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Chapter 230: Devil (2)

Chapter 230: Devil (2)

Exactly seven days later.

She led five loyal subordinates to South Korea. Ariel was the one who set the timing and location, and she insisted on the confrontation being in South Korea. It seemed like she was sure that I wouldn't use any tricks.

It might have been stupid, but she was stubborn. I never thought about using any tricks. I realized how important the meaning of my words was after acquiring divinity. There was a chance that I might lose my divinity. I knew it instinctively.

"Let's decide this. Randalph Brigsiel."

Ariel was wearing armour and holding a sword made of a balrog's bones. The long tail bone made her seem like a balrog.

I wore a crimson cloak and Infinity Armour. Wrath and the Emperor's Sword trembled in my hands.

As a result of this fight, the demon king would be determined.

I couldn't relax. I had been dreaming of this moment since I was young. Now it was time to achieve it directly, rather than just dreaming.

"I'll do that."

I nodded.

I only had a short time to breathe.

I struck an attack posture.


An expert in weapons. She could use any weapons. In particular, no one could follow her in regards to swordsmanship. She spent a considerable amount of time trying to learn all the sword techniques in the world. If I got into a pure armed struggle with Ariel then I might not have the advantage.

Even though I had made many advances in Haien Moon's swordsmanship, it was still far below Ariel's pure sword ability. I was two or three times inferior to her in that regards. It was like the difference between an adult and a child.

However, I wasn't going to fight using just physical strength. I was using everything I had in this battle. Even if Ariel Diablo had swordsmanship, I was far ahead of her in other areas.


The ground shook. It was like an earthquake was occurring. From the beginning, Ariel had surrounded her sword in chaos. It was her patented 'Abyss Sword.'

In order to counter this, I used Dark Sword. It used to be inferior Abyss Sword, but my magic power was superior and so it showed several times its original strength.

'I see.'

Ariel Diablo's brilliant movements caused minor tremors. I felt it. Her next movements were expected. And I had the ability to dominate every situation.

If it was before then I wouldn't have been able to catch all her movements. Ariel Diablo's movements were filled with finesse and every subtle movement was elaborate. I discovered the optimal route to dismantle her attack.

Chwack! Chwack! Chaeeeeng!

Our swords clashed. Ariel Diablo was pushing ahead with more vigour. She even used dual swords so I was forced to be amazed at the frequence of her attacks. She was pouring everything into her swords.

My movements were haphazard as I defended against her swordsmanship. Although I was just defending...


I brought out Pride's flames. They weren't flames that could burn for eternity. Pride's flames became a real hellfire after my rise in magic power. They swallowed everything for dozens of metres around me. The land melted and her movements were sealed.


But Ariel didn't stay still. If she stopped moving even a little bit then it would be her defeat. She raised her swords up high and the ground surged like waves.


This was also one of Ariel's skills. The land turned into a tsunami that tried to swallow me.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwaaaaang!

The tsunami was repeated dozens of times. As if that wasn't enough, Ariel raised her sword again and invoked a skill.

Swaaack! Swaaack!

The number of ivory swords had increased. They were the same swords, genuine copies. Every single one had remarkable destructive powers. There was a total of 512 swords in the air.

'Weapon Cheat (Ex Epic).' It was a skill that could make hundreds of copies of a weapon. The sword was made from the bones of the strong balrog, and used the high rated swords to create a huge storm.

A total of 512 swords became stuck in the ground, causing it to shake. It was a rain of swords.

"Giant Swamp."

That wasn't the end.

Ariel clutched her sword and closed her eyes. Then the swords stuck in the earth started to shine. Soon all 512 swords formed a circle around me.

Kuuong! Kuuong! Kuuong!

The 512 swords pushed through the ground.


Noises were heard from underneath me. A loud noise that paralyzed my hearing. The sound grew bigger until it reached its peak, then it became completely quiet.


This was the calm before the storm. A deep hole formed and a fierce light emerged from it. The light reached up to the sky and wiped out everything in the middle.

A linked skill. Rather than relying on only one, several skills were connected to increase the power.

The hole was several kilometres in diameter. The demons and creatures were warned earlier, so they were much further away. If not, they would have been swept away and died. There would have been no exceptions.

That's how destructive it was. The gigantic pillar of light continued crying out like a god. Ariel Diablo had transcended. It was an attack that she poured everything into. If she had completed this skill at Greenwich Observatory then the winning party would have been Ariel Diablo.

She would have overturned the battlefield by herself.


Hwaruk! Hwaruruk!

My fire didn't go out. I slowly climbed into the hole of light. Pride's flames were protecting my body. After my growth in magic power, Infinite Armour had also transformed to look like a red dragon.


