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Chapter 224: Explosion (2)

Chapter 224: Explosion (2)

Pandemonium was persistent. I should have watched him more carefully. That was my fatal mistake. Thanks to the many surprise attacks, I was wounded and exhausted.

I was able to do a lot of damage but Pandemonium recognized my strength and prepared suitable troops.

However, everything became faint after the fight was over. I heard a familiar voice, but I thought it was already too late.

Too late...

"Master! Master! En en! Don't die and leave Yihi."

"Aigoo ~ keikei! If Master dies then Yihi will go with you!

"Eeeeeng! Eeeeeng! Kuhuhuhung!"

My ears hurt.

Someone was wailing by my side.

My mouth opened without me knowing.


"Sniffle! Sniffle! Peeeeng...Master?"

Yihi's snot-covered hand touched me. I got up with a slight frown and saw an entirely different place from where I last was.

"Yihi, this is the clock tower?"

"Yes. Yihi moved. And the bad girl is tied up."

Yihi finished crying and placed her hands on her waist.


"You know. That ugly girl. Yihi doesn't remember her name."

Her explanation was inadequate but I was convinced that she was talking about 'Yoo Eun-hye.' It was because I heard Yoo Eun-hye's voice in my dream.

"Where is Yoo Eun-hye now?"

"That ~ in the next room. Yihi tied her down. Did that bad girl attack Master?"

I got up and headed to the next room. Oswen was standing in front of the door, guarding it.

"Your Majesty, are you okay?"

"You came back."

"I received an urgent message from Fairy-nim stating that I should come back. By the way, Pandemonium is really terrible. Sending so many after Your Majesty..."

Oswen had already determined that the opponent who drove me into the corner was Pandemonium. I entered the next room.

I was able to see Yoo Eun-hye naked and bound to a chair.

"...Fairy-nim insisted on doing this. I couldn't stop her."

Oswen muttered a little bitterly.

Yoo Eun-hye had helped me greatly when I fainted, but Yihi was mistaken. She didn't know and tied Yoo Eun-hye up.

I clicked my tongue as I entered the room. I unfastened the chains one by one, then caught Yoo Eun-hye before she fell and laid her down.

Soon I took out a potion from my magic bag.


It was a potion that could heal someone as long as they weren't dead.

I had confirmed some things.

I drank the elixir after Pandemonium's surprise raid, but it wasn't that effective.

It was clear that there was a relationship between transcendence and the effects of the elixir.

Anyway, it wasn't necessary for me because it wasn't that effective. I poured the elixir into Yoo Eun-hye's mouth without any hesitation.


Yoo Eun-hye started coughing. But I didn't stop pouring the elixir and Yoo Eun-hye was forced to drink it.

'The origin is damaged.'

It seemed like she had used all her magic power coming here. The elixir helped restore the origin of her magic power.

I poured all the elixir and placed a hand on Yoo Eun-hye's chest. It was to help the circulation of magic power. There was the possibility of a side effect so I filled the empty spaces with my magic power. I gently covered her with my magic power.

I stayed in that position for about an hour. After finishing, I stood up.

"Go back. This isn't the place for you."


Yoo Eun-hye called out from behind me, but I didn't stop. I honestly couldn't understand why she returned.

I sent a glance to Oswen once outside of the room. Oswen nodded.

Oswen brought Yoo Eun-hye far beyond the boundaries.

'My magic power recovered quickly.'

I stretched my neck from side to side. There was the sound of my bones and muscles relaxing.

After that, I grabbed Wrath and the Emperor's Sword and descended the clock tower.

"Master. I should stick to you!"

Yihi immediately followed me but I didn't pay her any attention.

"I have to look at the situation."

It seemed like I had been collapsed for one day. In the meantime, many things had changed greatly.

First of all, Ariel Diablo had dealt damage to Upa. She took advantage of the gap and reduced Upa's power by half.

It was the same for the battle between Pandemonium and the angels. Pandemonium turned a lot of his power on me and almost succeeded. There was a hole in his power and Hash counterattacked. Thanks to that, the battlefield became more chaotic.

'Pandemonium would have realized that his surprise attack failed.'

The shadow hunters were persistent. They weren't difficult opponents but there were a lot of them. Besides, the puppet demons didn't die easily due to an ability to regenerate.

I succeeded in destroying all of them, but had been injured.

I knew that it was Yoo Eun-hye who brought me to the clock tower while I was unconscious. However, I didn't have room for gratitude. I couldn't understand why she had returned. It was a really risky tightrope.

'Victory and defeat will be determined in the near future. I need to use that gap.'

They would feel confident at the moment of victory. The winner would only be paying attention to the loser. If I used Hope at that time then I could do the most damage.

Pandemonium's surprise raid was over. He was currently moving quickly to stop the angels. If successful, half of his purpose would have been achieved by assassinating me. However, Pandemonium failed and was on the defensive.

