My faithful servants. Kill all enemies blocking my way. Don't leave even one of Camael's angels alive."

"As you command!"

"As you command!"

My rule was absolute.

I didn't allow for questions.

Everyone naturally agreed, so the only thing left was to ruin Camael.