Finally, my feet touched the bottom of the hole. Ariel Diablo's attack was certainly great. If it hit my body then I would have been severely wounded.

However, this was a fight for our lives. This strike wasn't enough to get rid of me.


Lightning Elemental.

Lightning God cried out. Lightning God and Pride's flames both embraced my body to reduce the blow.

Once the skill was over, I no longer needed to be protected and Lightning God moved to an attack stance.

The size of Lightning God also increased. Skills were affected by magic power, so all the ones I learnt had become stronger.

I moved my finger and Lightning God swallowed up Ariel Diablo.


Lightning God roared. Ariel calmly switched targets. She blocked Lightning God with her chaos sword.

Chiik! Chiiiik!

Ariel's sword split Lightning God exactly in half. The unleashed power fell to the ground, causing power outages. After a while, Lightning God merged and changed shapes.

It seemed to be a spear and shield. Lightning God struck, but couldn't pierce through Ariel's sword. However, Lightning God infinitely regenerated and constantly tormented Ariel.

I knew it wasn't the end so I moved.

I covered Wrath and the Emperor's Sword with Dark Sword, then again with Pride's flames. Also...

I recalled Lightning God. Lightning God immediately mixed with Pride's flames.

Linkage. However, it carried a very big risk. This was the first time I had tried it. Yet I was confident I wouldn't fail.

As magic power increased, so did my level of understanding. In addition, the 135 points in intelligence meant I could safely use the skills.

Grruk. Kurururu...

There was a slight rebound but that was it.

It caused so much confusion that chaos also formed on my swords.

Ariel's eyes changed as she saw it.

The time for general attacks was over. Now was the time to meet.

Ariel also knew it. We were both confident about the outcome of the fight.

If the strike failed then the only thing left...


The ivory sword was split in half.

The chaos on the sword was severed.

Ariel stared at me like it was absurd.

"You monster."

Duk. Ariel Diablo raised her hands.

"I lost."

I had the freedom to kill Ariel if I wanted. This was a fight between demons. The loser lost everything and the winner gained it. It would be a natural action for me to take her life after becoming the winner.

Soon her vassals arrived. I was accompanied by my creatures.

Ariel's demons bit their lips while my subordinates were cheering and laughing.

I spoke to Ariel who was kneeling in the centre.

"Take the lead in killing Camael, Ariel Diablo. You will act as the vanguard to destroy my enemies."

I didn't kill Ariel. I didn't have a choice.

The winner had been determined, but the war wasn't over yet. First, Camael still remained. Camael was a very tricky angel to kill alone.

'I need to kill 1.14 million angels first. Until that happens, he is immortal.'

This was something that Tashmal had told me.

The seraphim Camael. An almighty angel who shared life with 1.14 million other angels. Although it was similar to the skill that Ariel used on the silver knights in the past, Camael was different in that all 1.14 million needed to be killed first.

In order to do this, I needed to keep Ariel alive. It would be a little easier if she took the lead to destroy the angels. Camael was close to omnipotent, but he wasn't invincible. The most important thing was to kill his army. I needed to shorten that time as much as possible.

I extended my foot. Ariel had to kiss my foot for the ceremony between master and slave to end.

If she refused then she wouldn't be able to keep her life. I was doing her a great favour by stamping her with the seal of a slave. It allowed her to keep her honour, but she could never be hostile towards me. From the beginning to the end. I needed to take the result into account.

Her choice was also the choice of her demons. I waited patiently. Soon Ariel opened her mouth.

"I, Ariel Diablo, admit defeat and will swear myself to Randalph Brigsiel from now on."

Ariel slowly moved her mouth to my foot.

I was surprised. I never thought she would comply without a reaction.

It was different from what I knew in my previous life. Did I not understand Ariel's personality because I was too weak?


Ariel kissed my foot.

The winner and loser had clearly been decided.

My expression didn't change. But I was feeling intense emotions.

I had moved without a break and finally achieved my goal.

I had succeeded in climbing from the bottom up to the highest place.

If someone heard my story then they wouldn't have believed it. They wouldn't want to believe it.

But it was all true. I was now on the verge of grasping the truth.

Once the ceremony was finished, messages popped up before me.

-All the demons on Earth have been subdued.

You are qualified to become the demon king.

-An incredible achievement. The title 'The Demon King' has been acquired.

Your occupation has been changed from 'Grand Duke' to 'Demon King.'

The demon king is the ruler of the Demon World. It is the absolute name given to those who have conquered the Demon World.

It is now possible to open the door to the Demon World. However, it is impossible to open right now due to Camael's appearance. The Celestial Door and Demon World Door can't overlap.