His army was now inferior to Upa and Ariel's. Only a terrible future waited for him.

'Pandemonium. You shouldn't have aimed for me.'

If he had kept that power to deal with the angels then he would have already won. It would have been Pandemonium's overwhelming victory. That would have been more profitable, but he was too late for him to regret it now.

I headed back to the underground area. I was confident there would be no more raids.

Once the moon rose again in the night sky, victory would be decided.


Ariel Diablo was kneeling on the ground. Her mouth was bloody and her whole body was a wreck. Upa was similar, but he had a little more room to move.

"You cowardly wretch!"

Ariel grinded her teeth together. She was able to break through and set a stage for reversal, but the absolute difference in numbers was too much. The silver knights eventually collapsed. The monsters gathered in that gap and cooperated to strike at Ariel.

Since ancient times, all things yielded to a larger number.

Ariel was strong but her opponent was the same. As she kept fighting Upa and the creatures, her stamina became severely depleted. In the end, Upa succeeded in knocking Ariel down.

"Heook...damn bitch, this is my strength. Why do you keep going on about cowardice?"

In fact, Upa was really discomforted. Ariel had been slightly ahead after fighting for a few days and his wounds had accumulated. But the last person standing was Upa.

Of course, he had received tremendous damage. His creatures had visibly reduced by hundreds of thousands. There were around 50,000 left? He also lost a considerable number of demons.

"I will kill you cleanly. It is time to end the unfortunate relationship between us."

Upa and Ariel had an extremely bad relationship between them even in the Demon World. Now it was finally time to break those chains. He was pleased. Upa couldn't help laughing.

Ariel tried to raise her ivory sword. Most of her demons and creatures had died. Some were able to escape but Ariel couldn't. Upa didn't care about the others and persistently struck Ariel.

It was hard for her to escape. Still, she thought it was better to die fighting.

The demon king.

She had the bloodline of a demon king, but she couldn't always be the winner.

"Raise your weapon. Upa Bullenon. Aren't we friendly enough to have a small conversation?"

Ariel laughed at him. Upa didn't like being laughed at.

"Talking like that until the end...come, I will kill you in the worst possible way."

Upa summoned typhoons. There were dozens of them. His attitude showed that he wanted to finish everything at once.

Soon they collided. the same time, the whole world was covered in a white light.

Pandemonium was attacking the angels' main army. He didn't have enough troops to drag the melee out, so he decided to strike the enemy's base. But only underlings were present at the angels' base. He killed the thrones angel, but the most important cherub wasn't there.

"Where did he go?"

Pandemonium frowned.

Did the angels realize that he was coming?

No. It couldn't be. His plan was perfect. He slowly surrounded the base with creatures. It was impossible to notice without being able to predict the future.

If so...why did his plan fail?


For what reason?

Pandemonium's mind started spinning quickly.

Not only the cherub, but the major angels couldn't be seen. All the high ranking angels had left their positions. Usually, this was confirmation of a defeat.

But the angels were equal to him. He couldn't push them back that much. Why was it necessary for them to leave when there was a chance of winning?

He thought about it for a long time. But an answer couldn't be determined. However, he soon realized why.

The world turned bright. He was surrounded by a white magic power. This feeling...

'Get the hell out!'

His instincts warned him.

It was dangerous!

The white light wasn't normal!

But he was already one step too late.

The light spread out for hundreds of kilometres around Greenwich Observatory.

I was also swept up in the explosion.

I didn't move because...I needed to keep the grand dukes here.

There were creatures keeping an eye on the clock tower. They checked many times to confirm that I was still here. It was a situation where I couldn't move. There was a danger that the grand dukes would notice something and escape if I left Greenwich Observatory.

I needed to make the net stronger.

I was still slightly injured from Pandemonium's attack. Now I needed to deceive them.

A risky gamble.

I had installed magic power boosters in Greenwich Observatory to amplify Hope's power. The range of the explosion would double and the destructive power would be stronger. In other words, a great number of demons and creatures would be destroyed right away.

'I need to be more certain.'

The range of Hope couldn't be too narrow. There was also the possibility of escaping through a scroll. If the destructive power wasn't what I imagined then many could survive. So I made a gamble.

It was a requirement when going on an adventure. I evacuated all the major creatures and Yihi returned to the dungeon. The explosion of Hope would only affect me.


When the explosion happened, I was also on the battlefield.

I was almost at the place where the grand dukes were when the world turned white. My skin started to gradually melt. The grand dukes felt the danger and quickly put up defenses, but the rest vanished in the blink of an eye.

'How great.'

My expression slightly distorted.

Were my calculations wrong?

Even though most of my magic power was restored, the explosive strength of Hope was beyond imagination.

My skin was melting.

Not many would survive in the aftermath of this explosion.

I was closer to Hope than others and felt the effects more strongly.

...It was a little bit dangerous for me.