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Chapter 228: God (3)

Chapter 228: God (3)

"The Hell Monarch is a sword to kill the demons."

I nodded. In my previous life, that name hadn't appeared that much. It was strange that he would suddenly occupy the Demon World in one year.

"Randalph Brigsiel. You have received the protection of the system, so it is impossible for the dark spirits to try something on you through the system. There has to be direct military intervention."

Gustarte confirmed it. The dark spirits wouldn't be able to plant something in me. They had the ability to deal with an intermediate god. I thought that was a little burdensome, but it turned out that I was safe in this area.

"If you make my dream come true then I will return you, Gustarte."

I seriously said. I wouldn't be able to harm him if I didn't use the system, so it wouldn't be bad to have him on my side. Thorough preparations were needed.

"Absorb me."

"I don't want to be a god."

I flatly refused. A god. It sounded good, but that was just on the surface. I couldn't do everything I wanted as a god.

However, Gustarte intended something different.

"You won't be a god. It is just to stop Death Bringer from getting his hands on me. That is the worst case scenario."

The gods originally didn't get involved with humans. That was the history of the old days. A typical example was that they didn't care if a species was destroyed.

But those same gods seemed to have changed. If I absorbed Gustarte then I would have tremendous divinity. For all I knew, there was a possibility that my body wouldn't be able to endure it and I would die.

I glanced at Gustarte's chest. After the key was turned, it had melted and concealed itself in his body.

"The Moon Arrow. This is the key to balance. It is a weapon that even Death Bringer doesn't have. As long as this key is kept in your heart, you will be immortal forever. You will gain divinity but not become a god. It will be fine as long as you have a strong attachment to the world. However, your flesh will cease to exist once that attachment disappears."

It seemed like a chant.

I scratched my chin and asked.

"Won't this be a waste if Death Bringer's plan isn't stopped?"

"You have to plant a seed in the system. If the results aren't registered, the Seed of Creation can't be registered. It will cause a strong error. Death Bringer invested most of his divinity in the system so he will fall down. It will take a considerable amount of time to restore his scattered divinity. During that time, you need to destroy him. If you don't, you will continue to suffer for a long time from his ploys."

I started into Gustarte's eyes.

I didn't see any expressions or emotions.

There was no suffering or joy.

Was this a perfect 'god'?

'I will be the first demon to kill an immortal.'

I started laughing. A demon killing a god. It was quite a good accomplishment. I had no doubt that it would be registered as a legend grade or better.

Death Bringer was a higher ranked god than Gustarte.

"There is no time. He has noticed."

Gustarte looked up at the sky. The ceiling was blocking his view, but he seemed to see things that weren't visible to me.

At that moment.

Kung - kung - kuoong - kwarurung!

The sky was shaking. Numerous lightning strikes and strange anomalies occurred. A powerful swirl of magic power could be felt nearby.

I stood at the crossroads of choice. However, I stopped worrying. If I stayed still then Gustarte would be defeated by Death Bringer. I would go through hardships after that. It wouldn't be good business.

"I accept."

I immediately placed my hand on Gustarte's chest. The key appeared and I openly took it.


The divinity poured into the key. Gustarte forced the divinity into my body. Soon his body became slightly transparent.


However, I couldn't look at Gustarte properly. My body that accepted his divinity was collapsing. It was hard to endure the power spilling over. It was the first time I had felt like this. I soon felt a strong sense of helplessness and had a desire to give everything up.

'I can't give up.'

I couldn't give up. I would lose my life if I gave up here. But I would regret it. I would have a lot of regrets if I couldn't handle the divinity.

I sharpened my willpower so that it was like a knife. And I soon forgot the physical pain.

"I will go back to the origin. I will cheer for you from there. Please...become stronger. In this world, those who are weak will die..."

It was a familiar saying. When I was a child on the battlefield, a dying man I didn't know had said it to me. I used it as my creed and became stronger.

I painfully opened my eyes.


Something was stuck in my chest. The Moon Arrow. A key of balance.

The key was stabbed in me and Gustarte had completely disappeared.

He left with a small smile.

Hot. It felt like flames were burning inside my body. I wanted to cut my own neck to end this pain. But I still had a few lingering strands of attachment.

That's right. I had a lot of regrets. There were many things I still wanted to achieve. I would feel sorry if I gave them up now. Thus I persisted. Despite my teeth and gums bleeding, I didn't let go of my life.

Time seemed to go on for an eternity. Later I even forgot about the flow of time. Gradually the pain disappeared and the period of stabilization arrived. But my head was empty. I couldn't remember my name, yet the strong lingering attachment was still in me.

It could also be called greed.

My flesh melted and disappeared. However, it was reconstructed again. This was continuously repeated. Five times, ten times, twenty times...after my flesh was reconstructed for the thirty-third time, it was finally able to accept the divinity.

My body had clearly gone through a great upheaval.

The cells of my body were normalized.

Although it was initially some lingering attachments, many things pulled me back to this world. I moved my feet. As my feet moved, I started to remember everything.

I was Randalph Brigsiel.

One of the four grand dukes and demon king candidate.

There were several other stories but this was enough for now.

After a long time, the heat subsided and I could open my eyes.

I opened my eyes and raised my upper body.

I felt a fluffy futon, the magic power that filled the earth and a familiar place.


I heard Yihi's voice and raised my hand to stop her. I needed to check the condition of my body first.

'I have changed.'

What was this?

My spirit was still the same. But everything else was new.

I was a little bigger and my hair reached to my toes. No matter how many times I cut my hair, it grew again in a flash.

There was a strange pattern engraved on the back of both hands.

'Dragons swallowing a mirror.'

A giant dragon swallowing a mirror was on both hands. It clearly had a relationship with absorbing the god of the Reverse World, Gustarte.

In addition, my body had become harder than steel and my internal power felt like overflowing lava. It wasn't comparable to exceeding the limits of my potential or transcending.

Was this divinity?

It felt like the majesty of a true god.

'Status window.'

I was able to quantify the changes in my body.

Name: Randalph Brigsiel

Occupation Demon Grand Duke (Dungeon Master) Title * Dungeon Hunter (Residual stats +1 when occupying dungeons and hunting demons)

* Indomitable Warrior (Ex U, All stats +2)

* First to Receive a Fairy's Blessing (U, Magic Power +6)

* Origin Master (Epic, all stats +3)

* Undead (Ex U, Intelligence and Stamina +5)

* Ruler of the Underground World (Legend, all stats +5, the rating of all skills below epic grade +0.5)


Strength 110 (+20)

Intelligence 120 (+15)

Agility 110 (+20) Stamina 115 (+22)

Magic Power 130 (+16)

Potential: (585+93/???)

Remaining Stat Points: 47

Electric Power: 557GW

Uniqueness: The master of the Underground World. The Heart of the Hell Monarch has completely awakened. Has a strong divinity for some reason.

Skill: Combine Everything (Ex U), Mind's Eye (Epic), Dark Sword (Epic), Divine Sword Unity (Epic, Passive), Lightning Elemental (Epic), Pride (Epic), Corruption (Ex Epic), Power of Domination (Ex Epic, Passive), Spirit Communication (Epic, Passive), Reverse World (God)

Skill and Item Effects: Wrath (Strength +7), Sloth (Agility +7), Pride (Stamina + 7), Divine Sword Unity (Strength and Agility +3)

[Before and After Comparison]

Strength 119 Intelligence 111 Agility 105 Stamina 112 Magic 116 Potential (470+93/570)

Strength 130 Intelligence 135 Agility 130 Stamina 137 Magic 146 Potential (585+93/???)


I was able to see more clearly thanks to the status window.

I became ridiculously stronger.

Furthermore, I hadn't seen the end of my limits yet!

Aside from that, no title was given. However, my pure stats had increased remarkably and I received the skill 'Reverse World.'

I looked at the skill Reverse World more closely. After a moment, an explanation emerged.

-Name: Reverse World (God)

Description - Contains the strongest powers of the god Gustarte from the Reverse World. The rating of two skills can be permanently raised to Demigod.

An amazing function is available in the Reverse World.

** Once specified, it can't be switched to another skill.

It was the first time I had seen a god rank skill so of course the effects were amazing. The skill Reverse World itself had no effect, but it could raise the level of other skills to demigod rank. I would be able to achieve enormous efficiency by using it.

'It isn't strange to call me a living god.'

I was stronger. No, it wasn't enough to say that I was stronger.

I was indeed like a living god.

And I suddenly thought about the existence of a 'god.'

If it wasn't for the sin Greed, I would never have been able to capture Gustarte. He was able to use skills even in his unstable state.

But now his strength was mine.

'The dark spirits. Hell Monarch...Death Bringer.'

It was worth a try.